2015 nafa falconry meet

Great Lakes Falconers Association - NAFA Field Meet Hosted By the GLFA and IFA

2015 nafa falconry meet

Sticky: Poll: 6th Annual NAFEX Dinner Lubbock Tx. Started by Chris L., . Exclamation Alabama Hawking Association/ NAFA Regional field meet [Archive] Is your club having a picnic or a meet? Annual Picnic · NAFA meet location · Ohio Falconers Association annual picnic and raffle Dinner & Raffle · Ohio Falconry Association Apprentice Workshop (Saturday, June 21st). The Great Lakes Falconers, North American Falconers and Indiana Falconers have teamed up to host the NAFA Midwest field meet on February 6, 7, and 8.

That helps a bird see the falconer as a hunting partner rather than just a meal ticket, he said. Ly is looking forward to seeing falconer friends close to home at the North American Falconers Association national field meet Sunday through Nov. The event typically draws or more hunters to the host site each year, NAFA public information officer Dianne Moller said. The event is a social gathering for falconers to share information and experience, purchase equipment and discuss training methods.

Falconry is a close-knit community, Ly said.

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Many people get interested in it, but few have the follow-through to do anything about it. Ly said falconry is more of a lifestyle than a hobby because it demands a lot of time and attention. Ly said he learned the ins and outs of falconry from people already involved in it. He got interested in falconry while racing pigeons. He contacted the Kansas Hawking Club, and its members invited him out to see falconry in person.

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He said red-tailed hawks are one of the most common species used for several reasons: He mostly hunts rabbits with his birds. Inhe caught 60 cottontails, he said. The weathering yard will probably be busiest between 8 a. The far side of the yard, by this picture above, was were all the falcons were tethered. There were three Golden Eagles, who were tied out in a separate area, with a blocked view from the rest of the yard, to prevent the birds from seeing each other.

The eagle may consider those other birds to be 'lunch'. The falconers of the eagles did not spend much time at the meet, instead making forays down into Kansas where jack rabbits can be found. For that matter, Dave Noble was also down in Kansas most of the time with his good buddy Danny chasing jack rabbits with their birds.

An unusual resident of the weathering yard, also separated from the main yard, was this Eurasian Eagle Owl, the largest owl in Europe, and maybe the world, coming very close to the size of the Great Horned Owl. There was also a Snowy Owl, but I never saw that bird in the yard. There were many beautiful falcons, to include this Gyrfalcon above.

Below is one of the Merlins in attendance.

2015 nafa falconry meet

Once we took care of meet business for ourselves, and contacted the folks who were going to go with us on the first hunt, we headed out. Our host was David Holl, a Kearney native, and manager of the hotel we were staying at. He took us on a long drive to one of his uncle's farmsteads.

The house looks like it has not been lived in for awhile, and the farm was once used to grow poultry. For now it is idle, and the haunt of bunnies. We found several on the property, and a good show was given by Hit Girl. Rich took a good GoPro video, and I will be loading that up here shortly.

2015 nafa falconry meet

Hit Girl scored her first bunny of the meet in a rather difficult catch. We were joined in the hunt with Bill Oakes and his wife Marcie.

Bill was sort of a co-sponsor for me when I first started falconry. He lived fairly near to where I was living when I was learning from Dave Noble, and we three hunted together often. He was with us when I trapped my first bird. In fact, the mews that I currently use for Hit Girl, though altered some a bit now, was build by him, and purchased from him. I think this next year it is going to be retired, but it has served me well, and kept many of my hawks safe.

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It was fun hunting with Bill. It's also nice when your bird performs well for guests, and for former mentors. Here Hit Girl poses with me and David. Don't you think he kinda looks like Adam Savage from Mythbusters? After we chased around all the bunnies at the first farm, David took us to another location which was not as successful.