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Tornado ECR JaboG 32 2 by WS-Clave on deviantART Defence Force, Fighter Jets Dassault Mirage F1C de l'EC 1/12 Cambresis au Nato Tiger Meet 1, H Company, st Aviation Regiment, based at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, coded 'PR', of VQ-1, collided with a Chinese Shenyang J-8IID fighter jet, reported .. 12 April: An unarmed Panavia Tornado ECR of the German Air Force crashes in . Two crew aboard the F-5 Tiger ejected safely and were rescued. Revell model kit in scale , is a rebox released in | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Panavia Tornado.

Trevor Merrell, ejects safely after aiming his aircraft towards a vacant cow pasture, where it crashes, causing no injuries.

The aircraft wreckage scattered across tidal mud flats located on The Wash bombing range. The pilot and navigator were flown to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, their condition was not thought to be life-threatening, but were being assessed as standard procedure and whether or not there had been any stress to their Vertebral column.

Bird strike was thought at the time of the incident to have caused the crash, resulting in the aircraft's sudden engine failure. The four crew members on board are killed. The pilot is severely injured, and the co-pilot is killed.

The Saarang team continue their planned performance for the airshow. The weapons system officer ejects and is rescued severely injured from the rock face by a local helicopter rescue team. The crash occurs minutes after refueling in Emmen during an authorized navigation training in the Swiss Alps while returning to Germany from a long-distance flight to Corsica, France.

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Military investigators blame pilot for his fatal crash. A report obtained by The Associated Press said that Lieutenant Commander Kevin Davis got disoriented and crashed after not properly tensing his abdominal muscles to counter the gravitational forces of a high-speed turn.

The incident occurred during the Battle of Shatoy and killed the crew and 17 spetsnaz Russian special forces soldiers on board. Marcos Peretti, apparently encountered a fogbank after making the pass. He did not eject after steering the aircraft away from populated areas and was killed.

The two crew members are killed, as well as two soldiers of the Singapore Army undergoing training at the base. Another nine Singapore Army soldiers are injured, one dies of his injuries 17 days later. Of the 20 people on board, 13 were killed.

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The aircraft continued to fly for nearly 20 minutes before crashing into the sea miles SE of Guam. The pilot was safely recovered. The stalling was probably a result of a sudden microburst.

The aircraft cartwheeled upon impact, and hit its nose, wing and tail before coming to a stop upside down. The cockpit slid open and the plane's engine got dislodged upon impact. The cartwheel led to a loss of momentum which probably saved the crew's lives.

The two crew members, Mark Brincat and Kevin Borg, only had minor injuries and were treated for shock at St. Luke's Hospital after being airlifted. Two RAF crew, pilot and aircraft commander Flt.

David Oxer Hanson Sale, and crewman Sgt. Sean Tait, Royal Regiment of Scotland, died two days later in hospital. Nine others injured but survive. Truman and crashed into the water moments later. The carrier never received any emergency radio transmissions or acknowledgment by the mishap crew, according to the report. Officers responsible for the security lapse at Minot are disciplined.

Cartize Durnham, Staff Sgt. Robert Rogers, Staff Sgt. One year later, on the anniversary of the accident, members of the Aviano Air Base and Santa Lucia di Piave communities joined to unveil a special memorial honoring those U. One pilot ejects and is recovered. The pilot, Major Peter S. Smith, ejects and is recovered by a U. Navy helicopter, transported to a local hospital for examination, and released.

A board of officers is appointed to investigate the accident. Declining ejection orders to prevent loss of life on the ground, he chose to crash land the plane on a campus road of GIK Institute merely avoiding faculty buildings and blew up into pieces on crashing.

The crash killed the pilot and a gardener. Andrzej Andrzejewski, who survived an ejection from a SuM-4K on 18 Augustand six colonels and 4 crew. Stephenson fails to readjust his engine nozzles from the hover-stop position, making the aircraft incapable of staying in the air. He is able to safely eject. Tucker Hamilton ejected from the other fighter and survived. One pilot subsequently died several hours later from his injuries. An accident investigation released 25 August found that the accident was the result of pilot error and not mechanical failure.

Both pilots failed to clear their flight paths and anticipate their impending high-aspect, midair impact, according to Brig. This was the first crash involving an Eglin F since a fatal crash on 30 April Both pilots ejected from the aircraft before it crashed, the aircraft was destroyed.

Moisture in flight sensors caused steep pitch-up and stall to port. The "Bone" had stopped over at Andersen while transiting home to Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota from the Singapore Air Show and had taken off for home but returned after the crew declared an in-flight emergency.

The aircraft stopped at designated spot off the runway to be met by emergency apparatus, but rolled into the vehicles unexpectedly.

His body is located in a ravine near the aircraft wreckage. Four crew evacuate safely but airframe is burnt out after bomb load explodes. It had taken off from Gia Lam Airport, and crashed on its way back. The cause of the accident was unknown. The flight went well until hours local time when pilot Major Janik experienced problems with his aircraft and was forced to eject.

The aircraft went down in the vicinity of the village Baranda and was completely destroyed. Two crew aboard the F-5 Tiger ejected safely and were rescued.

The initial investigation finds that the turboprop encountered wake turbulence from another aircraft that had landed shortly before the accident. As a precaution, the three crew were taken to the Eglin hospital and released the same afternoon. Hurlburt leases the PC to train Airmen for the UA, the Air Force's version of the single-engine utility aircraft, used in combat for intra-theatre support for the special operations forces.

There were no survivors. Air Force officials identified the pilot who died as Lt. Bouley, commander of the 65th AS at Nellis. Wednesday, the Air Force said. The pilot was in stable condition and under observation. The Royal Air Force pilot's name was withheld while the investigation into the crash continues. He was a father of two. This is the second G-4 Super Galeb ever to crash with tragic consequences after 21 years.

The pilot ejected safely. Moscow time, killing the pilot. Four fatalities on the ground. The commander of the fighter squadron involved in the crash, its top maintenance officer and two others have been relieved of duty as a result of the crash investigation.

The pilot has been grounded pending a further review, Maj. Randolph Alles announced in March The incident occurred in bad weather and travelling at low-altitude in a mountainous region resulting in 13 fatalities including the Afghan General Fazaludin Sayar.

The three pilots were found dead in the debris of the airplanes. The accident occurred near the city of Kirkuk Northern Iraq resulting in 4 crew fatalities. Pilots are grounded pending a command review of the accident, an Air Mobility Command spokesman said. The automated ground proximity warning system was apparently accidentally turned off. This is the first belly-landing of a C in sixteen years of operation.

A board of officers will investigate the hrs. This accident has been classified as a Class A accident, indicating that fairly substantial damage was incurred. Aircraft repaired and reported flying again by 29 April The 2 crew ejected safely from the aircraft which was damaged in a fire.

Among the dead were two female teenage cousins and two instructor pilots. The aircraft was on a training flight resulting in 5 crew fatalities. The aircraft, on a routine night training exercise, suffers extensive damage during the incident which occurs in high winds and rain, the two crew ejecting safely. The single-seater goes down about hrs. ET for unknown reasons, the officials said. An Air Force investigation finds that the accident occurred after the pilot lost consciousness in a high-gravity maneuver.

The reports stated that during the third test of the mission the pilot appeared to have been subjected to increased physiological stress and his lack of awareness delayed a recovery maneuver. The aircraft was a routine training flight simulating landing on one engine resulting to 4 crew fatalities. The cause of the incident was said to be heavy rain. The aircraft reportedly crashed into a hangar during its landing procedure and killed all on board.

The helicopter was travelling from Loakan Airport to Ifugao in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon when it crashed killing the 3 crew and 5 government officials. Aircraft apparently ran off end of runway, hits obstacle, burns, destroying it. Test pilot Eugene Frolov ejects safely and is unhurt. This was actually the fourth prototype, but 03 is purely for ground testing.

The 5 crew from the Kamov helicopter were successfully rescued from the sea. The aircraft from No. Flying with two another aircraft at low level and at high speed over the surface of the Dam, the helicopter struck the water and crashed, then sinking into the lake killing the 3 crew.

The accident occurred near the Konkani village, Jodhpur, India and resulted in injuries to 7 local villagers. The aircraft was on a routine training flight and returning to the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz when the accident occurred off of Point Loma, California, killing all 5 members of its crew.

Only 3 bodies were recovered. The accident occurred when the landing gear failed to operate. The pilot, due to a technical fault, was unable to recover from a spin leaving 1 crew dead and 1 injured.

The aircraft flying with another F from the th Combat Wing suffered a bird strike and engine failure forced the pilot to successfully eject.

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Among the seven IAF men and six Army personnel on board the ill-fated aircraft were two wing commanders, two squadron leaders and a flight lieutenant. The aircraft from the rd Fighter Regiment was on a routine training flight and suffered mechanical failure. The glider pilot parachuted to safety. Both pilots eject safely.

The aircraft from the 98th Separate Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment suffered a heavy landing forcing the 2 crew to eject safely. The aircraft from the 1st Composite Air Division, North Caucasus Military District suffered a mechanical fault forcing the 2 crew to eject safely after several aborted landings.

The Russian Airforce fleet of Sukhoi Su was grounded for technical inspection after 2 accidents in a week. The aircraft was on a routine training flight from No. The crew were pilot Kenneth Thompson and weapons systems officer Nigel Morton.

The aircraft which was used as a gilder-tug collided with a nearby hangar, crashing into a field and caught fire. Rade Randjelovic and a soldier on the ground while injuring another. Another source gives the accident date as 17 July. The two aircrew, Capt. McDowell both die in the incident. The Israeli pilots operating the aircraft were unharmed in the incident, but the jet itself was destroyed. Israel Aerospace Industries said in a statement that the aircraft was flying a refresher flight, and that the aircraft did not come to a stop on the landing strip, landing outside it.

The director of the Israel Aerospace Industries announced that an investigation into the incident had already begun and that a panel to probe the crash had been appointed. The two crew members successfully eject from the aircraft and were hospitalized after the incident.

Designed by a company called Syhart I must confess that I've never heard of them beforethey're marked as printed in Italy, is all I know for sure. While some will undoubtedly find these markings to be very desirable, I must confess that they do absolutely nothing for me at all, so I'll be using some Saudi sheets that I already have.

Fuselage Now that I have the kit "in hand", I can say that the surface detailing not that I ever had any doubtsis very delicate and refined. Trademark on major fuselage component above, indicates production time frame, whereas additional parts sprue specific to the ECRindicates Wings Wings are what one might expect, with very nice engraved details, and a geared methodology for allowing wings to be swept, if one chooses to go that route.

No provisions are made for extended slats or flaps. Stabilators Stabilators are also pretty straightforward, being essentially slabs with nice detailing, as per the real deal, and of apparent correct proportions.

Here Revell seems to have accurately captured the proportions and geometry of the fin quite well. Cockpit Not a lot to be said here, save for the notion that if one takes his time, the cockpit has the potential to be built into a very nice representation right out of the box, though I'll undoubtedly replace mine with a Black Box or Aires set, as this portion of an aircraft model receives so much attention at model contests. Engine Components While there are no engines included as such, certainly the intake and discharge ends are included, and look quite decent to me.

No attempt has been made to include any sort of intake ducting, and this will make the "down the throat" view leaving a lot to be desired, so it looks like I'll be slapping some FOD guards on mine.

Revell TORNADO ECR Tiger Meet 1/72 scale

Clear Parts All clear parts are just that, crystal clear, and look just great, though some of my parts were marred with marks from rubbing against other parts, despite being in their own sealed bag.

Fuel Tanks Basic under wing fuel tanks are provided, and look quite reasonable to me. Landing Gear, Wheels, Wells, and Doors Gear, wheels wells and tires all look quite acceptable to me, though tires may be just a tad too flat, as these sort of high pressure tires really never look this flat, at least not to me.