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What if Elizabeth met Darcy once more at Rosings after reading his letter? - William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act II Scene I. An AU season six Castle story . ), please expect a chapter to be posted as my gift to you this holiday season, as well as a song from the playlist (youtube: chezchuckles). .. Post 4x Yes. All 5 songs featured in Castle season 4 epsiode Always, with scene well,i really need to find the song from episode 23 season 4 where. Kick Caskett is a fanfiction author that has written 29 stories for Castle, and Wrestling. We'll Meet Again reviews. Short little post ep for 6x09 She never though she would hear that song again. Castle . Based off 4x23 promo. Beckett .

After firing Olivia, Christian just needed a new assistant who could do her job without screwing up. It was a simple decision, however, neither of them could anticipate the rollercoaster that was about to ensue.

Fifty Shades Trilogy - Rated: She barely passes for a lady. In a world of ballrooms and proper snobs, they're best friends But who will admit it first is the maddening question. Darcy - Complete what wind is to fire by hoidn reviews Sully comes home from Nevada.

Quinn Medicine Woman - Rated: His objective is to keep her safe at all costs. But who is going to protect him from losing his heart to her?

Written for Movies in the Month of May. Landslide by peetasbunmyoven reviews Can you fall in love too young?

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For years they had everything in each other until the day Katniss panicked and Peeta said goodbye. Just a year later they are thrown together by chance. One beach vacation and too many memories they come to realize it was never over. But can one more night be enough? Written for s2sl All rights to Suzanne Collins. M - English - Chapters: They slept together after Ryan's wedding but never talked about it.

Kate finds out she is pregnant but doesn't know how to tell him, especially after the events of 47 seconds and Limey.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: His days are all the same: His days are all the same until the morning he finds a mysterious Capitol girl in his bed. Then he finds out it may be time to start running again. In the dubious world between sleeping and waking Katniss and Peeta find a new source of comfort in each other and blur lines between fantasy and reality. Rated M for smutty reasons. An AU season six Castle story. When faced with a second chance to change the course of his future, he realizes he's more than willing to let her take hold of the wheel.

Everlark AU written for S2Sl. Cover art by Ro Nordmann. Take Back The Falls ". The song plays in the background while the protagonists share a toast in "Fail-Safe," the fifth episode of Legends of Tomorrow. A section of the song plays in the movie Kong: Near the end of the movie. The song plays at the end of the fourth episode of Titans References in other works[ edit ] Pink Floyd makes reference to this song and the performer in " Vera ", a song from their album The Wall: The Wall Live — T - English - Chapters: With Beca being Beca she refuses to ask for help, but a certain two Bellas start to notice the bags under her eyes.

They decide to keep an eye on the younger girl and help her, whether she wants it or not. Rated T because I'm paranoid. Slight Triple Treble later on? A Series of Hilarious and Cute Events by areaderofmanythings reviews Bechloe in different scenarios as they settle into life together. This is a series of oneshots of shameless Bechloe fluff. Of escape and abandonment and this inexplicable force that keeps pushing Beca right back to the woman she thought she'd left behind.

I brought ice cream. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Bechloe oneshots by Aca-Addicted reviews A collection of random Bechloe oneshots.

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Due to the circumstances, Kate moves into Rick's apartment and they begin a friends with benefits relationship. M - English - Chapters: Chloe Beale has just been hired on as the new psychiatrist at Barden Asylum. Many of the patients suffer from standard afflictions, but there's something about the mystery that is Beca Mitchell that draws her attention. Can Chloe help these patients, or is there more going on at Barden than she realizes? Pitch Perfect Asylum AU.

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Just gonna say in the beginning the story is a little different on where it's heading than in later chapters, little heads up. The Bellas go out and sing karaoke to celebrate, causing a certain redhead to not-so-subtly hint that she's into a small brunette. Will Beca be able to sort out her feelings for Chloe? It's not too hard, but soon misunderstandings lead to complications Will they make it through it all to a happily ever after?

Around Christmas time, specifically. Beca and Chloe have gotten closer over the years and their friendship has never been better. But what happens when they're forced to kiss under the mistletoe and sparks fly?

Will things end well? I suck at summaries. Just read it, it'll be good. Also, there's no Jeca. I do not own Pitch Perfect or any of the characters. And accidentally, completely unintentionally, Chloe whispered a sad sounding; "I'm sorry I fell in love with you.

But she really didn't care, as long as no one heard her. As long as Beca didn't hear her. Forward by AcaWiedersehen reviews Set after Pitch Perfect 2, Chloe and Beca after little diliberation and a heart-shattering break up decide to get an apartment together.

Along with this new apartment, the duo soon find themselves questioning their friendship Could it become something more? A new start to her senior year! All she and Aubrey Posen have to do is find 8 super-hot girls with bikini ready bodies who can match pitch and harmonize perfectly.

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Shouldn't be too hard, right? Until she meets a short, brunette girl who for some reason, Chloe can't stop thinking about. Bechloe Pitch Perfect - Rated: In the morning, however, there are two empty glasses on the coffee table.

A late-night tryst has taken place. Next installment in my series of unrelated one-shots chronicling Caskett's budding romance.