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boys meet world nerd

For years, Lee was best known for playing school nerd Stuart in the first couple of seasons of Boy Meets World, but in he landed the role. Title: Boy Misses Nerd. Author: MInervaEvenstar. Summary: Shawn is happy he and Cory have started high-school, but finds himself strangely. Boy Meets Nerd has ratings and 56 reviews. He's also the biggest sucker in the world. When red Be the first to ask a question about Boy Meets Nerd.

Boy Misses Nerd Author: Shawn is happy he and Cory have started high-school, but finds himself strangely disappointed Stuart Minkus isn't in their classes. Beginning of season 2 Characters: The two took a moment to rub their chins and scratch their heads while they considered their limited options. Shawn stopped once he got a Thinking Cramp. Shawn mulled over the suggestion for a moment before nodding seriously.

Suddenly, the two were tearing through cabinets to find random ingredients — cookies, milk, peanut butter, bananas — to stuff into the appliance. Once it was full, Shawn teased, "Don't worry, Lid Boy, I learned my lesson on how to use these babies.

It isn't cool anymore. The lads looked on in confusion before Cory exclaimed, "Aha!

boys meet world nerd

Proudly, Cory replied, "What can I say? I'm an observant problem solver.

‘Boy Meets World’ Characters Minkus, Morgan, and More: Where Are They Now?

Separating us is cruel! But not just there. Like when you were talking to Topanga, or hiding from Harley with geeks in the nurse's office. I mean, even if Minkus is at John Adam's somewhere, hiding isn't his style," pointed out Cory fairly.

It wouldn't have been fun to confront someone who didn't fight back. After all, Shawn wasn't a bully who wanted people to fear him. It was just that Stuart — with his confident attitude, adult vocabulary, and ironed clothes — got under Shawn's skin in a way no one else ever had, and Shawn didn't know how to vent his frustration other than rude teasing. Shawn still hadn't figured out why Stuart bothered him so much. The possibility that Stuart could simply disappear, taking all chances of Shawn solving the mystery, was not something Shawn wanted to consider.

Feeny remarked from the other side of the short white fence, which split his yard from the Mathews'. The boys jumped in surprise, certain the teacher-turned-principal hadn't been there a second before. Shawn stared at Feeny in disturbed awe and asked Cory, "How does he do that? The instructor got the conversation back to the original point. Hunter, you never seemed to care for Mr. Minkus, always mocking his passion for learning, throwing things at him, and forbidding him from sitting with you and your friends.

Boy Meets World Dub "Eric Bangs A Nerd" Part 2

Do you want to know where he's gone so you can resume your ridicule of him? Struggling to find words to express his feelings, Shawn muttered, "I just expected Minkus to be there. Every year since we were kids, whenever school started after summer vacation, Minkus would be sitting in the front row of the new classroom, happy summer was over while the rest of us were miserable like normal students.

Then, throughout the year, he'd give the right answers to all of the teachers' questions and make the rest of us look like morons. That's the way it's always been and it's weird not having him around. Feeny looked at Shawn curiously. Minkus does not attend your school, and probably never will again. At the end of your sixth grade year, I suggested he take an entrance exam for the Accelerated Program at Philadelphia's School for the Intellectually Gifted because I didn't think a regular public education would challenge him enough.

It should come as no surprise to you that he eagerly applied and was accepted. Cory commented delicately, "Uh, Shawn, I don't know if Minkus has a dark side. He does have one, but it almost never shows itself cuz it's buried under brownnosing and math acquisitions.

He's gotta be happy going to a school with other teenagers who understand him when he talks. Feeny a cordial wave. You two should try reading a book this weekend. She was married in and gave birth to her first child in What Happened to Lauren? The two crossed paths during a school ski trip, when a sprained ankle kept Corey holed up in the lodge with Lauren.

boys meet world nerd

She continued to land roles, including a recurring role on ER in and parts in the Scooby-Doo movies and the Oscar-nominated Brokeback Mountain. What Happened to T. Scaring the hell out of you. The vast majority of movies that a still-active Danielle Harris has filmed have been horrors, and several are currently in production: Night of the Living Dead: Harris was also a main player on the animated Nickelodeon series The Wild Thornberries, voicing older sister Debbie Thornberry.

What Happened to Rachel McGuire?

'Boy Meets World' Characters Minkus, Morgan, and More: Where Are They Now?

Rachel McGuire Seen In…: Of course, the boys begin battling for her love — or at the very least for a date — but in the end they all just remain friends. Though they could never help stare like idiots every time she waltzed around in a towel. What She is Up to Now: What Happened to Corinna? She also sparked controversy back in when she was thrown off a Southwest flight for kissing her girlfriend, Camila Grey.

boys meet world nerd

What Happened to Harvey? Harley Keiner was the meanest, scariest, coolest guy at John Adams High.

boys meet world nerd

What He is Up to Now: What Happened to Frankie? As the man responsible for putting kids in trashcans when Harley told him to, Frankie struck a terrifying figure. However, as we come to learn, Frankie is a sensitive soul who possesses a deep and profound love of poetry. His credits span the gamut, from the grizzly American History X to family-friendly Remember the Titans.

Other fun facts about Suplee include: What Happened to Joey the Rat? Blake Sennett credited as Blake Soper Character: He is best known, however, as the guitarist for the indie rock band Rilo Kiley and frontman for the Elected. What Happened to Jonathan Turner?

boys meet world nerd

Anthony Tyler Quinn Character: Jonathan Turner Seen In…: Turner was the cool English teacher, the one who rode a motorcycle and had an earring, long hair, and a mysterious bachelor lifestyle. Shawn moved in with Mr. Turner in Season 2. Quinn seems to be interested in finding work wherever he can get it these days. What Happened to Wendy? The eventual romance was brief.

Wesson continued acting straight up toearning a roles in films like Casper, Flipper, and Longshot, and a recurring spot on Judging Amy.