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catdog meet their parents in spanish

This is a list of episodes from the animated CatDog television series. Contents. 1 Series one made-for-TV movie, CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery, were produced. .. CatDog Squared — CatDog meet another conjoined duo named DanStan. Mr. Sunshine tells the story of the painting and how it relates to English. CatDog was an animated series created by illustrator and musician Peter Hannan that first aired on Nickelodeon in and ran for three seasons. It is the . COST Action IS Questionnaire for Parents of Bilingual Children (PABIQ Minutes from the Parent Questionnaire Meeting .doc |.pdf) – Laurie Tuller Identifiers of Predominantly Spanish-Speaking Children With Language Impairment. for Cat–Dog Retelling [.doc: English | German | Russian]; How to Perform the.

Cat is intelligent and a bit of a Jerk Assand acts as the show's key Butt-Monkey. Dog for the most part is well intentioned but causes twice as much chaos via accidental stupidity and is a walking Karma Houdini that said, there are times where Dog gets away with being a genuine Jerk Ass. Earn Your Happy Ending: In The Great Parent Mystery, after their hardest quest yet.

Lube has a completely different character design in the pilot episode. The Better Bottoms rabbit wears his ears in a sleazy ponytail style.

Happens at least twice with the Greasers. Rancid Rabbit says he'll let them go if they compete in the dog pound Dogathlon against a team from Farburg. They fight amongst each other and lose the events until they decide they have to work together to get out of the situation. They manage to trap the Greasers, but it then turns out that the giant cat was a robot controlled by Eddie the Squirrel, who goes insane and decides to enslave Nearburg.

CatDog and the Greasers have to team up to stop Eddie, and eventually they do.

Season One

The Odd Couple 's Animated Adaptation The Oddball Couple also featured the adventures of a neatnik cat and slovenly dog, albeit as separate entities.

If the constant beatings Cat receives from the Greasers primarily for his species doesn't count then one episode's upper class cult of cats with Nazi-esque plans to exterminate dogs certainly does.

Done in several episodes where Cat eats several objects, Winslow- and a fish named Veronica and has to venture inside Dog to get her. Rancid Rabbit is kind of portly and is often very rude and corrupt. Cat even points this out. Who would've thought that blood would be so fattening? There's quite a few. They reconcile by the end of the episode.

Happens a few times. In "You're Fired," when CatDog manages to get entry into a classy restaurant, Dog can't keep away from the chili peppers. They cause Cat to belch out flames, which helps him attract his "soulmate" Tallulah by broiling her steak for her. It soon backfires when he accidentally burns her pet dog into ashes.

In "Spaced Out," CatDog gets trapped in a movie, and to destroy the enemy forces, Cat gulps down a box of Dog's favorite candy, Red Hot Lip Smackers, into his mouth and uses Dog as a pistol to burn the alien ships.

Dog frequently causes multiple catastrophes and Amusing Injuries with his stupidity though more often than not fate is on his side and leaves him unscathed and then punishes Cat twice as hard for the both of them. Early in The MovieDog makes a comment about remembering his and Cat's mother's "four eyes" and their dad's "slimy green skin.

A short in the first episode featured a mail segment. When they had no mail, Dog resorted to making up a question and answering it. In the end, though, it turns out Winslow was hiding the mail from them.

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Happened in the episode "Brothers Day", then subverted when Dog sold Cat's gift after buying it to buy something for himself. More specifically, Dog gave up his pool of mud that he and Cat wrestled in to buy Cat a loufa case. Cat sold his loufa to get Dog a mud wrestling costume. Dog reveals that he sold the loufa case and got Cat a mud wrestling outfit as well, because "I looked up the recipe for mud, and it's really easy to make! Whatever Eddie had to make him go hyperactive.

An episode had CatDog land on a tropical island and get mistaken for a god called the Great Meow-Woof. Rancid Rabbit, the previous god, was not happy and tried to run them off the island. They still made 5 episodes after that, which were not aired in the USA until years after the fact. Lola, the Peruvian Vampire Ticks, and Esperanza. Sunshine and Eddie the Squirrel, to a ridiculous extent. Sunshine, who's basically pissed at everyone for no real reason. Gym Class Rope Climb: In "Back to School," Cliff is the gym teacher, and takes joy in making the students do this.

Cat manages to do it successfully, however, humiliating Cliff in the process. Both of the two leads are pretty inconsiderate to each other. In most cases though, the story tends to side with Dog, who is at least too dumb to know any better. Cat, who's wearing a garlic lei for his costume, is not affected. Lola tells Cat that this can be reversed if he soaks Dog in garlic juice by the twelfth stroke of midnight.

Over the course of the episode, everyone turns into vampires, but Cat manages to soak everyone in garlic juice before the time is up. Winslow ends up being bitten by a werewolf and everyone running for their lives Have a Gay Old Time: They could get away with it in the 90s, but given the term's change in usage over the years, it's a miracle that this line was able to stay in on re-airings.

Dog tries to become a literal one in "Dog the Mighty. Each of the Greasers has at least one trait they kept secret or never bothered telling anyone about. Cliff is an expert ballet dancer. Shriek is actually from a wealthy family. And Lube's a pretty good mechanic. To protect their house from destruction, CatDog claims that their house was the site of the invention of fire, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and a visit by The Beatles.

catdog meet their parents in spanish

It doesn't go well, as they start feuding, and eventually a storm comes up and destroys the tent. Winslow manages to save them from falling off the cliff outside their home, but at the Forest Fire Boys meeting, he reveals he became a member of the troop and wins the award for what he did.

Cat gets so angry he ties Dog's ears in a knot, and it's such a good knot, Scoutmaster Rancid Rabbit takes the award away from Winslow and gives it to CatDog instead.

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As a Greaser Dog, Cliff is supposed to hate and beat up cats but he has no problem if the cat in question happens to be female as seen in "Back to School" and "Adventures in Greaser Sitting". Dog could be the poster child of Innocently Insensitiveobliviously causing endless pain and misery for Cat.

The odd point Cat does something selfish at his expense however, he is quick to take offense. Both of Catdog although, Cat is meant to be smart. Dog tends to get away with ruining Cat's day through his idiocy. And if he manages to ruin someone else's day, it is usually Cat that is punished. Unfortunately, it also makes you go bald.

In The Great Parent Mystery.

catdog meet their parents in spanish

Rancid Rabbit holds a different job whenever he appears? Dentist, dog catcher, fast food restaurant manager, you name it. Taken to its logical extreme where he is seen working as a teacher and a traffic cop in "Back to School", Cat is absolutely stunned. Eddie hardly looks like a squirrel. Winslow hardly looks like a mouse.

When Cat asks him about this, he never receives an answer. Rancid hates CatDog and will go out of his way to punish them or force them to work for him, abusing his power to the fullest degree. Rancid takes advantage of CatDog as much as he can by deceiving them into buying his products or pushing them to do his bidding in a job. He does whatever it takes to take their money or benefit himself in any way. Rancid owns a mall called the Mall of Malls, and has a selfish and spoiled niece named Rancine.

Rancid also has a Russian-accented female cousin named Rotten who lives in Farburg. Eddie the Squirrel voiced by Dwight Schultz is a Greaser wannabe with little red pieces of paper taped to the side of his head to look like red sideburns in hopes to be more like Cliff. He is always bruised up from getting punched, and from being used as a birdie in badmintonor a football.

He wants to be an official Greaser very badly, but sadly lacks their number one requirement: He will try anything once, as long as it's terribly exciting and attention-getting.

Randolph appears to be like a celebrity in his lifestyle. In "All About Cat," Randolph was hosting the musical awards banquet. In "The Lady is a Shriek" Randolph is the proud owner of "Randolph's Charm School and House of Beauty", to help turn girls into beautiful women with poise and etiquette. Randolph is essentially a trend-setting, rich and famous cat. His catchphrase is "And I love it!

Since then, she has become a major celebrity and good friend of Randolph's. Tallulah is forever searching for her soul mate, who would be "as loyal as a dog and as clever as a cat, who will take [her] in his arms.

Mean Bob voiced by Billy Westa fictional super-hero, is Dog's hero. Dog is an expert on Mean Bob, having watched his movies, played his video games and with his toys. She is a zoologistand CatDog's next-door neighbor. She gained a love of zoology while wrangling bulls on her family's ranch. Her catchphrase is "Unbelievable! The light blue twin wears her hair in pigtails and wears a red leotard, while the gray twin wears her hair in a short bob and wears a blue leotard.

In "Armed and Dangerous" one of the twins was Cat's pen pal. Cat tries to impress the twins so that they can go on a date with him, but they seem more interested in Dog. They also have an interest in dating TV stars and movie stars. Mervis Pantry a pig and Dunglap Daniels a weasel voiced by John Kassir are CatDog's male best friends and are often used as background characters.

They are rarely seen apart, and have been shown with various jobs, such as working at Taco Depot, the Kavity Krunch cereal factory, and Mervis even had a temporary run as a mailman trying to deliver CatDog's mail.

Dunglap appears to be the luckier of the two due to his fortunes, like getting a promotion at a job, in contrast to Mervis's misfortunes, such as getting into an accident because of the Greasers. A running gag throughout the series is that Mervis and Dunglap can sometimes be seen fighting. They both have nerdy personalities and often feel uncomfortable and nervous around the "cooler" characters, especially the Greasers.

catdog meet their parents in spanish

Cornelius Sunshine voiced by Billy West is a green-skinned, shirtless humanoid creature with a thin, once-coiled tail and no apparent emotions who has a monotone voice and demeanor very similar to the actor Ben Stein. His name is ironically the very opposite of his personality, and he often nods off and falls asleep in the middle of doing things, such as performing a very unengaging magic act.

His sardonic and pessimistic personality may be Dog's fault, since Sunshine experiences stress of being hunted as a dustman by Dog since his early years in the job. Very little is known about him, and the ambiguity of his species is touched upon in "CatDog Catcher" when Rancid Rabbit starts arresting everyone for not having licenses: Dog does not have a dog license, Lola does not have a bird license, and so on; but when Rancid captures Sunshine, he says, "You're under arrest for not having a Sunshine's first name is Cornelius.

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He was originally envisioned as a squirrel during the early planning stages. Dog remembers the wonderful times they had with their Mom and Dad but Cat tells him that the only thing he can remember is that they've been on their own and it's been that way since then. Dog tells Cat that the day that they will reunite with their parents has finally come, but Cat tells him that they will never find them. After they got home, Dog told Cat to not be upset because Parents' Day happens every year.

Then Dog plays some keys on a piano which leads to his Parents' Theory Room where he stored some balloons that he took from the Parents' Day celebrations.

Dog told Cat that their parents have tried looking for them but they encountered many perils which stopped them from doing so, however, Cat says that they don't care about them anymore, but Dog was still adamant that they do care about them and that they will go looking for them.

Later that night, Cat secretly enters a secret room under their bed containing his blankie and pacifier, the only mementos he has of their parents. The next morning, there is a news bulletin saying that Old Uppenchuck is due to erupt in the next 24 hours.

Winslow remarks that the last time Old Uppenchuck erupted was when CatDog came to Nearburg, and then there is a flashback of the day when Winslow first met CatDog, and then Winslow said that it was the best day of his life. Cat asked Winslow why he never told them in the first place, then Winslow said that they never asked him to begin with.

Cat ponders this and deduces that he and Dog were from Yonderland, a vast wasteland where Old Uppenchuck is. The minute he mentions that, Dog asks if they're going there to look for their parents and then Cat agrees to go looking for their parents for his sake. As they are driving, Cat explains to Dog that they aren't stopping for anything until they get there.

CatDog Finds Their Parents - CatDog - NickSplat

Meanwhile, Winslow has the house all to himself and when the Greaser Dogs show up, Winslow told them that CatDog wasn't home and that they went to Yonderland to look for their parents.