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castiel meet dean

Castiel jumps from one extreme to another, yanking Dean up from Hell and . The first time Castiel meets Claire Novak in the 20th episode of. 5 days ago She then returns Castiel to Earth with his memory of their meeting erased. Naomi has Castiel kill hundreds of copies of Dean in order to test. Dean/Castiel slash fans pair the characters Dean Winchester and Castiel in a . At a fan meet and greet at Salute To Supernatural Chicago Misha said.

Even once the souls are returned to purgatory, enough Leviathans hang onto Cas to take control of his body and force him to let them go into a body of water, destroying him in the process.

Sure, Cas comes back, as he has done multiple times, but his actions destroyed even more lives while the Leviathans terrorized Earth for a season. He did the only thing a power-hungry angel filled with souls could do to get more power: It wasn't bad enough that Cas played with history like this just for his personal gain, either. It had such an impact on the planet that Fate intervened, threatening to kill the Winchester brothers if Castiel refused to repair the rift in time.

Even an evil, soul power drunk Castiel still has a weak spot for the Winchesters, so he re-killed every one of the souls to keep the brothers safe.

Stealing an angel's grace is considered a terrible offense worthy of torture or even death, but after Metatron extracts Castiel's grace in season eight, the ex-angel steals the grace of Theo, one of Malachi's minion angels.

It results in the death of Theo, who was done serving Malachi and hoping to serve Metatron instead. Stealing Theo's grace wasn't even enough to keep Castiel in full angel operating status. Since the grace was stolen, it begins to "burn out," harming Cas in the process. Crowley murders Adina in order to give her grace to Cas in season 10, but Castiel is able to get Metatron to reveal where his remaining grace is located in order to obtain it once again.

The angel scribe Metatron approaches Castiel with a plan to trap all of the angels in Heaven and close it up to stop all of the chaos and suffering, and finally force the angels to work together.

Cas falls for the ploy and engages in some seriously WTF acts to help Metatron perform the spell, including killing an angel for the first "ingredient" of the spell he hopes to cast to punish all of the angels. Seriously, he should've known better after Metatron asked him to do the first task. In the end, Cas's mistake in trusting Metatron cost him and the rest of the world dearly. Castiel never planned to work with Crowley forever.

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He betrayed him at the last minute, absorbing all of the soul power himself, but in the end the results still spoke for themselves. Had Crowley taken in half of those souls, it could've been worse, as he would have surely used them for nefarious purposes, but the situation may have also improved, since both of them would only contain half of the power. His ultimate purpose had been to make the world a better place, but in the end, he consumed so much power that he declared himself to be their new god and demanded that they bow down to him lest he smite them on the spot!

Although Cas's power play in season seven's "Meet the New Boss" may have resulted in countless deaths, pain and suffering, but it didn't last very long. During the hunt, Eve is able to suppress Castiel's powers as she is older than him.

castiel meet dean

After Dean kills Eve, Castiel's powers return and he kills all of her monsters with a blast of white light before transporting the group to the home of the uncle of two young boys who were turned into monsters. There, they find them dead, having been killed by demons, and Castiel promises to look into Crowley's possible survival to find out for sure if he's dead or not. In "The Man Who Would Be King", it is revealed that Castiel was the one who partially raised Sam from Hell, though due to the complication of the cage it was impossible to retrieve his soul, and that he has made a deal with Crowley in a desperate attempt to win the war.

Sam and Dean also learn of his partnership with Crowley when he slips up and reveals he is spying on them. In "Let it Bleed", Castiel is enraged to learn that Lisa and Ben Braeden have been kidnapped by Crowley and tries to get him to reveal where they are to no avail. Castiel saves Dean from a demon and tries and fails to convince him to back off.

Later, after Lisa is mortally wounded by a demon possessing her in an attempt to force Dean not to exorcise her, Castiel arrives at the hospital and without being asked, heals her wounds and at Dean's request, erases all of her and her son Ben's memories of Dean. He does this as a final act of friendship towards Dean though both admit it doesn't change the fact that they are now enemies. Castiel also spends the episode one step ahead of Bobby investigating H.

Castiel in 4x02 - "Angels weren't supposed to be dicks."

Lovecraft's opening of Purgatory in an attempt to find a way to open it himself. He demonstrates his new power by killing Raphael with a simple snap of his fingers.

While talking to Dean, who unsuccessfully begs him to give up the power, Sam sneaks up behind them and attempts to kill him with an angelic blade by stabbing Castiel in the back, but it has no effect.

Castiel removes the blade, explains that he is no longer an angel, declaring himself their new God. He then glances at the three hunters before delivering an ultimatum: In "Meet the New Boss", Castiel begins exacting his new supremacy over the planet, working miracles and punishing religious hypocrites alike.

However, when Castiel's vessel begins to become damaged and he begins to lose control of his power, Death reveals that he also absorbed creatures known as Leviathans from Purgatory. The Leviathans will destroy him if they are not released. Castiel seeks out the Winchesters' help, and reopens the portal with Death's assistance.

Although the souls are returned, the Leviathans evade reentering Purgatory and take control of Castiel's vessel. In "Hello, Cruel World", the vessel begins to quickly break down. The Leviathans are forced to leave, dispersing into the local water supply nearby and leaving behind only Castiel's trench coat.

After the Leviathans left him, he made his way out of the river, naked, and ran into his future wife Daphne.

However, the experience renders Castiel amnesic, but with his angelic powers intact. Going by the name "Emanuel", Castiel used his powers to heal people, though he didn't know where that ability and his power to see demon's true faces came from. After Sam is committed to a mental hospital as a result of the hallucinations of Lucifer he is suffering due to Castiel breaking his "mental wall", Dean searches for "Emanuel" and kills a demon that is holding his wife hostage.

Castiel agrees to help Dean who doesn't tell him who he really is, but mentions what "Cas" had done to Sam. The two are joined by Meg, but upon reaching the hospital, find demons surrounding the entrance. As Castiel is the only one who can take them all down, Dean is forced to tell him the truth about who he really is and insists he has the power to kill the demons.

Castiel manages to summon his power to kill demons and kills all of them, but doing so restores his memories. Castiel shows remorse for his previous actions and initially wants to leave, but Dean is able to convince him to help by giving him back his trench coat. Castiel finds Sam in time to save him from a demon torturing him to death with electro-shock therapy and tries to restore his mental wall, but can't as it's completely gone. Feeling sorry for what he had done, Castiel transfers the problem to himself and is haunted by visions of Lucifer like Sam was.

Castiel is committed to the mental hospital, but is safe from the demons as only Meg knows he's alive and she takes a job at the hospital, presumably to look after him. In "Reading is Fundamental", Castiel is awakened when the Word of God — a tablet with information inscribed by an angel as dictated by God — is found by Sam and Dean.

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Although his torment has driven him insane, he explains that taking on Sam's pain has helped relieve some of his past burdens. He then explains what the Word of God is, but is unable to read it. Two angels from his former garrison arrive in pursuit of Kevina prophet who was awakened by the Word of God and drawn to it. The angel Hester tries to kill Castiel out of anger for his past actions, but she is instead killed by Meg.

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The other angel offers Castiel the chance to return to Heaven with him, but Castiel declines, explaining that he feels he no longer belongs there. The other angel then leaves, taking Kevin away to safety.

castiel meet dean

Castiel comments to the Winchesters that he finds it amazing that he does not know what he is going to do next, and teleports away after giving them his blood. In "Survival of the Fittest", after finding his garrison wiped out, Castiel has Meg take him to the Winchesters where he explains what he has discovered.

Crowley arrives and is furious to see him, but Castiel no longer has a wish to fight and when Crowley realizes he's insane, he decides to put off his feud with Castiel for a time when he's sane again. Crowley, after giving them his blood, disappears but tells them Castiel can help them kill Dick.

Castiel refuses to help as he doesn't want to fight and after he disappears to retrieve a board game, Meg explains that since Castiel had the Leviathans within him, he is able to tell them apart even in their human forms and can pick out the real Dick Roman. Castiel watches as Sam and Dean burn Bobby's flask and put him at rest and later takes Dean to where he has stored the Impala and agrees to help.

Dick throws Castiel across the room when he tries to attack, but after Dean fails to kill Dick, Castiel holds his head in place from behind allowing Dean to stab Dick through the neck with the weapon, killing him.

As a result of this, Castiel and Dean are sucked into Purgatory with Dick's soul and after letting Dean know this and that they are more likely to die than get out, Castiel disappears, leaving Dean alone.

He later tells Sam that things got hairy near the end and that Castiel didn't make it, that he "let go". While Dean doesn't elaborate, he is clearly affected by this. In a flashback scene, Dean is shown looking for Castiel in Purgatory, interrogating a vampire for his location.

As a result, he meets Benny and only agrees to Benny's deal to get out if they find Castiel first and help him escape too. Castiel appears in flashbacks in the following episode, where he reveals that he fled Dean to keep him safe from the Leviathans and other monsters that are angry at Castiel, but Dean refuses to leave Purgatory without Castiel.

When talking with another angel at an auction for the second Word of God tablet, Dean again states that Castiel did not make it out of Purgatory.

He later escapes with the aid of an army of angels sent to rescue him — having initially remained behind as penance for his actions to stop a duo of Leviathans that were trying to attack Dean and Benny as they left Purgatory — but the other angels not only erase his memory that they were responsible for his escape, but also erase his memory of their subsequent 'check-ins' to discuss the Winchesters' actions, with Castiel forced to tell them about the Winchesters' progress in the search for the tablet.

Apparently back to full power, Castiel helps the Winchesters save Kevin from Crowley — who has been abducting future Prophets to try to find another means of reading the Word of God tablet — and destroy the tablet to prevent Crowley using it, retaining half of the tablet while Crowley flees with the other half. Afterwards, in "Hunteri Heroici", Castiel cuts off his ability to listen into the other angels and decides to become a full-time hunter to avoid facing the other angels about what he has done.

Castiel proves instrumental in solving the case, using his abilities to enter the mind of a man with reality warping powers, allowing Sam to bring him back to reality with a speech about not running from it. Later, at the request of the man, Fred, Castiel strips him of his powers so he is no longer a danger to anyone though it leaves him mentally damaged.

Castiel, having listened to Sam's speech about running from reality as well as Fred, decides to return to Heaven to try to make up for what he did, but is forbidden by Naomithe angel who ordered his rescue. Instead, Castiel stays to watch out for Fred for a while, but accepts that he can no longer run from what he has done.

In "Torn and Frayed", as his penance, Castiel has turned back on his "angel radio" and travels around helping people who have need of help or healing. He demonstrates this by healing a sick infant that won't stop crying. After getting a distress call from SamandrielNaomi summons Castiel to rescue the angel. Castiel enlists Dean's help and repeatedly wonders where Sam is, unaware that Sam and Dean are currently not getting along.

After getting the ingredients for a "demon bomb", Castiel gets Sam as they will need all the help they can get to rescue Samandriel and yells at Sam and Dean for their behavior. At the warehouse, Castiel tells Sam and Dean what symbols to neutralize and where so he can enter and gives Sam his sword so he has a weapon against demons.

After Sam and Dean clear the way, Castiel enters, but is weakened by the other sigils in the building. Samandriel's screams cause him to remember being tied down by Naomi who approaches his eye with a mysterious instrument and is unable to help Sam and Dean in breaking into the room where Samandriel is. After they get in, Castiel frees Samandriel while Sam and Dean deal with the demons guarding him and takes the other angel outside.

There, Samandriel begs for Castiel not to return him to Heaven and tries to warn him that "they" are controlling him. Before Samandriel can explain, Naomi forces Castiel to kill him for being a "traitor".

Castiel is horrified by this, but Naomi reveals that Samandriel telling Crowley about the angel Word of God tablet puts all in angels in danger and Castiel is a hero. Under her orders, he claims to Sam and Dean that he was forced to kill Samandriel in self-defense and that he is taking him back to Heaven to put him to rest in reality so Naomi can determine just how much he brokebut his weird behavior and the fact that his eye starts bleeding arouses Sam and Dean's suspicions that he is being controlled.

On the run from Heaven In "Goodbye Stranger", Castiel has been completely brainwashed by Naomi and has killed thousands of copies of Dean ruthlessly. Castiel is sent to find the angel tablet and tortures and kills the demons also looking for it, drawing Sam and Dean's attention.

Sam and Dean track down someone who knows the location of one of Lucifer's Crypts where the angel tablet is and in ensuing scuffle, Sam ends up in trouble. Castiel saves Sam and captures one of the demons, claiming under Naomi's orders that he is searching for the second half of the demon tablet and that the demons are searching for a parchment that will allow them to translate it without a Prophet.

Castiel tortures the demon who tells them where to find Meg, but kills her before she can reveal the truth to Sam and Dean. Castiel heads off alone and rescues Meg who explains what the demons really want.

While Naomi initially wants her killed to prevent that, Castiel is able to make a case to keep her alive.

castiel meet dean

The group then go to the warehouse where the crypt is and before heading inside with Dean, Castiel reveals that Sam is damaged by his trials on a level that even Castiel can't fix. Castiel and Dean locate the angel tablet and Castiel has to have Dean get it as it is warded against angels. However, Naomi orders Castiel to kill Dean and though he fights it, he has no control over his actions. As he is about to kill him, Dean manages to break through to Castiel's heart and he breaks free of Naomi's influence.

He picks up the angel tablet which completely severs Naomi's connection to and control over him. Castiel heals Dean and explains what happened, but senses that he must now protect the tablet from everyone, even Dean.

Castiel is later seen traveling on a bus to an unknown destination with the tablet. Despite losing the tablet, Naomi is somewhat satisfied as according to her, Castiel is doing what he is supposed to be doing.

Naomi later comes to Dean. In an attempt to gain his trust, presumably because she knows Castiel is one of his weak spots, she lies to Dean about Castiel and claims that he misinterpreted everything she has done and is still insane.

Dean, of course, doesn't believe her. Despite this, Castiel is eventually captured by Naomi's forces, but the angel tablet is claimed by Crowley after one of Naomi's angels betrays their location, although this gives Castiel time to escape and reunite with the Winchesters after killing the angel guarding him.

Metatron's betrayal With Heaven in chaos, Metatron the Scribe of God, recently rediscovered convinces Castiel that they must seal the gates of Heaven to force the angels together to make peace. The first trial is to cut out the heart of a nephilimthe child of a human and an angel, which Castiel is forced to kill when the selected target attacks him. They manage to complete the second trial retrieving the bow of a cupidbut Metatron subsequently reveals that his true intentions are to exile all the angels from Heaven for forcing him to leave Heaven ages ago.

He takes Castiel's grace from him as the third ingredient for this spell, leaving Castiel human and banished to Earth before the other angels begin to fall as well. Castiel decides he wants to help his fallen brethren find "direction" when he encounters an angel named Hael who requests his guidance. When Castiel contacts the Winchesters, however, Dean tells him to leave Hael and make his way the Men of Letters bunker where he will be safe from the angels hunting him.

Following this, Castiel attempts to leave Hael behind but is captured by her instead whereby she reveals her plans to possess him. Castiel escapes and kills Hael then continues to make his way to the bunker, abandoning his usual attire along the way. Castiel is nearly caught several times by the angels searching for him and gets a tattoo that will ward him against angels. In response, the angels send freelance Reapers after him and he is eventually caught by one of them.

The Reaper tortures Castiel and kills him when the Winchesters show up to rescue him. Castiel gets a job at a gas station and attempts to adjust to his new life as a human. He helps Dean hunt a rogue angel that is killing people in emotional pain, but later prays for help when Dean sends him away for the second time on Ezekiel's orders. Castiel is found by the neutral angel Muriel who heard his prayer.

Muriel agrees to provide information but the two are captured by angels that have been trailing Muriel. Castiel and Muriel are taken to the anarchist angel Malachi, the leader of one side of the angel civil war the other side being headed by the angel Bartholomewand tortured for information on Metatron.

Muriel is killed in the process. Castiel tricks Theo into releasing him and steals his Grace, transforming Castiel into an angel once more and at least restoring his powers. Castiel calls Dean and tells him that while he was held captive by Malachi he learned that the angel Ezekiel is dead and so the angel possessing Sam must be an impostor.

After being contacted by Dean, Castiel, now wearing a new suit and trench coat and driving a stolen car as he can no longer teleport, returns to the bunker where he comes up with the plan to have Crowley help expel Gadreel from Sam. Castiel knocks Gadreel out and comforts Dean when the torture they have Crowley perform to bring forth Sam's mind proves too much for Dean. Castiel is furious to learn that the angel possessing Sam is actually Gadreel, blaming him for all the evil in the universe, but Dean calms him down.

Crowley agrees to possess Sam instead in exchange for his freedom and though Castiel is reluctant, he removes Sam's anti-possession tattoo. The plan works and Sam expels Gadreel. After leaving Crowley to deal with AbaddonCastiel heals Sam's injuries from the torture and informs him he can finish his healing from the Trials over time as Gadreel did most of the job. He remains behind with Sam as Dean leaves on his own. Facing Metatron With his angelic powers partially restored, Castiel sets out to try and stop the angelic civil war.

Having killed Bartholomew in self-defence, Castiel takes command of most of the Earth-bound angels, but finds himself opposed by Metatron, who is rallying angels to his side with the intention of painting Castiel as the villain of the piece. Although Castiel learns that his stolen grace will kill him eventually, he refuses Metatron's offer to side with him, eventually convincing Gadreel to ally with him in opposing Metatron's attempt to stage a coup of Heaven even as Metatron tricks the other angels into follow him by presenting Castiel as a despot willing to destroy everything to win the war, convincing angels to 'suicide bomb' themselves and claim that Castiel told them to do it.

Having gained access to Heaven's 'back door' after Gadreel sacrifices himself, Castiel defeats Metatron and throws him into Heaven's prison. Lack of Grace Despite his defeat of Metatron and access to Heaven having been restored, Castiel continues to face challenges on a personal and large scale, as some angels prefer to remain on Earth and his stolen Grace continues to consume him.

Although Metatron has hinted that he may be able to help Castiel with a remaining fragment of his original Grace, Castiel has rejected the option of making a deal with Metatron to save his own life. Sam and Dean remain ignorant of Castiel's fate, although Crowley is aware of Castiel's condition, at one point killing another angel to transfer her Grace to Castiel so that Castiel could help Sam cure the now-demonic Dean after he was transformed by the Mark of Cain.

When Hannah decides to return to Heaven to give her vessel a chance at returning to her life, Castiel is prompted to look up Jimmy's daughter Claire Novakrevealing that Jimmy has been dead and in Heaven ever since Jimmy's body was destroyed during his first confrontation with Raphael. Although Claire initially resents Castiel's return to her life, she comes to accept him and the Winchesters after they save her from being sold as a prostitute by a man she believed had been helping her.

Grace restored Seeking to help Dean find a cure for the Mark of Cain, Castiel breaks Metatron out of Heaven and removes his Grace so that the Winchesters can interrogate him. Although he fails to provide any new information, Metatron is able to lead Castiel to the library where he hid the remaining fragments of Castiel's Grace.

With his powers restored, Castiel helps Claire find her long-lost mother, but although Amelia sacrifices herself to save Claire, Claire accepts that the Winchesters and Castiel meant well, even speculating that she will become a Hunter herself.

castiel meet dean

When Rowena — Crowley's long-lost mother — casts a spell to remove the Mark, she also casts a spell that causes Castiel to attack Crowley while she escapes, leaving Castiel driven by a greater rage to the point that he kills two angels until Rowena is forced to cure him. Lucifer's Vessel Faced with the threat of the Darkness — revealed over the course of the series to be God's 'sister', sacrificed to create the world — Castiel agrees to act as Lucifer's vessel when Lucifer claims to be the only one with the power to defeat the Darkness, since God is absent and all other archangels are dead or insane.

After killing Rowena, apparently the only person capable of re-opening the Cage, Lucifer spends some time re-establishing his power base in Hell while acting as Castiel to interact with the Winchesters and follow their research into Amarabut his true identity is revealed after the Winchesters attempt to travel back in time to recover a Hand of God from a submarine before it sank in Castiel is able to regain control long enough to explain the situation to Sam and to stop Lucifer killing him.


Dean subsequently returns and banishes Lucifer, vowing to find a way to free Castiel from his control. Crowley, forced to act as Lucifer's slave, is forced on the run after he fails to kill Lucifer with another salvaged Hand of God. The Winchesters manage to get through to Castiel when preparing for a new confrontation with Amara, but Castiel resolves to remain as Lucifer's Vessel until her defeat, only for the Hand of God to fail against Amara's power.

Although Lucifer is apparently killed in the later confrontation with Amara, Castiel is healed and returned to control of his body, he also meets his creator for the first time.

After Dean's apparent sacrifice to stop the Darkness, Castiel goes with Sam although he is then banished when a member of the London branch of the Men of Letters attacks the bunker to punish Sam for his past actions. Quest for Lucifer Castiel is able to collect himself in time to return to the bunker and help Dean and the resurrected Mary Winchester find and rescue Sam. However, upon learning that Lucifer has escaped destruction, now jumping through vessels that rapidly burn out due to his weakened state making it harder for him to maintain them, Castiel sets out to find Lucifer, accompanied by Crowley, although their first attempt simply sees Rowena banish Lucifer's new vessel to the bottom of the ocean without actually managing to kill him.

Lucifer eventually takes the President of the United States as his vessel, and conceives a child with one of the president's staff, but he is banished from this vessel thanks to the Winchesters and Crowley. After helping the Winchesters fake their deaths to escape the secret service, Castiel attempts to find Lucifer's child, but is convinced to spare the unborn child by his mother, Kelly, who is certain that the baby will be good.

When Lucifer returns- Crowley faked banishing Lucifer when in reality he attempted to trap Lucifer in his old vessel and control him- the Winchesters are able to trap Lucifer in an alternate universe where the apocalypse took place as Dean and Sam were never born, but Lucifer kills Crowley and Castiel and takes Mary to the other world with him. Reborn again Although Castiel is dead, JackLucifer's son, who regards Castiel as his guardian, is able to make Castiel 'wake up' in the Empty, the place where angels and demons go when they die.