Ag doll meet outfits for school

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ag doll meet outfits for school

Extra care must be taken when bidding on retired American Girl items on Ebay. of Addy's school story items, Felicity's original meet dress, Kirsten's Saint Lucia Tray, Also, the Felicity mini doll was changed to feature the new meet outfit thus . Buy American Girl Josefina's School Outfit fits 18" doll ~DOLL AND SHOES ARE NOT American Girl Josefina's Classic Meet Outfit without shoes in box. American Girl Doll Striped School Dress Outfit Hard to Find EUC | Dolls & Bears, Dolls, American Girl 18" Lindsey Doll Striped Tights to meet outfit EUC.

They were discontinued in after any remaining supplies had sold out. Even though some of these paper items are not available through Pleasant Company, they're often easily obtained at Amazon. All four books were also sold together in one package for a time as the "Pastimes" set.

List of Truly Me Outfits

For a time, sewing patterns for doll-sized outfits were sold. These "Doll Dress Patterns" were produced for Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha and Molly, allowing one to create most of the outfits available for each girl.

Successful use of this product would ultimately reduce the purchase of ready-made outfits from Pleasant Company and it is no wonder these patterns were discontinued.

The Doll Dress Patterns images below are links to a large image showing pictures of the dresses that can be made with the patterns. These were large 31 inches by 21 inches posters depicting the town that each particular girl lived in with detailed pictures of selected spots.

  • American Girl Doll REBECCA with complete Meet Outfit & School Outfit + Book
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Ina very nice item was produced for each American Girl at that time there were only Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, and Addy. These were discontinued in July In Februaryall 27 of the historical girl short story books were discontinued.

However, the stories weren't truly retired since all of the Short Stories were subsequently re-released as single volumes for each girl in August These were then promptly retired from catalog and online store a year later.

Luckily, these Short Story Collections are still in stock and perhaps still in print at such online merchants as Amazon.

ag doll meet outfits for school

As a service to collectors, the images of these books below are links to their Amazon site product pages. The year was a terrible year for retirements. This marked the first ever outfit retirements for Kit and Kaya. In Februaryall of the historical girl short story books were retired including Kaya's short story. This was the first item to be truly retired from Kaya's Collection. This marked the first outfit of Kaya's to ever be retired.

The initial three, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly launched the collection in InFelicity and her outfits, accessories and furniture were removed from the mailed catalogs and relegated to online ordering only.

Since that time several of her accoutrements have become sold out.

ag doll meet outfits for school

In this way, Felicity has been effectively discontinued as a full member of the American Girl collection. This decision on the part of Pleasant Company has saddened many in the American Girl collecting community, especially those who collect Felicity or were considering collecting her. So far, all of Felicity's retired items have shown up for auction on Ebay.

The rarest item is probably the rescue kit, but it shows up once a month or so. Notes about specific items: Felicity's Fashion Doll which comes with the invitation to the ball originally was a different design than is now available.

American Girl Doll Stripe School Dress Outfit Hard to Find | eBay

Aroundthe doll was replaced with a new version which some collectors regard as inferior to the original. Felicity's nighttime necessities set was first offered in and the original set did not come with a story book. Felicity's nighttime necessities set was first offered in and the original set did not come with a story book. Her riding habit and hat, work gown, dressing table, shoes and garters set and hair ribbons were first offered in the Holiday catalog.

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This was also when the American Girl horse was introduced. It was added to be Felicity's horse, Penny, but was called the American Girl horse so that any girl including modern girls could call it theirs.

There are three versions of the Noah's Ark toy, the first two of which are now retired. The first version appeared in and the second version replaced it in The only difference between the two was that the ark did not have a light blue stripe along the bottom as the earlier version did.

ag doll meet outfits for school

In JuneFelicity's Stationery set became sold out. InFelicity's Story Collection book was revised such that the illustrations and text refer to Elizabeth having blonde hair.

This means that her original Story Collection is retired. Most recently in deference to her appearance in the new TV Movie, Felicity's meet outfit was changed to be her lavender traveling gown outfit. Since her new meet outfit is the traveling gown, the traveling gown has been retired as a separate outfit, and her accessories set was modified.

Also, the Felicity mini doll was changed to feature the new meet outfit thus retiring the mini doll with the rose garden dress.

ag doll meet outfits for school