2014 march meet cacklefest dragster

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2014 march meet cacklefest dragster

The dragster will emulate the design of the Kuhl & Olson team's first rear-engine dragster Mike will be at the race with his Cacklefest car. James Day, who won the March Meet in Gary Turner's Nostalgia Funny Car. Fuel Meet - The art and science of The California Hot Rod Reunion nostalgia Top Fuel, Cacklefest and nostalgia funny cars - were represented in some of the coolest cars built and .. and joy and he never would've sold it, but he passed away and Aaron bought it from his estate in March Making a single run. Drag Racing Action From Bradenton Motorsports Park California Hot Rod Reunion Cacklefest .. March Meet - Friday Dragster and Altereds.

He drifted into the retaining wall, and the car went airborne and hit the track hard. The decision to forfeit the final round was a precautionary measure. What if he had a full season under his belt? Now the event wasn't all peaches and cream for Cottrell, who opened up Friday's qualifying with a disqualification for spilling oil on the racing surface.

Every single round we had to change stuff. To get the win here in front of my family and my kids and stuff is pretty special.

I was not worried about it because I knew he was going to throw everything at it the next pass. There will be no wondering next season of the team's potential. This weekend, once Cottrell had clinched his 7. In the end, the only headline he wanted was the event championship.

In an anticlimactic final round, Young match raced Adama Sorokin in a guaranteed victory when Murphy was unable to make the semi-final call following a dust-up with the retaining wall in the shutdown area following a semi-final round win.

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We came out here with a goal to run a 5. He said he had something for the seasoned veteran. So, if we were running him, we probably would have not done what we did, we would have backed it down a little more.

2014 march meet cacklefest dragster

But we were shooting for a 5. Hodgson clinched the title when Jason Rupert failed to qualify at the California Hot Rod Association, essentially eliminating the only challenger to his point lead. The chance to officially be recognized is something Hodgson sees as a long time coming.

God bless all the fans and the sponsors that help us do this. I just want to be a simple guy. As impressive as Bynum's performances were in the series of yesteryear, he might have something bigger in the land of the here and now.

He began the licensing process for the Big Show. It just, it goes out there, and it takes off, and it starts pulling, and it doesn't quit. In that thing, it gets over, and it puts a hole out, it moves around, and it takes off.

These things, you can kind of get away with it a little bit. His oil soaked-shirt and the molten pieces of aluminum on the rag in his hand provided the gory details.

Rupert ran a 5. The run would also have been second quickest in the field, but because his wounded engine laid oil down on the racing surface, it was disallowed leaving him with no qualifying run despite three consecutive top three performances. Such is life for Rupert, who seemingly has caught all the breaks for the last six seasons.

On this weekend at the California Hot Rod Reunion, the second-generation drag racing had butterfingers when it came to catching one. Basically, the car ran well, it e. Every single one of our runs we would have been in the top half of the show.

He felt bad for the issues his problem caused. I wish we could have won the Boise race in Boise," Rupert said, mustering a smile. It just gives us something to shoot harder for next year.

We had a couple of problems this year. Murphy not only sealed victory at the rain-delayed Boise Heritage event, by beating Adam Sorokin in the final round, his 5. The only driver with a realistic mathematical chance of catching the point leader, Jason Rupert, failed to make the show. Hodgson ended qualifying as fourth quickest.

Rupert oiled the track, disqualifying himself from Bakersfield qualifying. Here we are 40 or 50 years later, I accomplished the goal. You know they sacrifice a lot to help me accomplish my goals.

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He made it in the show at No. Capps is hoping for the day when he doesn't have to get a substitute driving job, but he's more than willing to take advantage of those opportunities before him. But, he knows more times than not, getting the dream driving gig is more of a right place, right time and right relationship scenario.

Jon is awful proud of Ron, and there's no sibling rivalry to speak of. Understand, your typical year old doesn't usually restore a flathead-powered, front-engine dragster, a car likely built before his parents were of driving age. Inglis turned 26 on October 21, the second day of the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion, and to see the smile on his face, there was nowhere else he would have rather been; even if it meant traveling 2, miles to participate.

Before I was in a rear engine dragster, I ran Jr. All I wanted to do was put a brake handle in the race car. Four front motor cars, three with history, one competition car. This stuff's a disease. He built his first flathead engine and put it in a Chassis Research Dragster chassis. Inglis could have easily swayed from this lifestyle after a not so pleasant Cacklefest experience.

Once he arrived, he settled into the atmosphere. It was a bit of an uproar. We fired once in the pits with the Red Greth. He took me under his wing. I was tuning nitro on carburetors, which I found out later is a really good way to blow up a flathead. You know, we had some words. It wasn't quite what he envisioned. Markworth returned as the driver of the War Horse at the California Hot Rod Reunion, the first official race for the storied race car back in action for the first time at the track where its original driver died following an accident while racing at Auto Club Famoso Raceway on June 28, Markworth, once a crewmember on the famed Mustang Funny Car, was given the opportunity to drive earlier this year.

I mean I remember seeing it when I was a kid, and now getting to drive it is amazing. This is my first chance to drive a fuel car. I mean it means the world to me.

Legendary Kuhl & Olson Team to be Honored on Miersch Racing A/Fueler

And Don Cooper, the owner of the car, I thank him a lot for giving me this opportunity. The experience of learning under the tutelage of Garten was a priceless experience. Markworth says it's difficult to recall those initial moments without tears flooding his eyes. Markworth even has the last two air bleeds he pulled out of the car and makes every run with them in a baggie inside of the waistband of his firesuit.

The mementos have been with him on every run since he started. He even tries his best to imagine winning a race. Markworth pauses, searching for the words and makes several attempts before falling silent. Then, he finds the words, kinda sorta. Davenport held on to his Heritage Series points lead to win the series. This class was split in two — 7. Cottrell met Eily Stafford, in the Killer Crower dragster in the finals. This is a 7.

Stafford broke out with an ET of 6. Stafford was the No.

2014 march meet cacklefest dragster

Cottrell was the No. High was the Heritage Series points leader going into the race, but Cottrell ended up with both the race trophy and the series trophy. Clearly, Cottrell finished in the right place. Running on a 7. Adams left the start with a reaction time of. Adams cross the finish with an ET of 7.

These cars are running on dial-ins of 7. Zink in the final round. Enriquez had a reaction time of. This was a close race but Bush was quicker and faster finishing with an ET of 7. Jason Barta ran the ladder to get to the finals along with Hans Jakob, the No. Barta crossed the finish line first with an ET of 7. Although Jakob was faster, This is a dial-in class. Hampton ran an ET of Akers ran an ET of We took a lot of great photos at the Reunion. Here are a few.

Heritage Series racing is finished for We will continue to update as more information is available.