21 jump street track meet scene

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21 jump street track meet scene

When Jenko meets a kindred spirit on the football team and Schmidt infiltrates Driving him crazy: Another wacky scene from 22 Jump Street. Track: None. Presets: Aa. Aa. Aa. Aa. Font: Monospaced Serif If "21 Jump Street" had Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum's characters On campus, we meet the hilarious Jillian Bell, who plays the Ice Cube returns as Captain Dickson, and a scene where he goes big at a breakfast bar stands out. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill may be "22 Jump Street's" headliners, but Ice Cube is its MVP. Most of it is very clever (a nifty play on the “meet-cute” scenario which finds them going incognito on a college campus to track down a turned big-screen scene-stealer Jillian Bell is 22 Jump Street's best.

They had a list of properties. I think they were just trying to keep me in the family. My agent told me about [it. I thought it was really cool to relive high school. Thinking you would get it right this time, and having all the answers, but immediately reverting back to the insecurities you had the first time around.

That, to me, is the one nugget that has remained true over these past five years.

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That is the story I wanted to be involved in. Which one of you is Drew Barrymore?

21 jump street track meet scene

Did you see Never Been Kissed? What sort of research, if any, did you have to do? Are these updated iterations of characters that were on the show? All my research for this movie came from a very honest place. I was a twenty-three year-old playing a seventeen year-old in Superbad. I had just done all this research about being someone in their twenties going back and pretending to be in high school.

I moved back in with my parents, into my childhood room. I had literally just been a twenty-three year-old pretending to be a seventeen year-old!

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum 21 JUMP STREET Set Visit Interview

With all the stuff I did, there was so much humor derived from trying to get into that mindset. We took the big set pieces from that. Once the directors came on and Chan came on, we just personalized it to all of our high school experiences. So we put that in the movie.

21 jump street track meet scene

I had an all right high school [experience], even though I hated school. We already know what this is going to be like. I was so happy about that. He talks about how we have the almanac in this situation. I was a huge fan of the TV show. I think it came on right before an old TV show, Friday the Thirteenth about a haunted antique store, where, like, a teacup would kill people. Me and my sister would never miss those two shows. What about some of the action that you guys had to do?

Was the prom scene worse than the action scenes? The prom scene was only worse because we had to shoot nights. It was almost our longest day of shooting.

It was fine, it was fun. That was the next question. Action is new for me, obviously.

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This is my first big action movie. Chan is amazing at all of that stuff, and was so helpful. Even though my character is supposed to be bad at it. It was just a totally different type of filmmaking experience.

Everything is kind of infused with everything else.

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Every normal high school set piece has action in it, and every action set piece has high school emotions and feelings. Whenever we get too caught up in one thing, the other comes in. I feel like I need to redeem myself. But seriously, you should leave. This is all going to be on the tape! Silence for the Next Forty-Five Minutes.

21 jump street track meet scene

To answer your question, I am the Drew Barrymore. You guys are both producers of the film. How does that role intertwine with your acting? Ninety-one, there it is. Even blocking a scene and not having the entire crew around. Even knowing those little things helps a set run smoother. Phil and Chris and I have not done those. That is a tremendous producerial help in making those feel real and cool and big and huge and awesome. I just learned that comedy played on a two shot.

I had no idea of that before. In a buddy comedy, you want most of the bigger jokes to show both of our expressions at the exact same time. The timing, how you shoot it.

22 Jump street prison scene

And Neal [Moritz] has done a ton of these types of films. Jonah, as an actor, you have to play a cop, playing a high school student, playing Peter Pan. With all those layers of performance, do you ever get lost? I went full Donnie Brasco. I was like Daniel Day-Lewis. I actually became Peter Pan for three years leading up to this movie. I went and lived in Neverland and had a pretty horrible enemy in Captain Hook.

He is what you imagine him to be. Again, this is a comedy. Things like that are just crazy fun. The bad guys, or the cool kids in this movie are kind of atypical. What prompted this sort of choice as opposed to maybe making this more conventionally a high school movie?

"That was awesome how you sabotaged that track meet, man, or GIF

Or just the super-handsome tough dudes and the nerds of Saved by the Bell with suspenders and glasses. I feel like every generation feels out of touch with the generation after them. In doing research, we found out that it is really cool to be into the environment, and to be more thoughtful.

It was also really important in casting a guy like Chan, and myself together, that we want to play on your expectations. We wanted to flip it and do the exact opposite. What made you want to be a producer on this project?

As of two years ago, in Dear John, I got to really be on the ground floor. I felt like a put the work in, and I did have a lot of sway on what got fixed, reshoots, so on and so forth. It felt really good. I felt like I had a more personal relationship to the film. I made that decision that I wanted to take control, and grow, and get better, and not just sign up for a part and show up on day one. You can always go deeper and put more of yourself and more effort in. The audience deserves it.

Does the studio approach you? They attempt to throw it up but are unsuccessful, and they undergo the phases of the drug while talking to their P. Walters Rob Riggleand also while running track and during band practice. The mistakes that happen at the track meet causes Eric to take a liking to Schmidt. Schmidt manages to fit in with the popular kids and takes a romantic interest in Eric's friend Molly Brie Larsonwhile Jenko becomes friends with the nerds in his AP Chemistry class while his teacher Ms.

Griggs Ellie Kemper takes a sexual interest in him. Jenko discovers that his new friends secretly tap into other people's cell phones to listen into their conversations.

Schmidt decides to throw a party at his house to gain Eric's complete trust and Jenko takes the opportunity to tap into Eric's phone. Despite Captain Dickson ordering them not to serve alcohol and drugs to minors, they nevertheless buy alcohol and steal confiscated marijuana.

When Eric arrives with Molly and his other friends, Jenko steals Eric's phone for his friends to tap into while Schmidt fights off a rival of Eric's and earns Eric's trust.

Schmidt now pretends to sell the drug for Eric but is actually giving it to Captain Dickson to be confiscated. He also insults Jenko to Eric with Jenko listening.

Schmidt and Jenko learn that Eric is making a deal soon. When Jenko spots Eric leaving school, he takes Schmidt to follow him. They see that Eric is dealing with Domingo and his gang and they follow them, but are forced to run away when Domingo spots them.

Back at school, Jenko accuses Schmidt of his earlier insults, possibly ruining the case, and getting in too deep, but Schmidt brushes him off. Jenko and Schmidt get into a fight that results in them getting expelled and fired from Jump Street. Later that night, both are confronted by Eric and his friends, who want to bring them on as security after hearing about what happened with Domingo. He tells them about a deal with Domingo happening during prom where they get to meet the supplier.

At prom, they are surprised to see that the supplier is Mr. When Domingo and his gang arrive, he recognizes Schmidt and Jenko as police officers, and tells two of his men to kill them. Hanson casually talks to Schmidt and Jenko during the standoff which gives Domingo the opportunity to kill him and Penhall. A gunfight ensues between Schmidt and Jenko, Mr. Walters, and Domingo and his crew.