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car meet melbourne tonight you belong

Classic Car Events and car show calendar arranged by forthcoming event date. If you would like your event featured on Classic Car Gurus please click here. .. with other starting points at Melbourne, Rowville and Hastings which include a Holden's and the owners do not need to belong to any club or organisation to. Accused to 'explain' Melbourne car rampage You will see me tonight on the news. The police have stopped me before but they ain't going to. Police will continue to have a strong presence in the Melbourne CBD tonight. . the fact, while Facebook and Twitter meet the more immediate public demand for .. because we cannot be controlled anymore (unless you belong to ANTIFA or.

The audio appears to have stopped by the time the Twitter streaming started. Facebook should automatically apply an exemption to the copyright right checking protocols for live streams from authenticated emergency services accounts. Alternatively, Facebook should down grade the block to a warning the user has the option to override. Incidental and unintentional music in the background during a live press conference with emergency services would fall under the fair use exception to US copyright law and the News Reporting fair dealings exception to Australian copyright law.

Of course asking for the music to be switched off would be preferable if possible as it will make the press conference easier to hear.

Accused to 'explain' Melbourne car rampage | The Courier

A tweet at 9: He is a 32 year old Australian citizen of Afghan descent. He is known to police and has a history of assault, but is not on bail or subject to any correction orders or anything of the like. He has a history of drug use and mental health issues. He is on a mental health plan and receiving treatment for a mental illness.

At this stage we believe and understand this is quarantined to this singular incident and we are exploring the extent of that. We will continue to provide every level of assurance we can. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews added: At a time when so many families are celebrating the end of the year, doing their Christmas shopping, making plans for what ought to be a festive season, we have seen a horrific act, an evil act, an act of cowardice, perpetrated against innocent bystanders.

We are all caught up in this. We are all deeply sad and deeply wounded by this terrible, terrible, act. Victim and other support line for people caught up and impacted by this: The result was far fewer retweets and the number views is unknown. Another disadvantage is that once the press conference was over the feed died, unlike the earlier broadcast on Twitter, or the broadcast on Facebook, which allowed people re-watch the broadcast.

It would have been far more effective for Victoria Police to broadcast live on Twitter in addition to Facebook as they had done earlier. An acknowledgement will help to ensure the rest of the force appreciates this increasingly important role and provide a moral boost those involved in what can often be highly stressful work in an often abusive front-line environment. Victoria Police should live stream all press conferences on both Facebook and Twitter. These platforms reach different real time audiences.

After the fact having videos which can spread organically through both Facebook and Twitter increases the reach of the message. An unedited recording recording of press conferences should be placed on YouTube with a transcript available in the description.

Promoting it removes the social aspect of the social media, it makes it less likely the message itself will be spread. Instead the public should be able to see the press conference through the platform they are already using. From there they the platform itself will allow them to help propagate the content.

We recommend continuing the approach of publishing a link to an acceptable use policy and banning users who do not comply with it, but suggest this message be embedded at the end of each Facebook post and not posted as a separate comment. The policy of banning those who troll the Facebook page, and doing so under a policy which is public and announced in the posts which are likely to lead to such bans, is to be commended. Integrating the warning into the posts, so it appears with them rather than as a later warning, will ensure all users who see a post are made aware of the policy before they comment.

In this case the information about the moderation policy appeared in comments made some hours after incident, so it is possible some users may have commented inappropriately before seeing the warning. While roughly the same content should go out on Facebook and Twitter, the platforms could be used more naturally if this was slightly relaxed.

Similarly re-posting the same information multiple times on Facebook is not ideal — instead have a pinned post and update it and allow it become longer as there is more urgent information everyone should be aware of e. Victoria Police should archive all posts that need to be removed from its own Facebook page and where needed follow up with a formal warning E.

Her posts includes an old video from Russia Today full of content about terrorism but unrelated to the events today. The response seems to have been triggered by Melbourne starting to trend. The Tweets were made at 6: That of course is in local Melbourne time. In New York where Amy is supposedly based, that would be 2: At the time of the post the location of the attack was still an active crime scene, people were still receiving medical attention, Melbourne was still in shock.

The text of the tweets makes it look like this might be analysis of the current event. Melbourne Jihadist Plows his Car into a crowd of pedestrian injures dozens! It was recorded in March 28 and edited in to a more recent video of his from October 31 The text of his talk can be found on this blog.

It promotes Muslims as terrorists. Next is the first re-tweet which uses a clip from 7 News from December 14th about gangs of African youth causing trouble at St Kilda beach. Father of teen who was brutally beaten: This promotes common anti-Muslim narratives, but those narratives are not supported by the news video, nor are they relevant to the Flinder Street attack.

The news bulletin describes them as African youth and says they were fighting each other and robbing beach goers. As SPLC explain, it was originally spread about parts of France by Daniel Pipes ina claim he retracted and said he regretted making back in The news report in this case makes it clear this is anything but a no-go zone Muslim or otherwise.

It is described as a popular beach, Police attended the incident, and it was a one off occurrence. The only thread linking this to the previous posts is the idea of Jihad which has been inserted into both this post and the Flinders Street attack by the tweeter. The fifth tweet we have already discussed.

Accused to 'explain' Melbourne car rampage

The sixth tweet explicitly carries on the message. Stil shocked about Melbourne? It again claims the Flinders Street attack was Islamic terrorism then misrepresents Sharia law and claims it is taking over and overriding Australia law. Next we have Pauline Hanson being promoted with a video of one of her anti-Muslim speeches.

car meet melbourne tonight you belong

The ninth post promotes the idea that Islam promotes misogyny, another popular anti-Muslim trope. Again this is being inserted into the Melbourne discussion. Then we have a re-tweet of a post originally made as 6: This tweet received over re-tweets and likes over the next 8. We call on Twitter to do so to prevent it being used to further flame the flames of hate and fear. As yet no Muslim leader has condemned this terror.

car meet melbourne tonight you belong

There were people warning about the potential for racist attacks after an incident like this. While many shared that message, others like this message at 8: This sort of argument seeks to increase public fear.

Authorities all over the world are trying to hide Islamic terrorism for some reason. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the victims. We are on our way to the city in solidarity with our friends.

The Tweet and press release feature a picture of the youth with a banner outside Flinders Street. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the MelbourneAttack. We condemn all forms of extremism and denounce such heinous acts. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Waqas Ahmed Waqas Ahmed tweeted at The car eventually stopped, due to mechanical fault and being rammed by a police car.

Witnesses saw Gargasoulas appear to drive deliberately at people without hesitation and went out of his way to hit a pram containing a baby and toddler, Ms Judd said. Gargasoulas showed no emotion in court, occasionally reading.

In the lead up to the rampage, Ms Judd said Gargasoulas stabbed his younger brother, Angelo, repeatedly in the head and neck, causing life-threatening injuries. Gargasoulas then led police on a hour pursuit. They will suffer the consequences.

You will see me tonight on the news. The police have stopped me before but they ain't going to get me this time," he told a friend. Two strangers on the street called triple zero after Gargasoulas said they would see him on the news that night. Police witness and long-time Melbourne detective Senior Constable Murray Gentner told the court Gargasoulas was an "attention seeker". In text messages between the two on the day of the rampage, he said Gargasoulas believed he would "either die in jail or die trying to run from the boys".