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at the drive in relationship of command vinyl ebay

For sale is a limited-edition 10" pressing of At The Drive-In's "Vaya" on PINK vinyl. Only 3, copies were pressed on pink, and they sold VERY quickly. Find great deals for Relationship of Command by at The Drive- in Vinyl Album. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Here are the 11 iterations of Record Store Day (we excluded Black Friday lists) . At the Drive In – Relationship of Command; The Cure – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Elephant; Ready to Die; Relationship of Command; Kiss Me, Kiss Me, .. after years of high eBay prices), Record Store Day might be past the point.

I will let you know. There's a glut of new vinyl on the market today. In some ways, the more the merrier! But in others it's ominous and disturbing.

I took the photo above at my local store. I do not mean to criticize the store or to single it out. I've seen this same thing at Amoeba and at many other stores around America: How is a record buyer to know which is the one? Or what are the differences or why? I knew what was going on but the average consumer? But apparently that has not stopped EMI from also reissuing Beach Boy albums on g vinyl surely cut from CDs if the sound of the recent Capitol reissues of Roxy Music, Merle Haggard and other artists are any indication.

Though Bob Irwin is an industry veteran, he forgot about the lurking vipers and produced a sticker that did not say "Sundazed" on it.

at the drive in relationship of command vinyl ebay

So this other company was free to borrow, leaving Sundazed customers confused and thinking they were getting Sundazed when they were getting Scorpio Music's edition. This Ramones' reissue is from Scorpio though it doesn't say anything on the label about who reissued it. Scorpio has also issued some of Dylan's catalog and other Columbia Records titles.

When you ask label execs about this they have no comment. It says right on the sticker, "mastered from the original analog tapes" and I bet if I cracked it open I'd find Chris Bellman's "CB" scribe on it. Which do you think will sound better? But not everyone knows what you know and the price is close.

Maybe the more expensive one is that much better? Again not your thinking but probably someone's. And that someone will get an inferior product in every way. I'll review those ASAP but you should see both. So what did I buy at RSD? I bought Calexico's Spiritoso Anti a limited to copies release I got featuring the band backed by two symphony orchestra in live performances. It sounds like a good recording flattened and lacking in transparency.

Again, I hope to find out how this was produced from the mastering engineer credited on the jacket. In there is NO excuse for cutting lacquers from a CD resolution file.

Needs no explanation I guess, just stellar deranged DIY pre-punk psychedelic Dadaism and blitzkrieg bopping avant-garde lunacies. LAFMS related material is bloody hard to get your fingers on and especially the singles the collective churned out in hideously tiny runs are almost impossible to locate. This item is just stunning condition and comes in a nice paste-on jacket that can serve as a sleaze DIY vintage art to laminate your lonely bedroom fantasies.

at the drive in relationship of command vinyl ebay

Highest recommendation and I doubt another copy will cross your path again within many moons. Best copy to ever cross my eyes and one of the key recordings to document the seeding early s Japan seedy underground scene. All complete with insert and the always-elusive Zyklon B insert package which is still sealed!!! Never saw a sealed one before. Much rumored about and rarely offered up for sale since this sucker so bloody rare due to the fact that most copies are safely tucked away in private collections and the ultra limited press of the record.

Stellar music, uncompromising and far out. All time highest recommendation and getting almost impossible to find. I doubt another copy will cross your path any time soon…. Especially in such an eye-watering beautiful TOP condition.

Getting scarcer with every breath you take, has been ages since I had a copy, especially with all present. This was the first release on the private label Kamikaze Records and was released in an edition of copies. Recorded in and released that same year, the first original pressing is a true bitch to find.

Music-wise this sucker is wicked as hell. In short the musical landscape sucked majorly and it proved to be a fertile breeding ground for experimental heads to take root in. Centered around Marc Hollander and Vincent Kenis, Aksak Maboul got formed in but it would be until that the unit recorded their debut album. What a fucking mind blender the disc turned out to be. No-one had heard anything vaguely like this before. Hell, upon a close listen one can even detect faint hushes of pre-techno aspects such in as Saure Gurke and its characteristic keyboard stab pattern, which will mysteriously find its way into many classic Detroit techno tracks some ten years later.

But not only that. Hollander was also deeply stooped within the tradition of classical music and one can also easily hear a sniff of Zappa, Philip Glass and minimalism, Henry Cow, Turkish music and Phil Miller. In all a sheer brilliant and fantastic album. It should appeal to almost everyone wandering into This Heat regions of musical expression.

Mega rare Belgian 1st original pressing in TOP condition…they just never turn up, especially as clean as this one. One of the best — if not the greatest — album to be released in Belgium and Europe for that matter, no shit….

Hopelessly rare Japanese first original pressing in top condition and with insert and obi complete. Has been over a decade since I last saw an all complete copy! More intense and "experimental" than the first one, this album's music contains complex, completely written sections as well as totally improvised hardcore ambient pieces, not to mention drum machines, bassoons, sampling before samplers existed, Bulgarian, Pygmy, Polynesian and Delta Blues voices, tango, a Turkish tune, crypto-punk or pseudo-Varese music Even the most ambitious moments of " Original Japanese pressing from in absolutely top condition and seriously a tough one to dig up all complete!!!.

Ultra rare and obscure spaced out avant-psych collage album by this French painter. Voices slowed down and speeded up, lethargic cries of lonely autistic children, mating whale sounds and aquatic bubbles cross-pollinate at the same time with tribal rhythms and shamanistic skeletal undercurrents of waves breaking on the rocks.

The end result is a seriously austere vision of sheet metal avant-garde music with a lysergic animistic edge.

at the drive in relationship of command vinyl ebay

Electronic cut-ups of various sound sources keep on blurring the line between Industrial, psychedelia, avant-garde, electronic music and primitive collage techniques all blessed with the panache of the early Silver Philips and LAFMS sides. One of the best discs I heard lately. Released in two different sleeves, this is the more rare one. Amazingly beautiful onslaught on your auditory senses and a key recording if you crave some seriously good free jazz that will make you gnaw the skull and suck the bones of the bastard standing next to you.

This one is a free jazz blast. Original Japan vinyl pressing from November and sounding so much better than the French pressings of that day, it will wrap your ears around your head in pure delight. For this flash of free form heaviness bolstered up in a ravaging whirlwind of maniac fury, Alan Silva collected many of the top free jazz players of the day and he let them reign free as they pleased. For this recording of Alan Silva's Paris session with a group of legendary free jazz players including Grachan Moncur III, Archie Shepp, Anthony Braxton, Dave Burrell, Leroy Jenkins, and Malachi Favors amongst others, Silva brought together many of the top free jazz players of the time in an amazing piece ensemble and set them free, making this is a very free record and a historical document of Pan-African music.

Probably one of the all-time most arresting listening experiences of free jazz ever to be put down on wax, players act out as engaged in trench warfare, leaping into violent fits of madness and blowing out deep subterranean apocalyptic waves of sound that constantly hurtle in and out of focus. This is the fast lane folks…and some of us like it here. So one word of advice, blast this monster at full volume, get loaded on tasty narcotics and then snarl around looking for somebody to chain-whip.

Top-notch copy and original French pressing of this all time great slab of fire music. One of the — if not THE — hardest to track down title in the Actuel series and the sole 3 LP set to see the light on the label. For much of its extraordinary length, it is a billowing surge of noise, so loud, so chaotic, so exhilarating that you are swept up in it without hope of rescue or reprieve.

These three give a hint as to the real audience for Silva's work. This album should not so much appeal to jazz fans, even adventurous jazz fans, but to those plunged into the deep end of psychedelia. In short it is a truly punishing but truly effective psychedelic trip. So, as you can already guess it is a truly legendary record.

The CCO was pretty much whoever Silva could round up for a given date, but this one-shot radio concert was its largest lineup ever. What you get are two minute sections of the piece, as close as anybody without a time machine's ever gonna get to hearing it as it was in December '70, when this thing erupted through the earth and stood, shuddering and alive, before an audience of awestruck French hipsters.

This is a serious piece of music. The music combines the eerie tones of 20th Century avant-garde composers like Xenakis or Christian Wolff with the blood-bubbling scream of primo free jazz. For about the first five minutes or so, all seems well, the piece shimmering out of the speakers as a duo for bowed bass and piano.

But by fifteen minutes in, after Lester Bowie's muted trumpet has summoned the whole blaring outfit to full awareness, it's just one surging wave of sound after another, as relentless as the tides and as powerful, sweeping everything before it.

at the drive in relationship of command vinyl ebay

Saxophone solos, triple-piano crescendos; this disc's got everything, and throws it all at you, one thing after another until you're panting as hard as the two drummers must have been. It's literally breathtaking, and the fact that it's half an afternoon if you decide to sit down and listen to the whole damn thing only adds to the generally overwhelming vibe. Not for the faint of heart, but recommended to everyone else.

Absolutely recommended to the brave. Original first UK pressing on the highly collectible Deram label. Best copy possible, label has exactly ONE visible spindle mark. The lineup of this particular quintet, which represented Britain at the Montreux Jazz Festival, is truly stellar: Two of the six tracks are credited to John Surman, and one, the sultry "Old San Juan," is penned by John Warren, Surman's collaborator on Tales of the Algonquin, another classic release from the same year.

If the Surman material reveals the discreet influence of the late-'60s Miles Davis quintet, Oxley's "Majaera" begins to explore the more dangerous territory of free playing he would return to the following year on his Four Compositions for Sextet.

Elsewhere, John Taylor's "The Yolk" is a boisterous, brilliant piece of hard bop, and the last three tracks, segued together as a suite, explore a similarly wide range of styles. So much so that Skidmore aficionados tend to prefer the greater coherence of the following year's septet release on Philips, TCB, but Once Upon a Time remains one of the landmark albums of British jazz. Top copy 1st UK pressing, amazing condition. Hard to improve upon. The perfect copy at last.

at the drive in relationship of command vinyl ebay

This LP is made of lunacy. Predominantly the LP consists of fiery freeness that requires a great concentration.

Nevertheless and almost as a fuck you to old guard critiques of free jazz. One of the key releases documenting the UK jazz scene. Great original 1st pressing. Killer with absolutely no filler. Excellent, has mildew spots within gatefold.

Bloody rare Japan 1st original pressing, yellow label promo issue. Exceptionally strong jazz album from - has a deep sound not so far from Dolphy's "Out to Lunch". This original Japanese pressing sounds fabulous, amazing sound.

First time ever I could encounter a Japanese press, yellow label promo issue to boot. This is Allen's first solo album which he recorded years after leaving the legendary Soft Machine and soon after forming the anarchic, experimental and drug-inspired ensemble Gong.

The album's highlights include the moody 'Memories' with Robert Wyatt on vocals, one of the finest tracks to come out of the so-called 'Canterbury Sound', and the rocking opener 'Time Of Your Life' is a showcase for Allen's guitar pyrotechnics. The gatefold jacket will blind you when it flashes upon you the original artwork that includes Allen's own distinctive, suitable stoned notes and drawings.

Amazing disc, an all time classic psych beast. Also getting thin on the ground. Blue Warner Pioneer promotional copy, dead mint condition complete with obi and inserts.

at The Drive to in Relationship of Command Double LP Vinyl 33rpm | eBay

Original Japanese 1st press issue - stock copy in totally dead mint condition complete with obi and inserts. Condition aside, this record is amazing…always overlooked because it is an easy-getter but still, times are changing a bit and clean 1st press copies are getting a bit of a bitch to dig up.

Killer and utterly classic slide. First time ever I have a copy of this classic complete with the first issue obi strapped around it. Original Italian issue in amazing condition. Regarding the story of the Mulatu recording -itself a true rarity- and the value it reaches, it is unbelievable to hear it in this setting, which is totally demented.

It is certainly something to wrap your mind around, sweating out heavy psychedelics while grooving to an Ethiopian nightclub vibe. The perfect marriage between asymmetric grooves and synthetic sounds, which is the vilest kind of bait these wicked Italians knew I would go for, just like rubbing burning oil on my rubber legs and fire up the dance floor at night with a head full of acid.

Hell yes, it makes me move around like a cannonball, grooving to an intoxicating mix of demented lunacy and sultry madness. Original pressing in amazing condition. Eye-popping cover art to boot!!!! Top copy and rare French original pressing on legendary label. He composed some of the best radio-adaptations of French literature Artaud, Genet, Hugo for example. Very strange and dark matter. Here Almuro makes electronic music behind the narration of various poems by Artaud, Lorca, Genet, Cocteau and Olivier Larronde, unleashing a wash of electronic manipulated noises and sonic debris.

Jean Bollery and Pierre Frilay read the poems, quelling the darker side with a certain amount of electronically manipulated effects added to their voices. Simply a stunning album brimful with poetic resonance. I guess that this baby needs no introduction I guess apart from the act that this one here is probably the best ever copy you will ever see, no shit.

Got it from the original owner who bought it back in the day when it came out, spinned it once and shelved it away sealed securely, handling it like a newly born infant apart from the sealing bit of course.

Indie rock

Here, you can hear a very different AMM than the one active today. The unit was slimmed down to a duo after Cardew left, leaving just drummer Eddie Prevost and saxophonist Lou Gare. Although a line up of drums and a saxophone may come over as too jazzy at first sight, Prevost could be found proclaiming that their sound was decidedly non jazz.

Still the he free improvised music here on display is definitely the most jazz work of the entire AMM catalogue - the element of silence that has become a later trademark of AMM, is present here already, but only for shorter periods. Still a shivering document and like most of you already know almost impossible to track down these days in such a nice nick as this copy here.

Relationship of Command: Music | eBay

To these ears it is still a defining era piece…. It bore marked similarities to the first, being made up of tracks recorded at the jam session which ended up being the bulk of the group's released work. Unlike the other Amon Duul albums who generate their material from that session, Collapsing consists of snippets or songs that were the length of more conventional pop recordings, while sounding nothing like said pop tunes at all. The music is stripped down to its most basic components, making it intoxicatingly weird like standing in the middle of a psychic maze.

Two-note guitar riffs form the basic whiplash assault and primitive percussive rattles and shakes attribute to the feeling of being trampled in a stampede of elephants coming your way.

Madness all around and no way out, just lovely. The whole affair feels extremely stripped-down and basic, and the vocals are delightfully unintelligible and wordless Amon Duul succeeded in turning their own ineptness into high art. The end result is electrifyingly awesome and naively barbaric. This is the music trigger-happy cops paralyzed with a fear frenzy breathing down their necks would go for and I assume so would you.

TOP copy, 1st original German press from The LP was released following Amon Duul's demise, but the music on display comes once again from their jam. Since the material of Disaster was a collection of material left from the jam, BASF made the album into a double LP set, making excellent use of its extended length. Disaster is just like the band that made it, a wonderful, weird, and pregnant with a cloud of hellish intensity that had to come down and engulf all for a last time.

Disaster is 67 minutes long in its totality and as with the previous two releases, the emphasis is on open-ended, percussion-heavy, jungle-jangled guitar freakery and teeth-grinding chanting. Compared to the other two, Disaster is blessed with a more "live" feel to it, with less evidence of later studio additions or tweaks.

The disc was first released in Japan, 2 years after its German issue but pressed on superior vinyl. This is the best copy you will ever see, intact with obi. He gets complemented in his madness by fellow travelers Frank Bornemann and Renate Knaup, a nymph graced with some uncanny cadaverous female vocal chords surfacing to the foreground on their most experimental parts. Anyway, it's a historical musical document as well as an intriguing art manifesto - heavy, weird, and wild.

They do not come better than this one. This is definitely IT!!!!! Near Mint Bloody rare Japan first original pressing all-complete with first issue obi and insert!! Has been almost over a decade since I last had a copy all-complete with obi. Impossible to dig up these days. These real time Japanese 1st pressing originals with all complete — being obi, liners and poster in this case — just never turn up anymore these days making them heavily sought after by any vulture aware of their existence.

This early Amon Duul record is not different, top copy. Music wise I guess you know the deal, heavy tribal psyched out strummings, disenchanted vocalizations, lysergic communal psych-outs, long tracks, and delirious blissful freak-outs.

Comes with the highest possible recommendation. Like you might know, it is all about the obi, that glorious strip that easily triples of quadruples the value of your disc, so forget about the records, it is all in the obi boys and girls, the obi, the…aaaaghh. Near Mint Original UK first pressing of Carnival In Babylon was recorded late in the Bavaria Studio. Apparently Amon Duul II had calmed down a bit by now since the intense acid images of their first three albums and with that they shook off the thundering low fidelity outbursts that characterized their previous efforts.

Still, the tradition of long improvisations is still maintained such as on the 10 minute long "Hawknose Harlequin", apparently edited down from a 40 minute long jam session and it sweats out heavy psychedelic vibes. Quintessential British psychedelic classic that was recorded by the youthful trio in the summer of It's packed with strong songs and powerful acid guitar, as well as contemporary production flourishes and a guest appearance from cult jazzman Bob Downes.

Overall in superb nick, which is no minor feat for this disc. You know its rarity and this is a stunningly clean copy….