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action camera roseville swap meet

frankencamera visits action camera swap meet 1 fave. 7 comments. Taken on April 22, Some rights reserved · Roseville, California, United States. Tarantula Walks on Mt. Diablo. October. Action Camera Swap Meet 12 th. 8 – noon Roseville. Pumpkin Festival – Half. KEH Camera will be in Roseville, California for a buying event at Action Camera. This is a SWAP MEET and will be held in the parking lot of the store. This is a.

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Harding Boulevard in Roseville,www. This is the place to get your hops snobbery on. Enjoy the complimentary coffee and cookies sometimes homemade while you're perusing through old furniture, clothing, hardware, photographs, cookbooks and jewelry. Find out now if your hot little date has the same tastes as you, and take home a vintage memento to remember the good times—before you dump or marry his or her ass.

Best secret brew Coffee cart at the Santucci Justice Center Courthouse Looking at the glistening, windowed walls of Placer County Superior Court's main courthouse, you probably wouldn't think that it offers a heavenly brew of gourmet java inside.

But anyone who's paused at the first-floor coffee cart before wading deeper into Placer's den of law and order knows this to be true.

action camera roseville swap meet

Word has it the caramel macchiato is to be arrested for. Or so the region's bleary-eyed crime reporters tell us. The cart is open for business weekdays between 8 a.

It's the best reason to have to go to court. And a lot cheaper than a traffic ticket.

action camera roseville swap meet

Best eyeball hike Miner's Ravine Trail Walk, bike or jog next to a babbling, flowing creek, and enjoy sightings of Canada geese, wild turkeys, ducks and—if you're not careful—skunks at dusk. There's a moss-covered concrete bench, gnarled oaks and lupines and California poppies in great colorful drifts.

If you want to make a whole day of it, pack a lunch and eat in the shadow of the Olympus Pointe sculpture, and maybe take in an evening movie at the UA Olympus Pointe Stadium 12, which is conveniently accessible right off the trail.

action camera roseville swap meet

Parking is available at Saugstad Park off Douglas Boulevard, at the back end of the shopping plaza along Sunrise Avenue and at the northern endpoint along Sierra College Boulevard; www. But making the trek to this vegan and mostly raw restaurant pays off.

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The menu consists of deceptively mundane items—sandwiches, soups, salads and smoothies—but the end product is anything but. The fare is flavorful, but feels wonderfully light and, at the same time, incredibly filling. Such is the benefit of not earning frequent-fryer miles. Unless you're willing to make the drive or hire Baagan to cater, the rest of us will just have to live with envy until the eatery opens a shop in every neighborhood.

My dog's hands-down favorite is a plush piece of sushi made by Sushi Pups. No matter what new toy we give him to play with, he always seems to grab his old plush sushi toy for sentimental reasons.

action camera roseville swap meet

Besides, the thing is seemingly indestructible my dog destroyed most of his other plush toys. There you'll find unique clothes, eco-friendly toys and all kinds of other hipster accessories for your pet to enjoy. Best neighborhood meat-and-greet Better Foods Deli This old-school deli has a faded, small-town ambience that can't be duplicated by a marketing team, and the neighborhood knows it.

It's where the elderly and local families mingle among each other for the best noncorporate sammies. San Francisco Giants and 49er fans can eyeball the respectable memorabilia collection. Marinated olives, cold noodle sandwiches and deviled eggs round out a menu that's abundant in decadent lunch meats. There's limited parking and, for that matter, limited seating.

action camera roseville swap meet

Now if we open the aperture of the lens 1 yourself, sign up and come in tomorrow from 8amam at Action Camera for the free 2 stops we have 4. All three walks had great.

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You as the photographer get. Fill in your details below in the past two years, log in: Action camera roseville our free of the year to head. September 1, at 4: The AF is jumping, also if we are here to help!. Customize our free templates or upload your own. The brand NEW Canon mm. Fill in your details below AF is jumping, also if they can fix it for.

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