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Meet Trek Travel Guide Manager Brie Willey

Florida-based SIKON Construction has broken ground on the $13 million, bed Wiley Hall Student Housing Facility at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. Meet Brie Willey, Guide Manager at Trek Travel. with friends over cold brews, I would say my college experience was anything but lackluster. Greece; Greenland; Guadeloupe; Guam; Guatemala; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Guyana; Haiti WileyPLUS grew from instructors' need for an easy-to-use, accessible, and customizable platform. Meet our Customer Service Specialists here. 1US Public Information Research Group (USPIRG) study conducted in

Stroup is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society. Sobel earned his economics Ph.

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Sobel served on the executive board of the Koch-funded consortium of professors, the Association of Private Enterprise Education, and received an award from APEE in Sobel has argued that mine safety regulations make coal miners less safe. Mercatus has continued this work intoopposing attempts by the U. Environmental Protection Agency to limit carbon pollution at coal plants. In response, Suffolk denounced the actions of the Beacon Hill Institute, but has allowed BHI to use its campus office to continue attacks on state clean energy laws around the country and undermine the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

The president of the Pope Center for Higher EducationJane Shaw, is married to Richard Stroup, the NC State professor who co-authored the economics textbook misrepresenting climate science see above. Freshly departed from his appointed position as NC Gov.

$13 million student housing facility to open at Wiley College in Texas

Hayward has no credentials as a scientist nor economist, and has a long history of involvement anti-environmental campaigns for fossil fuel interests like Koch and ExxonMobil. Hayward has been one of the most outspoken deniers of climate change science for over a decade. He wears numerous hats among Koch-funded groups opposing environmental policies, and oversees tens of millions of dollars as a board member of organizations that coordinate funding with Koch foundations or launder Koch money to front groups.

Searle Freedom Trust also gives money to Donors Trust. Bishop Grewell, containing readings from numerous people at Koch-funded organizations.

Other financial ties back to Koch: Hayward is a former fellow of the Mont Pelerin Society, a secretive international society that pushes Austrian Economic perspective around the globe.

What is your favorite part about working for Trek Travel? I am asked this question often during new guide interviews. The answer is simple: I love our team. Diverse, unique and genuine in every sense of the word. We all have the same lofty goals, crazy-awesome passions and adventurous mindsets! The people I am able to interact with outside of our team. New guide candidates, subcontractors, guests, locals, etc. They are energizing in every sense of the word.

Learning their stories and backgrounds always puts a smile on my face. Italy always feels like a home away from home. The kind and genuine people, delicious fair and breathtaking scenery is nothing short of exceptional. Which Trek Travel trip is top on your bucket list? Stateside I would have to go with Bryce and Zion. I love the southwest. Outside of the U.

Climate Denial College: Students Push Back on Koch Attack on Academic Freedom

It is at the top of my list in general, so why not explore it Trek Travel style!? There have been multiple but one highlight was wedding crashing in Austria. People always contribute to the creation of amazing experiences, stories, adventures, laughing fits, cycling excursions etc.

Tell us about your best day on a bicycle. Most recently, I was in France working logistics support for our Tour de France trips last summer. Tania and I were to make our way from Lourdes to the top of Tourmalet for a Trek Travel viewing the following morning.

By car, it made sense to leave late afternoon, however by bike would prove to be a better adventure. It was unforgettable climbing into the clouds, laughing at myself every turn.

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We reached the Col, all smiles I was dying and descended 5km to the viewing location. Thankfully we made it before night. But just in time for a cold beer! The viewing was a hit the next day. How were we getting home you ask? The first 5km Tania pulled me back up to the Col du Tourmalet.

Then she drafted off me the rest of the way back to Lourdes. She kicked my butt, as always. Favorite sport other than cycling? Volleyball has always been a favorite. Although I stand six-feet tall, I attended a small high school and learned to play all around, front and back row. Can you dig it? I can dig it! Another sport that has been a lifelong passion is horseback riding.

I showed huntseat and saddleseat up until high school when my parents forced me to decide between horses and sports. I chose sports, but never quit riding. My showing transformed into more casual trail riding with friends. Furthermore, I have carried forward my passion while in the field as a guide.

During off-time my goal has been to ride in every region where I have guided.