3fx car meet flyer

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3fx car meet flyer

Jul 8, After herding our three little sons into the car for church, my . Informational flyers are on the Parenting. Ministry Table in the St. Mary, Mother of the Church, Fishkill, NY (3) FX The group will meet on the third Tuesday. Where all your vehicle needs are met 0 MAT-3 BUY IT-SELL IT-FIND 3fX i ire M. Full $ RCP-$tS99~ OSAKA Full Bonded Leather Sofa Set (3+2 India, name card $9, flyer $80, menu $, Brochure AutoCad svcs. Hans Andersen 3,3,Fx,3 = 9 2. Niels Kristian Iversen 2*,3,3,3,Fx + 11+1 4. . the stadium) Free Car Parking Grandstand Seat as part of admission [b]Panthers last .. to meet the riders and management Centre Green visit Nomination and Ostergaard got a flyer in heat 9 and led from tapes to flag, although Richard.

Close your eyes for 15 minutes and listen to this music, and I can promise your mind will be clear as could be. You can listen to it here: Another high point of the flight is the seat. Etihad has what is hands down one of the best first class suites out there.

3fx car meet flyer

I loved everything from the colors, to the privacy, to the entertainment system. First class has 12 fully enclosed suites with three rows in a configuration. VOSS water At my seat already was a welcome card from the cabin manager with her business card, a Formula One promotional card, and a box of pralines. Pralines and welcome card Also in the side console of the seat was the menu, stationary, a pen, etc.

At that point, just shortly before departure, the food and beverage manager Carrie came by to introduce herself. She offered me a beverage, and I went with Mimosa. She also offered me headphones, a hotel towel, an amenity kit, and pajamas.

Pre-departure mimosa Amenity kit Pajamas Right around departure time the flight attendants came around with Arabic coffee and dates I figured their business card with their phone number was plenty on the dates front! The restroom is really sleek in first class on this plane, though poorly placed.

Get a size smaller than you think you need. Lavatory As departure time rolled around the captain came on the PA to welcome us aboard and advise us of our flight time of 12hr30min. Airshow We began our quick taxi to the runway and took off to the North after a long takeoff roll. Entertainment system As we passed through about 10, feet the crew started their service.

There were three flight attendants working first class — the cabin manager, who was Indian, the food and beverage manager, who was Australian, and the third flight attendant, who was Thai.

Etihad sure has some diverse crews! The dinner menu read as follows: And the wine list read as follows: At this point the food and beverage manager took my dinner order. I ordered a Diet Coke to drink, and went with the soup as the starter and chicken kebab as the main course.

Only two choices of starters and two choices of entrees? Service started with a rather large ramekin of nuts, which kept me entertained for about 10 minutes. Nuts About 10 minutes later I was offered some sort of chicken skewer starter, though there was still no sign of my Diet Coke.

3fx car meet flyer

I would have asked the flight attendants, but they almost never appeared. Members pay a monthly contribution directly from their salary. For more information, please visit the CSSC web site at www. A narrow defeat and a bonus point well within sight for the 2nd leg would have been considered a decent result beforehand.

3fx car meet flyer

Having said that, being 3 points ahead when racing against one of your fellow play-off challengers with 2 races remaining and to then lose out by the narrowest of margins can only be construed as an opportunity missed. This trend which has occurred in 6 of the last 7 meetings will be something that Team Manager Trevor Swales and Promoter Colin Horton will be working on with their riders over the next few days as this could without doubt prove costly in the one-off play-off meetings in late September.

Captain Hans Andersen set the ball rolling for Panthers with an emphatic heat win over Leigh Adams in heat one although Ulrich Ostergaard tailed off badly at the rear to ensure a drawn opening heat. Panthers then lost the next three heats although Richard Hall gave an early indication that he was on the pace with a quick looking heat two effort behind Polish reserve sensation Tomasz Chrzanowski. Niels-Kristian Iversen was excluded in heat three as he lost control in third place and impeded Lee Richardson and then he looked well off the pace in heat 4 as the Robins recorded their first of the evening.

Another in heat 5 as Hans Andersen easily beat Lee Richardson only stemmed the tide before a Robins in heat 6 as Ostergaard once again looked woeful rang the alarm bells that Panthers were in trouble. Just as at Coventry, Panthers made full use of the sports tactical ride facility to get them out of a hole. Niels-Kristian Iversen made a blistering start to signal he was back with a bang and by the time the riders entered the third bend the fast looking Ryan Sullivan had joined him at the front as they inflicted an success over Ulamek and Korneliussen.

The best way to follow up a heat win like that is to hit another maximum and Richard Hall and Piotr Swiderski edged Panthers in front with a cracking over Rempala and Chrzanowski. Hall was full value for his excellent paid 10 showing and once again heat 8 was a pivotal race as it has been so often in recent weeks.

Two further heats were shared before Panthers edged further in front with a from Andersen and Hall over Ulamek. Korneliussen had been left floundering at the tapes with mechanical gremlins as Panthers now led Two further heats ensued before the heat 14 that swung things back in favour of the Robins. Lee Richardson and Tomasz Chrzanowski scorched to a tapes-to-flag over an extremely poor Iversen and a fatigued Hall who had given his all from the reserve berth.

3fx car meet flyer

With Leigh Adams to come in heat 15 the majority of the large Panthers contingent feared the worst and this was confirmed with a Hans Andersen victory but a shared heat to leave the final scoreline as an agonising to Swindon. Sullivan tried everything but the wily Adams protected Lee Richardson every inch of the way to ensure the Robins pinched the two Sky Sports Elite League points on offer in a pulsating advert for British Speedway.

Panthers may have come away with one bonus point from two thrilling meetings at Coventry last Monday and Swindon this evening but they will have won many admirers for the thrilling speedway fayre that they serve up wherever they go at the moment.

Andersen, Adams, Rempala, Ostergaard Chrzanowski, Hall, Korneliussen, Swiderski Ulamek, Chrzanowski, Iversen, Swiderski Andersen, Richardson, Korneliussen, Ostergaard Adams, Hall, Rempala, Ostergaard Hall, Swiderski, Rempala, Chrzanowski Andersen, Chrzanowski, Richardson, Hall fm Andersen, Ulamek, Hall, Korneliussen ef Richardson, Sullivan, Hall, Chrzanowski Adams, Sullivan, Andersen, Ulamek ret Richardson, Chrzanowski, Iversen, Hall Andersen, Richardson, Adams, Sullivan He has been away for seven weeks and admits that it has been difficult watching the Sky Sports Elite League unfold from so far away.

I fully understand the hugely positive part that television has to play in our sport and always welcome them to Peterborough and thoroughly enjoy the way in which they present speedway which is a sport that is full of passion and excitement, something they seem to be able to portray perfectly. I also hope that he and Hans have time to sit down and talk to each other over the weekend and that their rivalry can be a healthy one, with no animosity in the future.

Many people will have read what he posted on his website and as a result I have asked him to clarify for me where he feels that our relationship went wrong, as he put it. I look forward to his response, but in the meantime want to thank him for his contribution to the team this season and wish him well for the forthcoming World Under Final in Terenzano, Italy on the 2nd of September.

I would like to think he will be a Panther again in the future, however we will have to wait and see what Karol decides to do once he has time to sit down and review his options.

Meanwhile Panthers have a difficult task ahead of themselves this evening as they return to the scene of one of their poorest displays of the season as they lost at Swindon on the previous occasion. They were indeed without Hans Andersen that night and on this occasion that have the presence of their inspirational Dane as well as the points scoring potential at reserve of new signing Piotr Swiderski.

Swindon have rider selection problems of their own with Pole Adrian Miedzinski still on the injured list and Renat Gafurov having a Russian League commitment. Panthers will without doubt want to keep this one close at the very worst but will be mindful that Swindon remain in the play-off positions and a win at Blunsdon would be a huge tonic ahead of the final run-in. The team line-up for tonight Thursday against Swindon is as follows: It all started off fairly tight with Andersen jetting away to win heat 1, and returning old boy Piotr Swiderski doing the honors in heat 2, after replacing Karol Zabik in the team for the rest of the season.

Heat 3 was a disaster for Panthers as the referee called it back following a good start by Ryan Sullivan. In the first re-run Niels Kristian Iversen fell and was excluded and in the second rerun Sullivan was left at the start with Coventry taking full advantage to put themselves in the lead.

Iversen overtook Billy Janniro to win heat 4, but Swiderski was unable to build on his earlier success despite pressuring Jacek Rempala all the way. Chris Harris made a brilliant start to leave Andersen in his wake with Ostergaard fortunate to scramble a point when Oliver Allen retired. A mistake by Sullivan in heat 7 let Martin Smolinski past for another Coventry maximum and with Iversen being shut out on the 1st bend, things were starting to look bad as they trailed It got immediately worse as another maximum in Heat 9 by Coventry as Ostergaard and Swiderski were again left at the start by the fast trapping Bees.

Ostergaard got a flyer in heat 9 and led from tapes to flag, although Richard Hall could make no impression from the back. Panthers at this stage were losing by and looking distinctly second best on the night.

Coventry eased there problems with a maximum in heat 14 despite Swiderski leading after the first bend, with Iversen making no impression after a mistake on the first bend. But the drama continued with a rerun heat 15 as Nicholls collided with Andersen on the first bend and fell heavily breaking his collarbone.

Bronxville Review Press and Reporter, 23 May 1991 — Page 9

Sullivan then jetted away in the rerun and with Andersen alongside of him were on course for a maximum which would have given Panthers a draw on the night, but Harris chased Sullivan down and passed him to the delight of the home fans. In retrospect the tactical ride situation again brought controversy to what initially looked one way traffic, but Coventry could feel very hard done by considering they nearly lost a match having led by 16 points after the first 10 heats.

Andersen had one fall apart; his now customary 17 point return and the lesser lights all shone at least once to play there parts. Andersen, Nicholls, Janniro, Ostergaard Heat Swiderski, Rempala, Smolinski, Hall Heat Iversen, Janniro, Rempala, Swiderski Heat Harris, Andersen, Ostergaard, Allen ef Heat Nicholls, Janniro, Hall, Andersen fx Heat Nicholls, Smolinski, Iversen, Sullivan Heat Janniro, Rempala, Ostergaard, Swiderski Heat Ostergaard, Harris, Allen, Hall Heat Andersen, Nicholls, Sullivan, Rempala Heat Smolinski, Harris, Swiderski, Iversen Heat Swiderski in for Zabik Monday August 21, Polish reserve Karol Zabik, dropped a bombshell on the Peterborough Promotion last Friday evening by informing them that he would not be available for any further matches in England this season.

He said that he was taking time out of British Speedway on the advise of his Father, to concentrate on the World Under 21 Championship Final in Terenzano, Italy in two weeks time. The club was further surprised to see the following appear on Zabik's website today: Karol wants to focus on preparations for the World Under 21 Championship, in two weeks' time in Terenzano. Fortunately Karol wants to come on British tracks in season I really have no idea.

I think that this year's scores in Elite league are a good description of me and during the wintertime I'll be waiting for offers to come.

It's possible that it will be Peterborough, because the team is really nice.

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The biggest pity for me is all those fantastic fans for whom I rode. I'm verry happy that I was able to contribute a little bit to my team's successes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Peterborough in their fight for a championship title - ends Karol.

Following the news about Zabik's withdrawal from the team, the Panthers have redeclared their starting line-up with Pole, Piotr Swiderski coming back into the team for tonights match at lacal rivals Coventry. Trevor Swales, the Panthers Team Manager commented, "It is a huge blow to the team to lose a rider of Karol's undoubted potential and ability at this stage of the season, but it is times like these that really test a teams ability to respond to difficult sitiuations and maintian the excellent form we have shown throughout the season.

Hans Andersen c 2. Piotr Swiderski Read More He top scored in the Qualifying Heats on Saturday night in Vetlanda, Sweden and finished off his nights work with a third place in the final and an automatic place in next years Grand Prix.

It will be Jagus' first appearances in SGP, while Holta returns to the series after one Wild Card appearance in and a 14th placed finish in the Championship.

The full results of the GP Qualifier are as follows: Heat 2 was when it all started to go wrong for Panthers. Hall gated and with Karol Zabik making a move to go round the Wolves riders on the back straight things looked promising. Zabik went wide on the third bend and fell.

He limped off the track but it was announced to the crowd after heat 4 that he would take no further part in the meeting having suffered a groin injury.

Etihad Airways to the UAE: Etihad Airways First Class New York to Abu Dhabi - One Mile at a Time

This time last week they were reduced to just a five man squad owing to the continued absence of injured Jesper B Jensen and then the injury to guest James Cockle. Now they were once more two riders down. The fact that Zabik scored paid 13 against Eastbourne shows what a difference he can make to the end score line so there were more than a few fans biting their nails apprehensively. From gate 2 Hall found himself sandwiched between the Wolves riders and not surprisingly especially when taking into account the wet track conditions slid off.

That heat put Wolves in the lead and the home side even allowed them to stretch that lead to seven points after heat 5 when former Panther Peter Karlsson and Christian Hefenbrock scored a over Iversen and Ryan Sullivan. Panthers pegged it back with some valuable team riding from Andersen and Ostergaard in the next race before disaster struck again in heat 7. Sullivan had made the gate and thanks to a determined ride from Hall Panthers were on for a Wolves recorded a in the next race, after Hefenbrock had given Ostergaard a nudge on the first bend, and the visitors were five points in front.

Iversen won heat 9 from the gate with Sullivan finding a way through into third spot to give Panthers a A in heat 14 and a in the final race rounded off proceedings and made sure Panthers bagged three points instead of leaving the Showground empty handed.

When they arrived at the track they were greeted with the sight of a severely flooded first bend and a soggy looking fourth bend.

3fx car meet flyer

Meanwhile Captain Hans Andersen was facing a race against time after his flight to Heathrow was delayed by more than four hours. Luckily he arrived at the track just after 8pm with the meeting getting underway half an hour later. The scores were encouraging for the home side from the off. And that heat still left Eastbourne trailing Panthers Zabik showed that two Eastbourne riders were no match for him.

He endured a three abreast tussle down the back straight on lap one and was elbowed out towards the fence the second time the riders went down the back straight but never gave up. He found a way past Barker to the cheers of the grandstand.

In heat 2 the year-old over took fast-starting Cameron Woodward to take the race win while in heat 4 he led Pedersen for a lap before the Dane powered past. And in heat 12 he teamed up with Sullivan for a which for the first time put Panthers in the lead for the bonus point. Not surprisingly the Pole was awarded Man of the Match and justified his inclusion in the nominated heat 15 by finishing second.

Fellow reserve Richard Hall joined him in that heat with the bonus point already decided thanks to the he achieved with Iversen in heat The pair team rode to maximum points to ensure that Barker, who was nominated for double points, finished third.

NewspaperSG - Straits Times - 2nd Edition, 27 November

Under the new ruling this year Barker finished the race without his points being doubled as he had failed to beat an opponent. Double points also failed to work for the Eagles in heat 11 when Adam Shields, wearing the black and white helmet colour, and Barker came up against Andersen and Hall. And Hall held onto a valuable third place to keep Shields at the back.

As for the Panthers team as a whole. Well, it was solid scoring throughout. Adam Shields 2, 1, 0! Nicki Pedersen 3, 3, 6! Andersen, Shields, Ostergaard, Barker ret Zabik, Woodward, Hall, Bridger Iversen, Sullivan, Kennett, Norris ef Pedersen, Zabik, Ostergaard, Bridger ex Iversen, Sullivan, Shields, Barker Pedersen, Andersen, Ostergaard, Woodward Iversen, Hall, Kennett, Norris ef Zabik, Barker, Bridger, Ostergaard Andersen, Kennett, Ostergaard Sullivan, Zabik, Woodward, Kennett Andersen, Sullivan, Shields, Pedersen ef