Athlete warrior meet 2015

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athlete warrior meet 2015

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My doctor down at Bethesda Naval Hospital told me due to my arm damage, I would never again do things I loved again like archery, rowing and rock climbing—basically anything that required upper body strength. This made me bitter and angry at the whole world. It not only took me out of action; it also exacerbated the PTSD. I would jump and startle at the drop of a hat.

I would disappear for hours on end, and when it started becoming days, my wife was extremely concerned.

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I just wanted the pain and useless feeling to stop. Then, inI met a woman who would later become like my adoptive Momma. Her name is Mary Ellen Whitney. Momma runs a place in New York called Stride, which teaches adaptive sports to youth with special needs. There is also a Stride Warrior program for vets. On my first outing with Momma, she and her husband LJ took me snowboarding. I never thought I could do it: At one point I said to Momma: I was in the pool floundering and turning in circles.

The swim coach jumped in with me and asked me what the hell was I doing.

athlete warrior meet 2015

Take your damaged arm put it in your hand in your pocket. Use the good one and the good one only. Something clicked in my head. What else can I do?

athlete warrior meet 2015

I went and saw the shooting coach, and then cycling and archery. I took a bronze on freestanding rifle shooting. Momma gave me the saying and I live it every day of my life now: You learn to live with it. And adaptive sports are one of my tools for living with it. I will survive this. Archery, Track, Volleyball Current location: Cancer I was stationed at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan, and was almost at my five-year point of remission from testicular cancer.

I had just gone through my annual scan and doctor visit without a hitch, felt healthy, and was focused on my career and enjoying family time overseas.

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It turned out that my ribs were ok, but the doctors saw a tumor in my chest wall and wanted to get additional imaging to investigate. I never returned to Japan after that.

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While there, I received an email that said the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program had an introductory adaptive sports camp coming up designed just for people like me. I made a ton of friends and benefited from talking to other warriors who had gone through similar experiences. I am still recovering from some of the negative effects of chemotherapy but am in remission again, have been returned to Active Duty and am a member of the Air Force team at the Warrior Games.

I feel very blessed and excited for what the next two weeks will hold for my teammates and I, and for what the Air Force Wounded Warrior program will do for others in the future.


Volleyball, Cycling Current location: When I was told my medical limitations would limit my deployments and my ability to do my job, life as I knew it came to a sudden halt.

I began to lose purpose with myself and our family. I began to feel as a burden. For so long I worked hard and believed deeply in what I did.

In the winter ofa teammate who was also getting ready for medical retirement approached me. She patiently spoke with me for over two hours. In January I joined the program.

It brought me back to the spirit I had held for so many years, the unconditional mindset of not accepting restrictions on my life—of finding an adaptive way of thinking and finding ways to get me back into living.

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Before my medical issues, I was an avid outdoorsman, triathlete, diver and sky-diver. It all fed my competitive nature and desire to shatter through any wall put before me. Now, with their assistance over the last six months, I not only woke up that sense of purpose, I also placed as a primary athlete with the Wounded Warrior Team. I will proudly represent our Air Force, our staff and coaches, our Team and our recently lost teammate, Master Sergeant Richard Gustafson. This continuous growth and craze led to the establishment of the independent OCR World Championships in Tiped in and as one of the men to watch by international OCR media company.

The biggest series in Africa. More than particapents per event Total of podium positions in the Warrior Race series: This constitutes 13 victories in a row and a record that keeps growing with no man even close to try and match it. OCR was a part time hobby for Thomas who was working a full time Job as a site foreman for Raubex Housing during the last 3 years.

He has now moved on to become a full time Profesional Athlete in This opens new opportunities for Thomas as he can focus his energy on performing at levels never seen before and increasingly push more time into marketing efforts of his sponsors. Thomas wishes to be an insperation to all athletes and to shine as an example of chasing and living any dream.

athlete warrior meet 2015

Thomas has become an OCR icon and inspiration for young athletes around the country As the events are broadcasted on Super Sport. Thomas has also been building a Coaching brand called WarriorFit He has held a series of very successful workshops around the country with the latest being held at The Warrior Race venue, the Friday afternoon before the weekends racing.