Bad heart circa survive lyrics meet


bad heart circa survive lyrics meet

A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "i will survive" - from the website. Circa Survive · Survive Said the Prophet look away, I feel my heart beat faster It's in her eyes, she's already gone There's no turning I'm ignoring my grown-up problems as I've got no idea how to solve them I will survive (I. Explore Shelly La Rue's board "Circa surviveCirca survive lyrics, Circa survive and Amazing tattoos. Bad Heart Lyrics: If you change your mind and decide you want me / We'll try this out again, I know I'll make it lovely / I've got a bad heart, I've got a bad heart / If.

I want to be able to be happy with what I have. Like I really would love to be financially secure, but I can't make stuff that I don't like, it's a strange thing where I put all this shit into what I do, but if I tried to do something more popular I'd be better off in a way.

bad heart circa survive lyrics meet

I've had people in my life who have been like, "Why don't you just do it like that? But I'm constantly hearing it in the back of my head, like maybe you should write songs for other people and write happier songs.

Some shit like that and it's like I don't know, I thought I'd get to this point in my life and I'd be stoked, I have a house and I'm touring and I don't really worry that much about money because I get paid to sing and shit is pretty cool, but it's really not that cool.

It seems like suicide is around a lot lately, like maybe it's not and maybe I'm just noticing it a lot more, but the other day I was at the gym and having a really tough morning with my kids and feeling like a bad dad, bad person. I met this guy, my buddy Neil at the YMCA and he decided to tell me that day was the fourth year anniversary of his son, who was 36, who killed himself. Like that day, I was listening to Soundgarden and was just fucked up about how that happened.

Last night I was watching some thing where Chester Bennington's wife was talking about her life now that he's gone, and that depression was this thing she didn't understand and that nobody really sees it as this thing with these warning signs.

It's not like an illness. Are you noticing it's popping up a lot?

Lyrics containing the term: i will survive

And yet she wasn't happy with it. And that's this notion where you have all this money or you have all these things Trust me, I don't have a lot of money. I don't value things, I value music and songs. My children grow up kind of outside of nature, but I don't think of them as mine, I don't try to put ownership on everything.

I check my ego, I'm not falling for some rockstar bullshit, I don't think I'm anything that I'm not. I think maybe our creative capacity leads us somewhere that makes it more difficult to cope in a world like today, I don't know. What do you think?

That's the closest thing to the answer I think. There are times when I find tremendous comfort in the idea that there is no answer because it settles my mind. And I feel like your mind is constantly like, Well we need to get here, we need to get there.

It needs to be reminded: None of it matters. What you make doesn't matter, what you think of yourself doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is when you're there for that other person. If we spent more time in the service of others, then we'd get more connected and in tune with the part of us that isn't meant to be disoriented by the world.

There's this archaic part of ourselves that isn't meant to be chasing dreams or dollars, that's meant to be protective, and to help others and to gather and love.

You say things like that and you sound like a hippie or sound dismissive, but it's true. I can tell you, I've experienced this, I've given the last of what I've had away, most emotionally and physically. The meaningless of everything is beautiful, the void of it is beautiful, but doesn't have to be an answer I can't tell you how often I think about taking myself out of the game and ringing my own bell.

And it's not something people should be afraid of talking about, because it's the first step in realizing, Yo, we need each other right now, we need to connect. We need people to come out and say, "Yo I'm thinking of ringing my own bell, I'm thinking of getting out of this fucking mess, I hate the pain that I'm in.

I feel like there's this fire completely destroying humanity, but there's also this tiny bit of humanity growing at some exponential rate that's going to have to get burnt out. Mine and yours — we're going to be in this state of perpetual growth where we're going to be in distress and we're going to find comfort in that distress. And we're going to forget about it, and get reminded about it again, like a beating heart that's clenching and opening, that's going to be our life.

If we can just figure out how to find peace in those moments. I know you feel it too, as a creative spirit I know you're looking for it too. You want this experience to pay off, and we look to each other, friends and lovers, and we find comfort in the fact that it's meaningless as well. To not take things so seriously and live courageously. Following that notion is what's going to get you everywhere, I think.

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People call them coincidences or serendipity, but there's all these little things our brain will tell us, Hey this will be a good idea, this will benefit you in a way and you should do it.

I think if we listen to ourselves and we listen to each other, there's this wealth and a canyon of knowledge we can help each other with. The ways that I process things is always in talking about it with other people. I try not to give advice to other people, it's almost like as a young man just figuring shit out it feels arrogant.

But I do see things in my life that I'm not afraid to point out, and there are things I like to talk about. So I don't find it like a thing where I'm trying to give someone a direction, I'm just telling people where I came from or what path I'm on. A lot of times I'll find when I'm working out somebody's issues in my head I'm really just working out my own. I find that understand, yeah shit isn't supposed to be one way or the other, it's all a perceptual illusion that's manifesting when we're here.

And that can be a heavy burden. But I noticed when I talked to you earlier that I'm not happy with what I'm doing, after a moment like that, like I can live with that. I was complaining about it in a way because it was sort of overwhelming me today, but in just talking to you about it, I felt "you know, if my life is going to be compulsively making these moments to revel in, like a spider weaving a web, and then just getting the web destroyed by the weather over and over again, if that's my life than ok.

I'm okay with that. Sometimes it makes me sad or overwhelmed by it, in between those moments where for a second you get to look at your beautiful web that you just made and worked so hard on, and all of you came from that.

Circa Survive - Learned Some Shit

And you just know the wind is going to come and the rain is going to come, and the bugs are going to come and it's going to be destroyed. But just to exist in it for that one second is so worth it. And when you're in those moments of toil, you forget. So in talking about it I remember oh yeah, I'm just being a fucking dummy and I have to suck it up and keep weaving this web.

This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. Up to July 11,it had sold 51, copies in the U. The band's sound did not radically change with this release. It was still polished and refined, with guitars and drums much tighter but still meandering when needed to and bass more prominent.

Circa Survive

Lyrically, the band " In Junethey also released the B-side "The Most Dangerous Commercials" as a charity download to help support the relocation of local music shop Siren Records, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Blue Sky Noise and Appendage — [ edit ] Main article: Blue Sky Noise After supporting Thrice and Pelican for their spring tour, Circa Survive returned to Philadelphia to write for the then-untitled third album. A short leg of shows in the Eastern U.

bad heart circa survive lyrics meet

After that, the band did not tour again until the tentatively planned headlining tour for their forthcoming third album. Anthony Green's growth as a guitarist played a major role on Blue Sky Noise, which the band framed as an entirely "new chapter".

They also stated, "After completing our contract with Equal Vision we embarked on a long search to find our next home. We met with lots of labels and decided that Atlantic Records is the best place for us to continue our growth as a band and to help us release our music around the world. However, they said they would release them all somehow. On February 16,they announced their new album would be titled Blue Sky Noiseand would be released on April 20, The album could be pre-purchased, and those who did so received a digital copy of the album a week early, and the first single, "Get Out", instantly.

The album entered the Billboard at 11, the band's highest position. It contains five tracks: Violent Waves — [ edit ] Main article: The band also confirmed that the album would be self-released.

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They recorded 11 songs during the sessions and concluded recording by the end of May. On May 19, during a Saosin interview at Skate and Surf, Anthony Green stated that Circa Survive "have a new record coming out, hopefully in the fall, I mean I fucking shouldn't even say that, probably". On August 15,the band announced their signing to Sumerian Records for the release of the fifth album and also a reissue of their fourth album Violent Waves.

I feel like I just outdid myself.

bad heart circa survive lyrics meet

I feel like we did better than we did before. The album art was once again made by Esao Andrews.