4bt early bronco swap meet

Ford Bronco - In Process

4bt early bronco swap meet

ford: The idea at the moment(you know that always changes) is " Superlift Here is a pics of the two 4BT Cummins motors I have. Ford Medium Platinum Met . F Crew Cab soon to be 6 door DRW Hauler project: conversion in progress ZF5 speed destroked adaptor plate King pin D I want to get a Ford Bronco. early bronco 4bt mounts I've been asking people who have done this swap to send me picture of. We look at the most budget-friendly Cummins 4BT to see if it's the right choice for truck meet require very few electronics to operate, it simplifies the conversion process. 4BT-cummins-under-hood-early-ford-bronco.

3.9L Cummins Engine: 4BT Diesel Pros & Cons

I did knoch the frame by the starter for room. My front cross member was cut out by a helper and a new one welded in an inch or so forward.

4bt early bronco swap meet

I hated this but after about a month of night work I welded the org. It has worked and the Bronco drives like it should. We added 3 inch front stiff coils from Killdawg here. I thought they were going to be to stiff but not I think their fine.

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I now think the progressives would be to soft. But I had to mfg a lower rad. I used the Big chevy 1 wire alt. Much better than the 10 SI 1wire I had on the I did have to add a plate under the master cyl. So a piece of flat plate 14 ga and drilled lots of holes. About here is where I became jobless from the stealership. So money became tight.

4bt early bronco swap meet

Skitter Joe talked me into doing a new wiring harness. I became scared to death here because I had to have Skitter's help on this.

4bt early bronco swap meet

But since nothing was going to fit the T3 was a great choice. My Steering column is from a tr. I took the air turbo pipe from over the motor and pipe it around the front of the motor for about 4 inches of hood clearance.

Doug rows the gears on a regular basis, as this Bronco is his daily driver. The Bronco has received a few battle scars along the way, but Doug takes it all in stride. The engine bay is absolutely perfect, from the paint to the hydroboost brakes to the 4BT engine that is clean enough to eat off.

4bt early bronco swap meet

The engine came out of a bread truck and has been left stock for reliability. A Speedway Motors aluminum radiator and custom fan shroud keep it cool, while the engine breathes through an airbox from a Duramax, of all things. The Bronco originally came with a Dana 30 axle, but it was replaced by a stock-width Dana 44 filled with 3.

1993 Ford Bronco - In Process

If the gear ratio seems high to you, consider that the torque peak of the 4BT occurs at 1, rpm. Chromoly axleshafts route power out to the MileMarker hubs.

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They are assisted by Bilstein remote-reservoir shocks. A Ruff Stuff Specialties pinion guard bolts to the front of the third member and protects the driveline yoke and U-joint. The rear bumper has recessed LED backup lights and a trick spare tire carrier. The pivot is from Chassis Unlimited, and the carrier holds not only a spare but also a Hi-Lift jack and a complete spare hub and brake assembly.

Ford Bronco 4BT Swap