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E34 i conversion to E39 d Engine Transplants & Hybrids. If its a i then he will probably be able to use an e30 diff casing. Putting the M57 isn't just a simple bolt in job though, at the very least you have to . Project Cars, Videos, Meets & Events, Leinster, Munster, Connaught, Ulster, News. I can only imagine how fun an E30 would be with this engine especially when you take . Could you type up a list of parts required for such a conversion? im looking forward to see you at some meet! ultimate machine . so i take it they have been done this way. there is one on youtube look for e30 m Overall the M57 is a wonderful engine, but to do the swap on your own Even the BMW dealers here are known to not know how to really work on is to sell the car, and save up to buy the m57 swapped E28 Ivo has for sale.

Having all the E46 bits and gadgets is nice too though if you've the patience. Much better to go through the 2 different wireing diagrams and figure it out that way. Then if something doesn't work you would be able to figure it out. That's the way I do it anyhow when I'm doing a conversion. Great work by the way.

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Playing with the ecu is not easy unless you really know what your doing. DaveM-sport Good job somebody knows what they are doing then: D M57 can't be too different to messing with an M54 or S62 in fairness.

Thanks for the reply!! That's how I thought of doing it. But I'm going to start with an easier one first, an M21 in an E I'm told it's 8 wires to link in the 2 looms. My next project, assuming that works out will be an M57 into an E28 or an E M57s into an old big six would be awesome!

I can't wait to get a look at this. Hope you have it at the big meet, would love to get a look at it. BrianBimmerHead well done serious work has gone into that in a short space of time td Dont worry when you install your 3,05 diff it will still spin 5th in the wet: My td could spin 5th in the wet and it only had HP and a 3,25 diff.

Jozi Big Meet after that? Looking forward to seeing this at the big meet. Savage project I would love one of these. If your going to rebuild the diff as Dave suggested above, I may be able to help you out.

I used to buy the odd few parts from Japan, and in one of the shipments I was sent a kit of clutch plates for an e36 m3 diff by mistake instead of bits for an rx7 and guy selling me parts told me to keep them there kaaz clutch plates, used to rebuild a kaaz diff unit for an m3, As far as i know they can be used in a std diff and are much stronger.

Not really my area of expertise if there any use to you, you can have them for cost of post. I will have to have a good root for them to see can I find them that's 5 or 6 years ago, and I wont be buying an M3 anytime soon. Be perfect for the drift car All I've ever used is the coated inner and outer plates which are much better than the standard ones.

Back to the D!!! I can't wait to see it if it's going to be at the meet next weekend! I want a spin: You are like a Mini Xworks without the shine if you get me. I dont think you get enough credit not saying that your looking for any for the job that you did. She's a tight squeze that diesel lump! I was talking to you and your mate over by Feens S50 on the day: Didnt get a look at the engine bay but from the pics iv seen its as clean as it is on the outside and even cleaner underneath Credit to you, looked great: I was really impressed by it.

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Everything was so well thought through. The work you did on the dash is fatastic. It's a real credit to you. Rick The Welder The quality of work put into the car is truly outstanding, not to mention the sheer volume of work carried out.

Its amazing to think that one man built every aspect of this car, from welding to paint and all the mechanical work to boot. A real credit to you, Congratulations. Cant believe you didn't get "Best Modified" would have been the icing on the cake to mark the finish of a top class build! At two liters of displacement, it was available in hp and hp versions, and came on the E46 d, E46 d, and the E83 X3 2.

Though swirl flaps were intended to help with fuel efficiency, they wound up being more trouble than they were worth, as bits of metal would disintegrate from the flap and then cause damage in combustion chambers.

Failures were common, and led to people using blanking plates as a solution. Another update arrived in in the form of the M47TU2D20 boy, these names are getting confusing, am I right?

It was most noted for using the Efficient Dynamics technology suite promoted by BMW at the time, which included common rail fuel injection, a start-stop engine, brake regeneration, and other improvements. Four versions offered various horsepower ratings from to bhp, and a twin-turbo, bhp version was available for the d.

Variants of the N47 were the N47D16 1.

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A pitfall for the N47 is its timing chain, which can wear prematurely, and the turbocharger wastegate return springs, which could leave the wastegate open and result in poor fuel efficiency.

It uses a single-scroll, variable geometry Bosch-Mahle turbocharger, and at its peak, can generate bhp and lb-ft of torque.

Wikipedia The oil crises of and were not to be taken lightly. Some of you may remember the long, long lines of those days just to get gasoline let alone dieseland it was not something anyone wanted to revisit. It led to the development of the M21, which ran from to The engine was water-cooled but not intercooled and had indirect injection, but made use of a swirl chamber, which helped with managing heat in the motor; also, not all versions had a turbocharger.

YouTube Succeeding the M21 was the M51 inwhich came standard with a turbocharger and an optional intercooler. For what it was, it constituted a great improvement over the M It could be found in the E36 tds, E34 td and tds, among others. Some were even available with twin turbochargers, and could generate as much as bhp and lb-ft of torque.

It made a mark on the market in when a revised version, the N57S, could be ordered with not one, not two, but three turbochargers working to generate bhp and lb-ft of torque! It was certainly a shock to get so much power out just a three-liter straight-six, but BMW found a way to make it work. These engines are still available today in the present Md xDrive, present d xDrive, and present X5 M50d and X6 M50d.