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Anna Chlumsky was the ten-year-old who stole Macaulay Culkin's heart in the s. But Veep is an Americanised version of the BBC's The Thick of It, her college sweetheart Shaun So encouraged her to return to acting. Her boyfriend-now-husband, Shaun So, came home safely from Army Chlumsky discusses the lonely life of a military girlfriend, and what it taught her about life and love. The couple met at the University of Chicago in , and when he The Anna Chlumsky profile appears is in the November issue of. "Thus far, they're crazy about each other," Anna Chlumsky says of her The My Girl actress — who is married to business executive Shaun So.

So I did that three years in a row. I also did a summer at the Brookfield Zoo just in a fast food restaurant, but I interned three years at the Field Museum and I think that had an enormous impact for me getting into the University of Chicago because Barry was a biology professor there at the grad school and he was one of my recommendations.

I know you as someone who is actually interested in the world so this does not really surprised me, but you also have to be pretty smart to get into University of Chicago. Well that is wonderful. Let me ask you. When was it that you actually met your husband Shaun? I believe it was at college and you were studying International Relations. Was it a particular class, in a hallway, at a bar? I wish it were academic. We met at a dance party. We were both there.

I was supposed to go with someone else, but that person had the flu so I went by myself. Was it a little like West Side Story, where people part and you find each other? Without any of the cultural riffs, yeah. He was dancing with all of his buddies. I met all of his buddies first and then he and I danced for, like, four hours. Then we saw each other again the next day and Eminem and The Roots were playing on campus.

Smart and brave and courteous and so good, not only to you, but good to your friends. You have to earn that though. Oh well I feel very honored. How did you feel when you got your degree? Or was it a moment of real pride? I was proud but I was also really frightened. Unlike a lot of my fellow students, I never imagined graduation day. There is lots of ambiguity and clearly we see this in our daily lives, political lives, performing lives. You are one of those performers that can hold two thoughts that maybe are mutually exclusive in your hand and then translate it for us.

We can behave a certain way without being aware of it. Amy does that all the time on Veep. She was constantly betraying her own feelings in our show. How do you feel about that? That was such a lesson for me reading that.

Shaun So Wiki: Age, Wedding, Family, Job, Net Worth- All About Anna Chlumsky's Husband

First of all, I was source-struck, because he was somebody that I looked at a lot for the role. I told the writers she would of looked into this before doing that!

No one wants to see anybody doing their job well. I may be good at it but then I would end up shooting myself after two years. Can we talk about Frank Rich? Frank Rich is someone we both know and he basically changed my life and we could also say he changed your life too. It was such a rave—he gave all of us rave reviews—and it totally legitimized our theater company.

It totally changed our careers.

Shaun So Wiki: Age, Wedding, Family, Job, Net Worth- All About Anna Chlumsky's Husband

And he gave raves sparingly. He wrote back to me and I framed it. So tell us a little bit about what it is like to work with Frank Rich. Frank has been a really grounding force because he grew up in D. Now, the whole cast of Veep is amazing.

Down to our guests. Everybody who comes on is incredible. Are there certain people in the cast that you are particularly close to and that you bonded with in an even more special way?

Sam Richardson, who was the later addition to our cast, I find to be incredibly talented, but also somebody who can keep up with my ridiculous line of conversation during lunch. I just worked with Elaine May. I can retire from show business now. It was amazing to watch her genius, but is there someone or a project or anything that you feel is on your list?

They did John Adams a few years ago and that was so excellent. The son of Asian immigrants, he seems to be extremely patriotic rendering service to his nation the United States as a member of the United States Army. He is a man of average build with a black hair colour with his sexuality stated as straight in an aspect of life that is becoming more vital and delicate in the society.

Also on showcase in his life is a very strong patent to build up. He is entrepreneurial in nature and has established a couple of companies with different skill sets and drives to foster economic growth and make business easier even on a short-term basis.

He was shortly involved with Cubby, an Urban logistics startup focused on short-term storage and delivery as its Founder and CEO from June to April Shaun also was a Forbes Contributor from May to December doing pieces on veteran, entrepreneurship and business interest issues.

However, judging from his success thus far, Shun So is far from being a broke man. Meeting during a college party, they dated long distance for years before her boyfriend So joined the Army Reserve and was sent off to Afghanistan.

So returned in January and proposed to Anna in May. In Shaun So got married to his famous and screenplay wife, actress Anna Chulumsky after being engaged in Their marriage happened after five months of engagement.