An idiot abroad season 2 meet a gorilla fighting

Ricky Gervais Obviously.

an idiot abroad season 2 meet a gorilla fighting

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Matt Groening asked if I'd like to appear in the show. I said, "what are the hours? Of course I want to be on the show. It's the greatest show in the world. This moment overtook winning the Golden Globes as the greatest moment of my career so far. I also met one of the writers, Matt Selman.

He directed my episode of The Simpsons a couple of years later and at the moment we are working on The Flanimals movie together. So that came out ok too. A lot happened that week in January The effects of which are still being felt. I was asked to host the Golden Globes in I guess it went ok as they asked me to host again in Judge for yourself how that went I did it twice because I wanted to improve on the first year's performance.

I think I did that. I did it by realising a crucial fact about award shows. They are fucking boring unless you are winning an award. Celebrate yourselves by all means. Take yourselves as seriously as you want and hand each other prizes.

But don't televise it unless there's something in it for the viewers. An award show is not a spectator sport. I tried to make it one.

I made a choice. Please the most privileged people in the world, in the room, or please the million ordinary people watching around the world on TV?

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I chose the latter. It wasn't a particularly brave decision as things like that don't really affect me either way. I don't really count them as part of my oeuvre. They are outside my career so to speak. I host the Golden Globes, like some businessmen play golf. Then, Monday morning, I'm back at work. I don't have to worry about what I say based on who might give me a job one day.

You see, I create my own labour. I write all my own material. I direct and produce all my own stuff basically. I'm not beholden to any so-called 'big wigs' or overly important people.

Some would say I've got 'Fuck You' money. I would say I please myself and always have. It's not about power. It's about artistic freedom. And if it is about power, it's a power you can give to yourself anytime you want. If you can't be bought, you're the richest man in the world. I just always feel if you can make something from scratch you'll always be OK. Growing up, one of my favourite quotes was "Ability is a poor man's wealth. And I tried to prove him right.

Amazingly I've been invited back to host next year's ceremony too. What have I learned from last year's outrage? Week one hundred and ninety-seven - December Did some more Christmas shopping with Karl. I hate Christmas shopping more. I hated it when I wasn't famous. I hate it even more now. With Karl it is my favourite thing in the world. But 2, We are both stressed but laughing ALL the time. I know this isn't in the slightest bit funny or even understandable to you but it's true.

You had to be there. We're glad you weren't though. He asked someone if this paperweight was a "Damien Hirst.

an idiot abroad season 2 meet a gorilla fighting

It's nearly 20 quid you round headed div. He saw the funny side of it when I explained that it probably wasn't a Damien Hirst at that price. I stitched him right up in Selfridges. And he still hasn't met anyone with a rounder head than his I treated the little gonk to fish 'n' chips in Marylebone High Street then we went back to the office for a chat about An Idiot Abroad Special: The short way round.

This is the exact moment when, out of the blue, he asked me the difference between the brain and the mind. I said save it for the new audiobooks and we went home. I think I experienced the perfect Sunday. I woke up in my favourite hotel suite in my favourite hotel in my favourite city in England, to the sound of Jane saying, "your scrambled eggs will get cold.

A walk around the Xmas market soon to be renamed Rickmas and a visit to the fashion museum. There were outfits from the 17th Century but the things that really made a connection were the things I'd lived through. The 80's were ridiculous.

An Idiot Abroad

Had a "Christmas dinner" panino turkey, stuffing, the lot for lunch this blog is food heavy, I knowthen spent the afternoon in front of a real fire watching the George C.

Scott version of A Christmas Carol. Only Muppets could improve that film. Had a little visit from Toby, the house cat. He's got that expression an 8 year-old boy does when he's made to kiss a toothless old nan.

Went to the gym and used the Power Plate. And nowadays at least my body stops wobbling immediately after the machine stops. It really is great. The Power Plate I mean, not my body. Is that the face of Jesus in my elbow? That reminds me of a tweet I got from a guy saying, "If we religious can accept scientific facts, why don't atheist do us the same courtesy of accepting Jesus' miracles? After a shower we had an early tea of fish and chips this really is like a child's essay isn't it as we had tickets for Handel's Messiah by candlelight at the Theatre Royal.

It was quite magical. Yes I know I'm an atheist, but Handel made a beautiful work of art. I don't believe in ghosts either but I love that film about that fat British dentist living in New York talking to dead people. Talking of which, when we got back to the hotel we drank champagne, ate cheese and watched It's A Wonderful Life.

The greatest Christmas movie of all time. No I don't believe in angels either but kindness trumps religion any day. Especially the best Sunday ever. Week one hundred and ninety-six - December So I went shopping with Karl. It's even more fun than the podcasts because he's also got real life and the public to contend with as well as me.

an idiot abroad season 2 meet a gorilla fighting

I was buying Jane a posh clutch bag as for her birthday in the Bond Street area. I knew she would prefer a synthetic material and exotic animals that aren't even killed primarily for food wouldn't have gone down well.

Karl Pilkington visits a woman with a pet hippo : videos

I eventually found this. A beautiful Alexander McQueen one. Nothing died so that she could carry lipstick and an iPhone to an awards do. Now please buy one of my DVDs to cover the cost. Have a great weekend. He was annoyed when he found out that they'd labelled him "comedian. After the interview I got him to record a little message for all his social networking fans.

I've written about six or seven little tags and we only need a couple so hopefully it will all go smoothly when we record them next week. I always feel the outtakes are better than the finished product with those sorts of things but it's all in a days work for a "controversial Golden Globes host.

Had a fitting for my tux today.

an idiot abroad season 2 meet a gorilla fighting

Who am I wearing? It's a deep red. Some people think I'm the devil so I thought I'd play up to that. A couple of years ago I would have looked more like a post box in red. I might even start wearing horizontal stripes now. Maybe I could even stop wearing black T-shirts?

an idiot abroad season 2 meet a gorilla fighting

I've got about thirty-three so it would be an upheaval. Doing the final dub tomorrow on the Derek pilot. After I'll take Karl for another posh fry-up. Showed Karl the finished pilot today. He loved it, luckily.