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aquarion evol amata meet her mother

Anime Debut, Aquarion EVOL Episode When they first meet, Amata explains to Mikono that she flew beyond her destiny as all he could do was watch in. Into the scene comes Amata Sora, a boy working at a movie theater, and Mikono Suzushiro, a girl he meets there. When an Abductor attack puts Mikono in. is the main protagonist of Aquarion EVOL. Alicia Sora (Mother) The two quickly became friends and Amata came to think their meeting was predestined.

Andy and MIX put aside their differences to confront the enemies. After Andy takes a crucial hit, MIX takes over command and defeats the enemies with backfiring results. While searching for info about its female residents, he looks to find out if the "True Eve" the Alteans are desperately looking for is among them, until he is approached by Yunoha, who wants to befriend him. This causes a huge commotion in Altair, as Kagura is desperate to find Mikono and claim her for himself.

Amata reveals to Mikono his connection with Aliciathe main actress of the film, who happens to be his mother that disappeared when he was a child. Meanwhile, Jin, who grows attached to Yunoha, decides to take her with him to Altair. Mykage appears before Fudo, demanding the location of the original Aquarion, while Kagura easily overpowers the Elements with his power that allows him to reverse the laws of physics.

Jin, moved by Yunoha's tears, has a change of heart and returns to assist the others against Kagura. After their funeral, Fudo orders Andy to dig graves for all the remaining pilots to be buried alive as part of a special training.

Mikono refuses to take part in the training, but when she feels her friends' lives in danger, she helps them by activating her own elemental power of connection. While searching for them, Zessica grows jealous of Amata's desperation to find Mikono and confesses to him that Kagura and Mikono may be the reincarnations of Apollo and Silvia, thus being destined to each other.

Despite that, Amata confronts Kagura to rescue Mikono. Amata, Mikono and Zessica, all piloting Aquarion Evol, are overpowered by their opponents until Zessica confesses her love for Amata, triggering a reaction that displays the images of Apollo and Silvia along with the events regarding them 12, years before. Ordered to stand by beside a lake while awaiting further instructions, they decide to have some fun together.

Andy tries to make use of the situation to confess his feelings for MIX, just to unwillingly bring forth her fury on him.

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Soon another enemy appears, creating a blizzard that covers the entire area. As the Elements are about to be frozen to death, a hopeless Andy sinks into a hole created by his powers until hitting a stream of hot water, which then helps the others to fight back.

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The Elements little can do anything against Izumo, who demands the academy to surrender one of their female students. Zessica, heartbroken for having her feelings for Amata unrequited, volunteers herself to attend his request, until MIX tries to stop her and is captured by the enemy instead. Meanwhile, Mykage appears before Zessica stating that he will open a dimensional gate to Altair, upon claiming some compensation from her in the future. He can use it to mentally stun people or drive its listeners into a genocidal frenzy —including unintentionally his own parents.

aquarion evol amata meet her mother

Mykage, who pulls the strings behind friends and foes alike for the sake of his true objective locate and seize the original Aquarion.

He's been Trolling everything and everyone ever since Episode 5. Altair's true purpose for the "abductions.

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The massive wall that separates the male and female sections of the Academy is called the " Berlin. Episode 14 for the students and 17 for the Aquarion. You just had to follow your nose, didn't you?

Although as of Episode 12, Amata seems to have grown immune to Shu-Shu and his moment killer ways. Kagura, not so much It ends with Mikono, who is already with high emotions thanks to Amata's sweet words, being shocked unconscious by the collar after Kagura shows up, licks her hand, and tells her she "stinks deliciously.

Don't make a character spend 25 episodes straight talking about how badly he wants to "kill" his wench to then make a complete character flip because the plot demands so. Just look at her outfit. Muggle Born of Mages: Mikono hails from a family of Element Users, yet has no apparent Element powers as of present.

aquarion evol amata meet her mother

Amata apologizing to Mikono using the Aquarion to pull off an " orz. Andy is very passionate about digging holes, and even goes into great detail about how digging has advanced human society. There was a movie Amata kept playing on the movie theater he works in about the events of twelve millennia past. The world essentially forgot about it, but the theme song stayed incredibly popular, enough to bring tears to Mikono's eyes.

Amata, although he is the main character. No Communities Were Harmed: Some character designs are even influenced by this. No Sense of Personal Space: Kagura can and will walk up to any woman just to stiff her.

Kagura seems to have great smelling ability. In Episode 1, Kagura was able to smell Mikono even though they were both in seperate cockpits. In Episode 5, Kagura finds Mikono smack in the middle of bustling Neo Kowloon just by following her scent.

Not What It Looks Like: In Episode 7, Mikono is convinced that something happened between Amata and Zessica after witnessing them "running away in each other's arms" the night before. In reality, they were running away in fear of what appeared to be a ghost, which turned out to be Yunoha. The staff of the Neo DEAVA Academy collectively shit their pants whenever Amata does something unusual—when he utters "Aquarion" a name supposedly unknown to anyone outside the Academy's higher-upsbreaks the taboo and the Guize Stones prohibiting cross gender Unions, and punches a hole right through the Berlin.

Probably the only way to describe Mikono's expression when she sees Kagura in Amata's reflection in Episode The first time Fudo has a legitimately angry and serious expression on his face is when Mykage apparently killed Jin, which leads us to The moment that end of Episode 14 where Kagura suddenly bursts out of the ground next to the protagonists. Kagura in Episode 25 when an insanely pissed off Amata attacks him with a vengeance after he allegedly kills both of their parents It was actually Mykage.

He recovers, but it's pretty much the only time we see him truly scared. Fudo, being a badass reincarnated member of the original cast who's fully aware of his past life, always seems to know how to lead his men to victory with a calm smile on his face.

He even responds to Mykage's threats with a teasing smirk. So when he frowns, you know that shit's hit the fan.

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Case-in-point, the first time he frowns is when Mikage kills Jin. Altair's Human Aliens used to have a functional two-gender race just like Vegauntil the female birth rate suddenly stopped, and then a mysterious disease wiped out what few females Altair has left.

To this end they start scrambling to find Reaiglers, women qualified to become their new "Eve" though on occasion males get captured, too who can repopulate Altair. Played with—Neo DEAVA Academy is definitely a co-ed school, but has separate facilities for its male and female student bodies, down to having their own Aquaria units. They are even separated by a giant wall called the "Berlin.

Andy is a Lovable Sex Maniac who can find weak spots in structures. MIX is a Straw Feminist who can cover weak spots in structures. Clearly these two have nothing in common, but for some reason they make an oddly effective pair.

Oh boy, Kagura during the entire last episode. You don't expect a guy who has killed, is willing to kill, has gone under rampages about it during straight 25 episodes and has his own insert song about how badly he wants his wench to suddenly decide that Amata is more fitting to be with Mikono in less than 5 minutes.

Amata, the one he was trying to kill for real one episode earlier. Most people call episode 26's Kagura "pod! Kagura" or replacement Kagura, you name it. Alicia was abducted to Vega and seems to be stuck in some sort of stasis.

Izumo is implied to be to his father or at least knew Alicia while she was alive. Shrade is this as well, only with shades of Self-Made Orphan. Confirmed as of Episode Izumo is Amata's Long lost dad who travelled to Earth to find a cure but met Alicia instead.