Brand partnership meet

Brand Partnership Meet

brand partnership meet

Apply to Brand Partnership Executive jobs now hiring on, the Your role is to actively support our brand teams to meet their sales objectives. You'll meet senior-level partnership marketers in retail, advertising, . The Brand Partnership Forum features two RoadShow Snapshots which give attendees a. Get Ready for Super Action at the Mumbai Brand Partnership Meet. Explore extraordinary marketing partnerships and brand alliances across categories and .

The event provides a good opportunity to meet with a lot of like-minded partners. The gathering in the room were all decision makers have gathered is very beneficial in every business sense.


Indian brands are moving out of their own self made cocoon and strategic partnership in terms of brand partnerships are very important. Partnership is one of the beautiful way in which you can actually reach out to consumers in a very different way with a new narrative and with freshness.

brand partnership meet

I am impressed by the lineup of brands in this forum. A fantastic event and a must attend if you are looking to forge real and innovative partnerships. Slick organization, optimal content, wonderful people. This event gives an opportunity to be able to build the bridge with the right person and take the relation forward. What really was the standout thing was that there were lot of synergies that came out for not only for development sector but also how brands can take CSR forward into cause based marketing.

Instead, befriend people either really low on the totem pole, or executives who actually have decision-making power. Make friends in person.

brand partnership meet

Smoot says he's a big fan of in-person meetings and reaching out on email to make it happen. I'm really intrigued with these specific pieces,'" he says.

brand partnership meet

He also suggests asking someone at the big brand to attend an interesting meeting. Smoot had success doing this by inviting one of Virgin America's employees to a TED event he was working on. Once you actually manage an in-person introduction, do not use it as an opportunity to suggest a partnership with your company. Authenticity is a key component of successful relationship building.

The conversations you have should be centered around your genuine interest in the big brand's initiatives and goals. You're not going to get anything out of it and they're going to tell you you're fake and there's an ulterior motive.

If you truly can say that your goal for this conversation is to learn from them, oftentimes people love to teach," he says. Make sure your offering really meets the big brand's goals. Smoot knew Here on Biz and Virgin America could help each other but he still took the time to fully research the airline's needs and figure out how to fill them. They think 'Oh, everyone needs this. Once the big brand is actually considering working with you it can help to solidify the relationship by doing work for the company that furthers its goals.

The #1 Q to Ask Before Launching a Co-Branding Partnership

Unless your offering is amazingly tight and getting tons of traction on its own, the likelihood of a big brand approaching you is pretty much nonexistent. Would you be interested in writing an article together?

Would you like to get coffee next week and discuss? Of course, the content of your email will differ depending on the type of partnership you have in mind. This will help you better understand their sentiment and reveal if a co-branding opportunity is possible.

  • The #1 Question to Ask Before Launching a Co-Branding Partnership

Write it out Write a co-branding mission statement that details your core beliefs, unique values and business purpose. And now, we come to… The 1 question to answer before co-branding As your ideas formulate and you look to execute your ideas, answer the following question to align your strategy and better prepare your efforts for success: Consider asking the following questions to think about your customers and employees first when approaching a co-branding opportunity.

What rewards or experiences will the combined audiences benefit from? Would customers be interested in using both products or services together?

Would a partnership make sense for customers and employees—or confuse them? If both organizations have similar goals in mind for your combined audiences, you are ready to proceed.