Bill clinton meet jfk

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bill clinton meet jfk

Rare photo of young future president Bill Clinton shaking hands with then current United States President John F. Kennedy! | eBay!. President Clinton and JFK. A teenage Bill Clinton meets JFK. John Kennedy Caroline KennedyJaqueline KennedyAmerican PresidentsAmerican. President John F Kennedy met Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in . President Bill Clinton met Russian leader Boris Yeltsin in Helsinki in.

I remember walking back to our main school building, and all these students were there. I thought we were in good shape at home and around the world. I thought the way he maneuvered through the Cuban Missile Crisis indicated that.

I felt that he was at the helm doing well, and I liked Lyndon Johnson.

bill clinton meet jfk

I really was for him when he ran in the primaries. It was as if it was snuffed out.

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They [Jack and Bobby] seemed young and beautiful and full of life and vigor, and they were killed on the job.

I think that had a lot to do with it. I was older when Bobby Kennedy was killed, and I also got to meet him once. He came to Georgetown and gave a speech at a deal I was sponsoring. I really was crushed; I thought he had the capacity to change the country.

The Day Bill Clinton Met JFK

Jackie had this curious combination of youth, beauty, and style. Later in her life, after I became president and even when I was running, Hillary and I became friends with her.

bill clinton meet jfk

For reasons I never fully understood, she supported me in the primary inand she came to one of my early events in New York. I just loved her, and Hillary really was close to her.

The story behind teenage Bill Clinton and JFK’s handshake

In a way they symbolized our growing up, our aspirations. For my whole generation, the first time we looked at politics, there they were, and we liked what we saw. In her case, because I really got to know her, the more I knew her, the more I liked her. It's like touching god.

bill clinton meet jfk

As they boarded the bus to leave GM -- -- now a congressman from Minnesota. Remembers Bill Clinton made an announcement.

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I remember President Clinton turning around that -- Clinton. And telling all of us that some day he was going to have president Kennedy's job but some -- he was going to be president of the United States. Have told present -- Clinton I said if he had been so rude and shoved his way pushed his way to the front -- his picture.

Taken -- after president Kennedy. I have the -- office downtown he'd be in Canada. The presidential candidate showed off his musical chops along the campaign trail in Suspect charged with murder of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes Now Playing: The latest on the stalemate between the president and congressional Democrats Now Playing: Major storm slams into West Coast with powerful winds, heavy rain and snow Now Playing: Suspect charged in killing of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes Now Playing: Family of 5 killed by car driving the wrong way on Kentucky interstate Now Playing: Woman in vegetative state gives birth after apparent assault Now Playing: Dramatic video shows civilians, police rescue elderly man from burning car Now Playing: