Am i wearing the pants in relationship meme

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am i wearing the pants in relationship meme

This Pin was discovered by Pamela Parker. Discover (and save!) Who wears the pants? Who wears the pants in the relationship - meme - http://www. Visit. 9 Signs You Wear the Pants in Your Relationship. By. & All you need is a boyfriend or significant other who will let you be in control and you'll. Don't post rage comics, non-comic memes, or CAPTCHAs Wearing the pants in the relationship means that you're usually the one in control of the No, the one who was initially wearing the pants was the husband/father.

A man who is willing to boycott all friendships and insert himself into your group shows that he is flexible to rearrange his life for you and is willing to take on you, your friends, your likes and your interests. You bring home the bacon Money makes the world go round, a sad but true fact.

However, if you are the career driven, go-getter type, then your man might not be at your level.

9 Signs You Wear the Pants in Your Relationship

It takes a secure and smart! If you are the one dishing out dough for weekend getaways and dinners on the town, then you are very well in control.

am i wearing the pants in relationship meme

He asks for permission If your man constantly confides in you about where he should go to meet up with buddies, or what he should do with a free afternoon, you might be wearing the pants more often than you think. Men are typically independent and confident in making their own decisions.

When this power is passed to you, it indicates that your man actually values your opinion more than his, and needs you to help him. Have you ever seen a man ask for directions?

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If you are open to dictating his life and explaining his every move to him, then go for it! But if this kind of behavior grows tiresome and you want an independent dude, try to build up his confidence and approve any ideas he comes up with on his own.

You're in charge of the money. You control the finances and you decide what gets spent.

9 Signs You Wear the Pants in Your Relationship on The Royals | E! News

And it's no surprise that you get to do most of the spending! When your man wants to buy something, like a new set of golf clubs, he's got to go through you first. And most of the time, we know what the answer is going to be He caters to your friends. You've managed to successfully give him a personal and social makeover which includes assimilating him into your group of friends.

But when he's with you and the girls he stays in the background so as not to get in the way of your fun and he's always happy to be the errand boy. It's perfect having him around because then you can keep an eye on him! He's afraid of you.

He doesn't dare talk back to you because the risk of enduring your wrath is far greater. It's pretty fair to admit that this guy is totally whipped when it comes to you! You make all the decisions. You get the final say, you have the final approval over anything and everything.

am i wearing the pants in relationship meme

It's not that you're bossy. You're simply the boss. He waits on you hand and foot.