We appreciate your taking the time to meet

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we appreciate your taking the time to meet

When you ask someone to do something over email by the time they read to the But I'm not sure how you know that all the professors appreciate .. If we are to really begin taking the English language so seriously, we'd. Question is in the title. I seem to use this in emails frequently but I don't know if it is right or wrong. Any help?. I appreciate you taking the time to meet with our class and opening yourself and McKenzie Mortuary to us. You're in-depth and humorous approach allowed.

I appreciate that you listened to me last night even though I got a bit upset and you don't always know how to deal with that. It felt really good to be able to share how I felt with you even though there aren't always any answers.

It helps me deal with things just being able to open up to you. It's doubly hard because what I need to talk about is something that affects us and is tied to the physical side of our relationship, but you put that aside to listen to me and that makes me feel like you care about me. Thank you too for asking me whether I feel depressed or not.

I know you are wary of asking me about things like that but you did it anyway. I enjoyed yesterday evening with you and I felt more relaxed. I appreciate how good you are with people and so many people trust you and value you and come and seek you out when they need advice and help. I'm proud of you. I know sometimes it may seem as though I take you for granted or that I do not care but I would like to let you know that I appreciate you every moment of every day.

I appreciate how you always know how to make me smile even when I do not want to. I appreciate how you are always there to hear me vent when I need to. I appreciate how you set me straight even though I usually am very resistant. I appreciate how loyal you are I know that no matter what you always have my back!

I know I am not perfect but the fact that you have accepted me with my all my flaws inspires me to want to be better and do better. Because of your love for me I have learned to love myself more! Thank you for being not only the love of my life but also the bestest friend ever! Lord, I appreciate the effort you have put in me, you have made me a successful Doctor, given me three lovely children, two nice houses to live in and invest.

Thank you for the father of my children, my husband. Thank you for protecting me each time I drive in the wee hours of the morning. I thank you because you have been there for me. Thank you for giving me and my family good health.

Thank you for reassuring me when I had my fit this morning and I said I felt sick scared. It felt good to know you cared about how I felt and that you were there supporting me when I felt like that and that you understand how I feel about the dentist. You have really helped me deal with feeling like that and encouraged me and supported me while I've been trying to sort out my teeth.

And thank you for loving me even with teeth missing. I really like that you call me every day just to talk to me or check with me about your day or my day. I like that first thing in the morning we hug and kiss. I like that I can tell you anything and you listen to me. Your commitment to do whatever it takes to help our kids is amazing. I am grateful you arranged a sitter last night.

I really love being with you. I love hearing about your spiritual thoughts. I love how our house looks--you have such awesome taste. I love that you love your family so much. It's fun to watch you enjoy them. You are so hot and sexy--I feel very lucky. I appreciated that you came out to the game last night even though you are busy and were tired. You are amazing how you are there for me when I need you emotionally without judgement or criticisms.

I have a big appreciation for how we've kept in touch so well these past few days. I really loved that call from you last night It made my whole night worthwhile. I'm really pleased that I'm going to get to spend time with you over the holiday and I really appreciate that we have a plan for getting me on the good track with your family. I love that we talked through some stuff yesterday that was on my mind without getting into a fight.

That made me super happy. I love your smile and I can't believe that I'm going to have to spend a whole week away from you still. Thank you for being so persistent at times when I have pushed you away and being here for me as I am going through something right now that I am trying to figure out.

I appreciate how you care for and attend to the needs of our beautiful grandchildren. They feel very loved and cared for because you really take care of them. I really appreciate that you have found this new way of expressing our feelings and checking in with one another on a regular basis. It means the world to me that you don't judge me and love me even more the more you learn about me I don't know what I've done to deserve you, but I thank God everyday.

Thank you for your compassion. I just want you to know that I appreciate the hard work that you put in for your wife, children, family, house and most of all God. I am more appreciative to God for allowing me to be part of this great transformation that you are going through. I also appreciate the way you love me. No one has ever loved me like you and I'm not just talking about the materialistic things.

I'm talking about your touch, your special words and the tone in your voice when you tell me that you love me and how much you love and what I mean to you. Dear God, thank you for the light of day and sight to see it, thank you for family and friends and the touch of their hugs. Thank you for the sounds around me which inspire the worship of your glory because I can hear them, when I choose. Thank you for the mind, body and spirit you have given me, help me to respect them and use my gifts wisely.

I so appreciate all that you've done during this season of change. You've kept a good attitude while doing what needed doing, even when it was an inconvenience to you.

You've come home ready and willing to jump into whatever was needed. Thank you for taking off yesterday so you could be here to help me. I couldn't have done it without you! Everything about you is appreciated by me, including breakfast, love, birthdays, you as a mother. Everything, everything, everything and more. I appreciate you fixing the solar panels even though you were so tired. Hope your day is going well. I really appreciate you getting the house back in order after the carpets were cleaned.

The sitting room looks great the way you arranged it. I like it very much. Also, I have really appreciated your efforts with your socks these past few weeks.

I know it's small but it makes me feel valued when you consider me and put effort towards accommodating a request like that.

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I absolutely appreciate going to the gym with me lately! It's a fun way I get to interact with you in a healthy and positive way and makes me feel important. I know the schedule can be crazy but you doing that with me as really been awesome! I really appreciate the way you have been including me in planning and helping with the decoration and decor of our home lately. It is exciting to be able to brain storm and create new ideas with you.

Also I really appreciate you asking me my thoughts on your class and homework with you new class. I had an awesome time out with the last few weekends just enjoying your company and chatting abour our work lives and home ideas. I really enjoy how you have been communicating with me and sharing your thoughts and views. That really means a lot and makes me feel connected with you. I really appreciate how you can tell when I'm exhausted and you sometimes offer to massage my feet.

It is kind and thoughtful of you to show how you care in this way. I can see how you are trying hard to grow up, by taking on more responsibility with the camp-out and putting your money into your savings account.

It's also evident you're growing stronger, as you started to wash your own clothes. I loved it when you did the dishes this week. It was a big help. I also was pleasantly surprised when you watered the lawn a few times when you got home from school. It seems you do take notice of things that need to be done. You've always had a good sense of value, and I value your coupon hunts for great deals.

That is very mature and it helps us to save money. I so appreciate you taking me to my appointments with me, driving me there, sitting there with me, and taking such good care of me during this whole process. You are an incredible husband and I love you so much.

Thank you also for doing the dishes last night when I couldn't do them and for gently reminding me that I shouldn't be doing certain things. I appreciate that we had a good evening together last night, just having fun and being intimate, and sharing some time with each other. I also appreciate the salad that you made me before I left and the massage you gave me.

Also, I'm thankful that we love each other enough to try this again and that we had two days of long talks. I'm really happy that we haven't given up. I missed you when we were broken up. I appreciate that you are willing to get some help with our issues so that we can co-create the extraordinary relationship that we've talked about.

I want you to know how much I appreciate your kindess and thoughtfulness. When you bring me my cup of tea in the morning it is a lovely way to start my day. I love the thought and kindness you put into my birthday. It doesnt matter to me that you didnt manage to buy the picture, the act of trying made me feel special and loved. Thank you for sharing my life. The appreciations I have for you I cannot adequetely express but there are a few things I want to highlight.

I appreciate your trust I appreciate the fun we have we we travel together. I appreciate your sick sense of humor because its exactly like mine. I appreciate you taking the time every morning to make a healthy shake so that I will not get hungry and tired through out the day.

You know how lazy I am with making food for myself. I would not have healthy fresh kale in my body everyday without you! You made sure I would survive When you message me first I feel extremely special. I appreciated last night when you skyped me all night. I was very happy to wake up and see you still there. I am happy that we are touching during the night and in the morning. I am really glad and appreciate the effort you put in to keep our affairs in order.

I appreaciate so much your effort in making videos for me to wake up to for three days. I felt so loved even if you are miles away from me. I woke up feeling so wonderful and it made me happy for the rest of the day. I also appreciate you making time to send even an emoticon, or a "good night," or a "good morning," despite your busy night at work. I feel like the most loved woman in the world everytime I open my phone and see a message from you.

I appreciate everything you did to make sure I would survive while you were gone. I appreciate all of the effort you put into us this past week. I appreciate that you made a fantastic pasta salad for me. I appreciate you taking time to drive me to work and fixing my car.

It shows me how important I am to you and fills my heart so full. I appreciate your honesty; it reassures me when I feel insecure and anxious. I appreciate all of the kind, loving and caring pet names you shower on me throughout the day to show you care! I appreciate all that you do for our family. You work so very hard at work and at home to make sure we have everything we need and I really appreciate that. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be gone from our family for months at time and to be stuck underwater on a crammed boat with not a lot of free time.

I appreciate all the delicious meals your prepare for me every day and making sure our family is well fed. I appreciate all the effort and sacrifice you put into creating a comfortable lifestyle for our family. I appreciate the analytical and logical way in which you approach decision making and finances.

It helps me to grow in those areas I'm not as strong in. I appreciate all of the emails you send me with information and interesting articles or things you find funny. I appreciate your willingness to admit fault, to look at yourself and evaluate how to be a partner. I appreciated very much that you spent time with my family, even though I know you were completely exhausted. You were genuine, kind and giving toward them and that sacrifice meant so much to me.

I appreciate all the effort and time you put into our family to make us healthier and happier. I appreciate all the effort you put in to cooking the evening meal.

I appreciate all the effort you put into cooking and sharing with me what you have made. I feel important and that you care. I appreciate all the effort you put into making a really wonderful, delicious dinner last night, especially that you cooked things you knew the kids would love. I appreciate all the effort you put into making a really wonderful, delicious dinner Tuesday night, especially that you cooked things you knew I would love. I also appreciate the text messages and pictures you send or forward to me during the day to connect with me and show me our wonderful children.

I really appreciate the time you have spent trying to make me comfortable and taking care of me after my surgery. I appreciate you so much! I appreciate all the effort you put into making wonderful dinners and doing dishes, picking up thoughtful desserts, buying colorful and fuzzy towels for our guests and for me. I appreciate all the hard work you do to help our dreams become a reality. I appreciate all the time you put into building our home.

I appreciate you going there everyday and making sure everything is okay. I love that you ask my opinion and make sure that I like something before you ask the contractor to do it. Thank you for always making me feel that I am important. Thank you for sacrificing the things you love during this period so we can finish everything that needs to be finished.

I love our house and can't wait to see it completed. And I love you. I appreciate all the time you took to clean off the drive and my car. I appreciate the way you always take care of the snow and ice on my care - I see it as a very loving thing you do for me. I appreciate all the ways that you demonstrate your love for me. I appreciate the tasty meals that you prepare for us and I love sitting down, enjoying our meal and sharing a bottle of wine.

I love the way you take care of yourself and all that you do to stay as beautiful if not more beautiful than the day we first met. I love when you touch me and hold my hand. Your touch is reassuring to me and I hope you will do more of that. I love watching movies with you at home. I love exercising with you and maybe we can do that at the gym when you return. I love dreaming with you.

When we share our dreams, we get on the same page and we are a great team. I love when you are thriving and alive. I want to support and uplift you going forward and moving past our mistakes and pains. I love the way you take care of things - our kids, dogs, house, yard, etc. I appreciate the struggle that we've gone through and know that our life will get better. I appreciate all the work that you put into caring for our family by making sure that I get enough rest when I get off work, helping out with meals, doing laundry, caring for the baby all day even when you're tired.

I appreciate all your help in planning the party. I appreciate your willingness to go to counseling to help our relationship. I appreciate you being affectionate and silly.

we appreciate your taking the time to meet

I appreciate all your support and encouragement in making this trip possible for me. I appreciate you being there to support me last night- it meant so much to me! I appreciate your continuous love and care for our family.

Your care and concern for our physical, financial, and emotional well being is sooo awesome! Thank you for loving me so well and so powerfully. I appreciate getting to take care of you when you were sick. I appreciate the feeling I get snuggling with you.

“Looks great, OK to file. I appreciate your quick turnaround and great work as always!”

I appreciate the sweet and loving way you loved me last night. I appreciate your patience this morning, not getting mad about your window. It was an honest mistake and my fault for not checking, knowing how particular you are about your car. I appreciate how affectionate and attentive you've been the last few days- I especially love all the good kisses you give me at random times throughout the day. I appreciate how connected you are with your children.

I appreciate how important you make me feel. I appreciate how you check in with me everyday from work. I appreciate that you think about our financial future. I appreciate how considerate you are. How when I vent you don't take it personal but help me relax and come up with a solution. You know how to make me feel special when I don't feel so good about me.

I appreciate how hard working you are and I admire you for being driven in your career. I appreciate how hard you work every day for me and your children on a day-to-day basis. Made a place in your heart for me I appreciate how hard you work to help our family have fun. The schedule of things you do is impressive, not only in scope, but also in generation, because it allows us time to have quality family fun on the weekends.

we appreciate your taking the time to meet

I appreciate how hard you work, both at home and on the job. You have incredibly high expectations for yourself, and you are able to meet them most of the time.

I appreciate what a great dad you are. You are often willing to play with the girls, to be silly and make them laugh, and you make them feel safe. I appreciate how you keep us all safe, financially, physically and emotionally. I appreciate how you believe in me, believe that I will get that elusive job and keep all of us happy. I appreciate how much you love me, care for me and understand me. I appreciate you acknowledging your anxiety and doing something about it to help yourself.

I appreciate how patient you are with me and how you are so committed to preserving our relationship. I appreciate how receptive you have been as we discover more about each other. I appreciate the way you have created a place in your heart for me. I appreciate how you are allowing me to open up to you and are encouraging to me.

I appreciate that you show your gratitude, affection and share you feelings with me. I appreciate you for everything you do, even if I forget to tell you everyday. I appreciate that you are willing to move forward in this journey to learn about each other so that we can be closer not just sexually but emotionally.

I appreciate how supportive you are everyday, always being so positive I appreciate how sweet you are. It's a silly analogy, but when I think of many of the uppity, challenging, angry girls I've known in my life, I say, "Father, thank you for joining me to a wife who is so much my partner.

When I can bounce ideas off with you, have deep discussions, and "share life" like this, it's the most wonderful feeling. I appreciate how you encourage me to be the leader that God has called me to be. It would be so difficult if you weren't that way, but I never have to worry — you value me as our family's leader my greatest calling and I can't describe how grateful I am for it.

I appreciate how understanding and loving you are, even when everything around you seems to be in turmoil. You are an amazing woman, a fantastic mother, and I am lucky enough to be able to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love and adore you. I appreciate how will you are to share you day with me. Good, bad, and everything in between I appreciate how willingly you show your affection, even in public.

I want to become better at doing this for you too. I appreciate how you always sends me email and ask how my day is. I like it that you are thinking of me and sends email before you got to work to find out was my day was.

I appreciate how you always strive to keep our house clean. I appreciate your growing interest in healthy food. I appreciated that you brought me flowers a few days ago. I appreciate how you always try to make things right. I appreciate your love and support. I appreciate you putting the baby to bed giving me a few peace minutes. Thank for getting the house clean. Thanks for being a wonderful wife.

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I appreciate how you are eager to make me coffee in the morning, and how this morning you gave me very passionate kisses when you saw that I looked sad. I was sad and your kiss really brightened my day, letting me know that you are paying attention to me. I appreciate how you bought my oatmeal when I was on my trip.

I appreciate how you have tried some new things that you know I might like regarding intimacy. I appreciate how you care for me when I need it. I appreciate how you genuinely connect with those around you. When I talk to you, I can tell you are listening and your heart is invested in what I am saying.

Thank you for helping me with the dishes and helping to host our friends and make them feel comfortable when they come over.

I am so grateful that you pray with me each night and cuddle with me. It makes me feel so loved and cared for by you. Thank you for helping me to recognize when I'm stressed by asking gentle questions so I can stop it in it's tracks. Thank you for your side commentary on life which is so entertaining and for showing me pictures of cute little friends. Thank you for loving God so much and seeking to learn his word daily and sharing what you learn with me to help me grow in my knowledge and walk.

I appreciate the way you tell me that I look nice and also help me to be on time. I appreciate how you have stayed calm with the situation we are in. You always treat me well and I know you always will. I appreciate all the times you have dinner ready for me even after going to school. I appreciate how you make me smile. I could be freaking out and just talking to you helps me calm down and smile. Just hearing you laugh and you kind words and just thinking of you, I am warm in side and can't stop smiling.

I appreciate how you picked up the entire house. It was really nice to come home and be able to walk in the door without tripping on items.

I am trying to be really good at helping to keep it picked up. Thanks so much I appreciate how you see the positive in almost all situations. I also appreciate how supportive you are to me by calling me and e-mailing me to check in and ask his I'm doing as you travel the globe. I'm amazed that we've been able to be close for more than 10 years despite our many periods of work-related separations.

You're the closest person to me. I appreciate how you set an example for others to go out and try new things. I sit and think about how much I have been pushed to be better as a person and grow since we met.

we appreciate your taking the time to meet

I appreciate how you spend quality time with our son. I appreciate how you surround yourself with great people create wonderful opportunities for sharing energy and love with events like music nights. I appreciate all of the effort you have put into our relationship. I appreciate all of the support you have shown me.

I appreciate all of the wonderful gifts, notes, texts and loving messages you have given to me. I appreciate that you allowed your heart to love me. I appreciate that you shared your amazing body with me and allowed me to bring you pleasure. I appreciate your patience with my criticisms. I appreciate that you are doing what is right for you, trusting your here and telling the truth. I appreciate that you texted me back tonight and the words you shared. I appreciate how you think of me every time you go to the store, and bring back special treats you know I love!

I appreciate how you support my dreams and needs in this life, even if I have not reciprocated the same to you. I appreciate all the work you put in to keep this home and family together. I am so thankful when I come home and see how much time you devote to keeping things in order even though it's not fun. I appreciate you introducing new things in my life that at one time I may have felt were "weird" or "not me" only to find out they are things I needed most in my life.

I appreciate how you want to hear the hard things and how you see that I don't think bad about the hard things. I have never had anyone who wanted to hear me and you do and I appreciate that more than any gift or any material thing. It is just one reason why I love you and know you are perfect with me my love. I appreciate how you wash and rinse the bottles for me so they are clean when I get home. Also, I appreciate how you take care of the kids through the night so I can get some sleep.

I appreciate how you were so honest with your feelings even though they were difficult things to say the last time that we spoke to each other. I appreciate that you listened so closely to what it is that I have been missing and wanting and gave it to me for my birthday.

I appreciate how you tell me you love me when we are making love. I appreciate how you made the effort to see me last night even though it was very cold outside. I appreciate how you like to help me clean my apartment to make it a sunnier and more enjoyable place. I appreciate how you have left romantic gifts on my doorstep when we were going through a tough time. I appreciate how you brought me plants for my apartment and a chair for my cats to make it a lovelier place to live for them and for me.

I appreciate the time that we have had together and how it was such a healing and warm space when I was alone and cold. I appreciate how you've been taking care of your sleep apnea and how it is paying off with your having more energy, especially in taking care of the firewood.

You ask me what's wrong I appreciate our conversations in the morning, no matter how brief they may be. They help me start the day feeling connected to you. I appreciate so much how you haven't forgotten about me! Thanks for sending me pictures and keeping me in the loop.

So happy we can be together for the holiday! So thankful for your calming presence through text. I appreciate so much that you made a delicious dinner last night and another delicious breakfast and coffee this morning.

In short, I feel known, heard and loved by you on a daily basis I appreciate taking care of the kids while I rested. I really appreciate it! I appreciate that most times no matter what is going on you always take the time to say good morning and good night.

And also that you love me unconditonally even when we have hard times. I appreciate that you always recognize when something is wrong with me and that you care enough to sit down and really ask me what's wrong. And I appreciate that you take the time to ask me what we can do to fix the situation. I appreciate it when you stay up late at night with me and that you take care of me when I'm sick. And how you always make an effort to tell me I'm beautiful and to let me know that I matter to you.

I appreciate that you are a hard-working man. I appreciate that ever since we have been together you have financially given all that you have and have never been idle. I appreciate that even when you were laid off or had to move to support me in my career you never stopped working and continued to make every effort to find and keep employment, keeping your family and our financial security in the forefront of your mind.

I appreciate that you are alive and want to stay that way most of the time. I appreciate that you are always a gentleman, opening the car door for me. I appreciate that you are going to counseling with me. I appreciate that you are being honest with me about your feelings, even when things may be painful for me to hear. I appreciate the many things you do around the house for me and for our family -- it helps a lot and I am grateful for all of it, including cleaning, cooking, driving kids and more.

I appreciate that you held me when I was so upset. I appreciate that you are gentle in the way you speak to me and that you don't raise your voice. I appreciate that you are going with me to Denver and are willing to spend time with me. I appreciate that you work hard at your job, even though it's stressful and difficult sometimes, so that we can have financial security, good insurance and nice things.

I appreciate that you are a loving parent to our children, and patient with them even when they are challenging. I appreciate that you are kind. I appreciate that you are patient with me and genuinely want to see me succeed in my work projects without becoming too involved. I appreciate that you are self-motivated and how hard you work.

I appreciate that you are so understanding as we begin this journey. I appreciate how you help around the house when I am sure you do not always feel like it.

I appreciate that you take care of my bratty daughter as fantastically as you do. I appreciate your hugs and words of encouragement when I feel like I am overwhelmed. I appreciate you wiping away my tears when I get emotional about some of the things we have been talking about. I appreciate you for being such a good friend. I appreciate you for all the times I have said, and probably will say, I need a minute and you do not ask questions or try to comfort me immediately I appreciate that you are sticking with us and are trying to make our relationship work.

Thank you for starting us off last night listening to the things I had to say and reading my emails from the weekend I noticed last night that you didn't dismiss some of my suggestions out of hand and you considered them, like when you do your training. Thank you for showing me you are considering me too even when what I say might not be what suits you. I appreciate that you are taking things slowly at the moment. I appreciate that you have been very honest with me and kind gentle when we have spoken.

I appreciate that you have been thinking of me and how I am feeling. I appreciate that you are willing to listen to me without judgement. CK I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. CK Thank you very much.

I appreciate your help. CK Tom has certain qualities you'll appreciate. CK I should very much appreciate a prompt reply. Guybrush88 I'm sure Tom appreciates what you do for him. CK I appreciate the gesture, but it's not enough. CK I appreciate the offer, but I can't accept it.

CK I appreciate your coming on such short notice. CK I'd really appreciate any suggestions you have CK We fully appreciate his excellence as a skier. CM You never appreciated the things I do for you. CK Your help would be appreciated on this matter. CM I appreciate your telling me this face-to-face. CK I would really appreciate a glass of cold beer.

CK If you could do that for me, I'd appreciate it. NekoKanjya I appreciate you seeing me on such short notice. CK He really enjoys and appreciates classical music. CM I appreciate that you have not had time to write. CK You might at least have appreciated his kindness. CM I appreciate your problem, but it can't be helped. CK I really appreciate everything you've done for us.