American idol tour 2015 meet greet review

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Band Concert Review. American Idol Live Tour Chicago. Chicago Theatre – Chicago, IL, USA - August 8, By Dan Locke Photos by I have seen the American Idol Live Tour a few times before. . They meet and greet the crowd. Sep 6, For the true VIP experience, all you need is love — and cash As close as these experiences have brought me to my idols, I have never met them. paid $ for the VIP “Hot Sound Package” at a McCartney concert last The tour photographer came along and snapped each of us with our. Before the 14th national tour kicks off in Tampa, take this EW exclusive peek behind the scenes. More. EW Staff. July 07, at PM EDT. pinterest.

american idol tour 2015 meet greet review

And by cutting down from the bigger stages to a smaller stage i. One of the biggest reason why American Idol is so big these performers are like family.

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You grow to know them as the show goes week to week. In some cases you may know the performer or know someone who knows the performer. Because they all have hometowns. And most go back to their hometown after the show. The show ran about 2 hours long and it was a great thing for the audience to see.

This is how it went. Clark- Welcome the audience to the show and talked about his parents, growing up, his beginning in music and having to play wedding as background music. Some of the things he used to do was as he was playing the background music playing he would throw in commercial jingles such as State Farm ads in the middle of his playing.

They may have been better with a new arrangement to fit her style of performance. Rayvon- Told the story of his music journey and his family growing up in churches and hearing the great music coming out of them. He did a great job with this tune. He made it his own and song it to the audience. Then had to stay home. This helped her being who she is with her dad by her side.

He was her hero. Very Jazzy, I feel that she did a better job of it then even Mr. Johnny Lang "Lie to Me".

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She also talked the journey into Idol and how he was with her the whole journey. Come see Idol and watch Tyanna do a Jazzy version of her hit. American Idol and how he worked it out between the two. And why you should listen to your mom at any age.

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Because she is always right. He performed his own original "Coming Your Way". And also talked about during the last weeks on Idol they would create a song for you which you had to play. It could kill your career, but you have to play it. After the show was over, many fans were waiting for them to come out of the stage door.

They had a crowd of about 75 people. After about 45 minutes waiting. They finally started to come out. The staff and others behind the launch of the venue were all very nice, friendly, and dedicated to making the experience a positive one for all involved, which I really appreciate. This ticket package included early entry to the GA floor.

With my media credentials, I shot the first three songs from a roped off space in front of the stage, and then took a step to the left to join my fiancee and sister, directly in front of Steve Stevens for the remainder of the show. There was no opener, and though scheduled for an 8: The meet and greet actually occurred after the show concluded, and in addition to some swag, we also had an opportunity to meet Billy Idol and Steve Stevens and have photos taken with them.

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Below is a photo of the swag included with the special VIP tickets: Billy Idol vocals, guitar Billy Morrison rhythm guitar, backing vocals Stephen McGrath bass guitar, backing vocals Erik Eldenius drums Paul Trudeux keyboards, backing vocals As explained in past articles, Billy Idol is one of my all-time favorite artists… a true and real Rock Star. These acts defined music and pop culture at that time, so they remain, for me, larger than life figures.

Hearing their music also has a nostalgic aspect in transporting me back to simpler times. Born in England as William Michael Albert Broad, Billy Idol was a fan of the Sex Pistols in the mid 70s, and was actually a member of an early version of Siouxsie and the Banshees and then another group called Chelsea after that, but it was co-founding and fronting Generation X that lead to real recognition and fame, and where he found his voice, swagger, style, and trademark lip curl.

In he relocated to New York and started his career as a solo artist, and found an incredible partner in the amazing guitarist Steve Stevens. His second album, Rebel Yell, is truly an 80s classic, and one of the all-time great albums of the entire decade. Not the case with Billy Idol.

american idol tour 2015 meet greet review

More, there are so many stand out moments for his band and their own high caliber talents and abilities. I love this song. It almost sounds like it was made back in the 80s and put in a time capsule. It contains all of the elements that make his music work and well as distinctive Billy Idol.