Where does the legislative assembly of ontario meet

where does the legislative assembly of ontario meet

“The House” may also refer to the collective group of MPPs who meet inside to its government oversight responsibilities, or if it has been ordered to do so by. (1) That the committee meet in Toronto on Wednesday, October 25, on the Legislative Assembly website, the Ontario parliamentary channel. This unique educational experience for Ontario students in grades 7 or 8 provides an Legislative Pages meet key parliamentary and political figures, and learn.

Inside, a central hall runs between the main entrance at the south and a grand staircase directly opposite, from the mid-landing of which is accessed the parliamentary library in the block. At the top landing of this stair is the lobby of the legislative chamber, with the door to which centrally aligned in the south wall.

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From this core, wide corridors extend east and west, each bisected by a long and narrow atrium lined with ornate railings; the east wing is decorated more in the Victorian fashion in which it was built, with dark wood panelling, while the west wing corridor is more Edwardian Neoclassical in style, the walls lined with white marble, and reflecting the time in which it was built. To the south of the Legislative Building is an open area with extensive tree cover, which is often used for public gatherings and demonstrations.

The provincial ministries are housed in the separate Ontario Government Buildings complex to the east, comprising the Hearst, MacdonaldMowatand Whitney Blocks. The building is featured on both the front and back covers of Rush 's album Moving Pictures.

The space was previously used as the Cabinet dining room and the Speaker's apartment. A rose garden, donated by the Monarchist League of Canada in honour of the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II insits on the west side of the building across the driveway.

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Inside are reception rooms, a state dining room, staff offices, and a kitchen, arranged around a central stair hall. The furnishings and chandeliers throughout the suite came from the last government house, Chorley Parkand paintings come from the Government of Ontario Art Collection and the Toronto Public Library. The present Ontario Legislative Building is the seventh such structure to serve as Ontario's parliament building. Only three years later, however, construction began on a dedicated parliament building in York now Torontoas it was felt by Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe that the presence of a provincial capital directly across the border from the United States was too great a risk, especially as the relations between the US and Britain were then tense.

By June the complex, located at the intersection of Front and Parliament Streetswas completed, and the humble wood structures were dubbed the Palace of Parliament The structure resembled two military barracks. The relocation to York did not ensure the protection of the capital, however, and the Palace of Parliament was destroyed by fire on 27 Aprilas a consequence of an attack on the city in the War of The new parliament buildings was a two storey Georgian architecture structure, put up on the site of the previous structure, stood only for four years, succumbing to an accidental fire on 30 December It was used by the legislature untilwhen the colony united with Lower Canada to form the Province of Canada.

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From then untilthe House of Assembly gathered at the newly built York General Hospitallocated on the south-east corner of the block bounded by King, Adelaide, Johnand Peter Streets; a move that delayed the hospital's opening until the legislative body moved on to the old Court House, which stood on the north side of King Street, between Toronto and Church Streets. Ina new structure was built on Front Street, west of Simcoe Street, and served continuously as the third parliament building of Upper Canada until the province was united with Lower Canada inafter which the joined assembly was relocated by the then Governor GeneralCharles Poulett Thomson, Baron Sydenhamto the general hospital building in Kingston.

With mounting displeasure over the transient nature of the Canadian parliament, and an inability on the part of politicians to agree as to where to locate the legislative building, Queen Victoria was asked to make a selection; over all the other cities in the Province of Canada, she chose Bytown later Ottawa in Toronto was chosen as the capital of the former, and the legislative assembly moved back to the same Front Street property that had been home to the House of Assembly for the Province of Canada, despite the structure having been damaged by fire in and Queen's Park and Ontario Legislative Building, c.

In the event of conflict, however, duty to the parliamentary party takes precedence.

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Party loyalty is enforced by the chief government whip. In the Ontario legislature this confrontation provides much of the material for Oral Questions and Members' Statements.

Legislative scrutiny of the executive is also at the heart of much of the work carried out by the Legislature's Standing Committees, which are made up of ordinary backbenchers. A Member's day will typically be divided among participating in the business of the House, attending caucus and committee meetings, speaking in various debates, or returning to his or her constituency to address the concerns, problems and grievances of constituents.

where does the legislative assembly of ontario meet

Depending on personal inclination and political circumstances, some Members concentrate most of their attention on House matters while others focus on constituency problems, taking on something of an ombudsman's role in the process.

Finally, it is the task of the legislature to provide the personnel of the executive. As already noted, under responsible government, ministers of the Crown are expected to be Members of the Assembly.

where does the legislative assembly of ontario meet

When a political party comes to power it will usually place its more experienced parliamentarians into the key cabinet positions, where their parliamentary experience may be the best preparation for the rough and tumble of political life in government.

Coat of arms[ edit ] The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is the first and the only legislature in Canada to have a Coat of Arms separate from the provincial coat of arms. Green and gold are the principal colours in the shield of arms of the province.

Ontario MPPs elect veteran PC Ted Arnott as speaker of the legislative assembly

The Mace is the traditional symbol of the authority of the Speaker. Shown on the left is the current Mace. On the right is the original Mace from the time of the first parliament in