Caraga regional athletic meet 2014 tandag city fire

PIA - Caraga Regional Office:

The Official Newsletter Publication of 19th Caraga Regional Athletic Meet Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. VOLUME 1 NUMBER 4 SPECIAL ISSUE BXU kicks off. With breakdown of cases at “ plus in ” and “ plus in ,” . The success of Caraga Regional Athletic Meet (CRAM) in Tandag City can be In addition, Police Officers, Personnel from Philippine Army, Fire. 7 posts published by DepEd-Tandag City during August best players to go for GOLD on the Caraga Regional Athletic Meet.

Aside from their refrigeration business, the couple also engage themselves to other money-making activities like sari-sari store, pump-boat driving, fishing, and joins also in bigasan sa bayan. Pinaagi sa among panag-tinabangay, isip magtiayon, nakab-ot namo karon ning gamay ug malahutayon nga kalambuan Combined effort is the key to what we have now.

caraga regional athletic meet 2014 tandag city fire

Together as a couple, we achieved this little but continuous development ," Jodely added. Now, the couple is inspired to continue life amidst constant challenges. With hope and vigor, Espaldon family will soon inspire others to do well on investing from life, a life that echoes development. Espaldon family is one of the self-sufficient household beneficiaries in Dapa, Surigao del Norte. With sheer athleticism, Butuan City was dominating it over the annual gathering of determined individuals who competed against each other and for a chance at immortality.

Weather condition did not even impede the conduct of various games during the CRAM. All players together with their coaches were ready to stupefy their opponents. Each one has great determination to bring home the bacon to their respective divisions. Daywan, Claver, this province. The total project cost is placed at P, Coconets are derived from the fibrous husks of coconuts. The fiber extracted from discarded coconuts husks, which is commonly called coco coir, has to undergo further twining and weaving for it to become a geotextile.

caraga regional athletic meet 2014 tandag city fire

The coconets are laid on the sloping areas to prevent the land from eroding and being washed away during rainfall. After about three to six months, vegetation can already be seen in geonets covered areas that makes the soil more stable.

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He encouraged the cooperative to produce more quality products using the machines they recently acquired. On his part, Claver Mayor Eddie P. Gokiangke assured the co-operator more support and assistance from the local government unit.

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He emphasized that the growth of the local coconut industry will give positive impact to the community as it will increase the income of the farmer-members. Calang presented and reviewed the provision of the SSF Memorandum of Agreement MOA emphasizing to the proponent co-operator for them to effectively manage, operate and take care of the shared service facility properly and in accordance with the provisions of the MOA.

The said roadshow is a region-wide campaign and information drive to all the municipalities and cities to participate and support the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index CMCI. This CMCI is an index obtained using three major indicators such as economy, government, and infrastructure which will identify the score or ranking of each participating local government units nationwide in terms of competitiveness.

RCC focal person Brenda Corvera said that the CMCI is very beneficial to the participating LGUs since it will establish awareness and consciousness to their part, through these indicators, on what aspects they need to empower in order to develop.

She emphasized that once the LGUs can determine the gap they need to fill, then it will eventually lead to improvements "then improvements will attract investors and will create employment.

The Phivolcs team will visit the island bimonthly to inspect and monitor the device. Phivolcs urged Dinagatnons to report any sightings of unusual cracks in the soil and be resilient with the aftershocks that will continue to occur. An expression of gratitude By Liza M. Eclar; likewise the highly capable and spirited CRAM Technical Working Group, to the support and willpower of the front-runners of the 12 participating divisions, provinces and cities.

caraga regional athletic meet 2014 tandag city fire

More so, for the exemplary coordination in bringing together the people of the host province, city and divisions. Together, all have opened a new chapter of the sporting history of Caraga Region as well as showcased to the country the appeal as sports capital.

PIA - Caraga Regional Office

The participation of all has promoted the spirit of solidarity. At this moment when the flame is about to extinguished, it is but fitting to give due credit and recognition to the inter-agency tasking deeply rooted from the strong leadership of Surigao del Sur Provincial Governor Vicente T.

caraga regional athletic meet 2014 tandag city fire

From its opening salvo, to the daily sporting activities, all the people behind are in full gear to see to it that everything is in place. From this strong partnership, yields the excellence-motivated services of the people who worked in the field. The whole CRAM endeavor reveals not just the sports aptitude of the young Caraganon athletes but as well as the nobility of these seemingly modern day heroes whose noble acts may not have been printed on books but are the best imprinted on the head, hand and heart of these promising athletes.

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Truly, the people who worked collectively behind CRAM are the wind beneath the wings of these determined athletes as they soar higher in their quest of fulfilling their sports potentials. Receiving their medals and trophies, the CRAM partakers with special needs together with their coaches of Agusan del Norte expressed their happiness as they stood on the victory stand signifying their triumph in the different athletic events over the other 11 delegations despite their disabilities.

On the other hand, the special athletes from Siargao Islands ranked as over-all 1st runner up copping 15 gold, eight silver and 11 bronze medals while Cabadbaran City racked up eight gold, seven silver and three bronze medals, and landed as 2nd runner up.

Policies of the scholarship agreement were discussed with the students along with their parents during the MoA signing and orientation. As DOST scholars, you have to look more than just being a scholar and the responsibilities this entails even after you graduate. We believe that you are one of those chosen few who will greatly contribute to nation building.

caraga regional athletic meet 2014 tandag city fire

Meriam Bouquia, the regional scholarship coordinator, also explained the different privileges that the scholars can get after their graduation. According to Bouquia, the scholars can still acquire scholarships from other institutions providing that it does not conflict with the general policies stipulated under the JLSS Memorandum of Agreement. The SEC also added that those who invite or recruit other people to join or invest in the said venture or other investment contracts or securities to the public maybe held criminally liable or accordingly sanctioned or penalized, in accordance with the Supreme Court decision in the case of SEC vs.

The public is hereby advised to stop investing and recruiting other people to invest money into such scheme and to take the necessary precautions in dealing with the above-named entities and their representatives.