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This data needs to be visualized on a map with boundaries showing every a few MPs have changed since ) has at least 1 criminal case against them, . The interactive map showing the NPF in Manipur in .. is under Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike Generic (CC BY-SA ). ❤. The Survey of India has launched a map sharing portal called Nakshe. . The interactive map showing the NPF in Manipur in . On the 2nd of September , , DataMeet-Delhi spun off a small side project known as GeoDel. Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike Generic (CC BY-SA ). Public Ponds in SC/ST Areas in Imphal West District of Manipur. 17 .. Promotion of Science (MAPS), Manipur. Science The activities of Science Meet included Competitions, Exhibitions, Popular. Science Show, Folk . The Millennium Science Lecture was organized at C.C. Hr. Secondary School on. December

Deputy Chief Minister said, GST which is the consumer based tax will benefit the people also as it is transparent and many taxes will be subsumed in this tax. However, the Council observed it to be discussed again in its 15th meeting which is going to be held on rd of next month in New Delhi. While emphasizing the need to co-operate to the new tax regime, Deputy Chief Minister said, people should know the new tax system as well.

He said, for speedy passage of the GST Bill which is going to be introduced in the State Assembly on 2nd of June this year, a dissemination workshop for the Legislators will be held tomorrow. K Panda while speaking in the session said, GST will become the only uniform tax all over the country after independence.

K Dewangan also spoke on the occasion. He said, GST Campaign will also be conducted in the district level. Jayantakumar Singh inspected various healthcare facilities in and around Senapati District. Dikho, was on a two-day inspection tour to inspect the condition and status of several healthcare centres in and around the district.

As a part of the inspection tour, which started early Saturday morning, the ministerial team first visited the Senapati District Hospital and inspected every section of the hospital. While interacting with the doctors, staff and local leaders present at the hospital, Shri Jayantakumar stated that Senapati District Hospital has all the basic healthcare facilities to be the best amongst the district hospitals in the state.

He however expressed his concern on the condition of the expensive equipments and machines lying unused and untouched inside the hospital.

Can Manipur Be Saved From Extinction By Jila Waikhom

He appealed to the doctors and staff to work with full sincerity and dedication and also to properly utilize all the basic facilities being provided to the hospital. The minister further assured that the government will provide all the basic needs required for the hospital. He asked the doctors and staff to come up and fulfill what the government has expected from them.

While speaking to the hospital staff and the locals of the area, N. He stated that the doctors and staff of the hospital and the people of the district at large should bear a sense of responsibility to properly utilize whatever facility the government has provided to the district.

Later in the afternoon, the ministerial team also inspected the status of construction of the Nursing College at Tatomei near Maram Bazar and the Primary Health Sub-Centre at Sholitokhu, Mao-Maram Block, where the ministerial team was warmly received by the villagers with presentation of local produce. On the second day of the tour, the ministerial team visited PHCs at Maram and Tadubi, where they were received warmly by the staff and locals.

The highlight of the tour was the visit at Mao CHC, which recently got the best CHC National Award, where the ministerial team had a grand reception by numerous staff of the health centre. The ministerial team appreciated the warm gesture of the staff and also applauded the management of the CHC for its neat and clean environment.

Later in the evening, the ministerial team along with Shri H. Radheshyam inspected the Thoubal College and later, the ongoing work of cleansing the river-bed and restoration of river bank of Heirok Turel, today.

During the visit, he checked the infrastructural condition of Thoubal College walking down through the corridors. He inspected the campus and surrounding areas of the college also. The Minister, later, went to his constituency Heirok to check the ongoing work of restoring the banks and cleansing of river-bed of Heirok Turel. The river, being at the beginning stage, flows rapidly with lots of energy sinking the river banks.

In monsoon season with the water level rising, the houses built in and around the river bank gets washed away. The river bed gravel and sand mining done on the river is also one of the main causes, resulting to Heirok Turel bank erosion and change of the river course.

In order to avoid, the past calamities caused by the river several steps to better the condition of the river bank is being taken up. In this process, the people of Heirok have come out voluntarily to support the cause. As part of the river bank inspection, he visited Heirok Part 2 Bamon Leikai to Moirangthem river bank. On the process of restoration of river bank and its surrounding, one bulldozer and JCB truck has been utilised.

Mentioned may be made that, on 13th May the Minister had went to Heirok to find out the prevailing condition of his constituency. Jayantakumar Singh has appealed to the officials and staffs of the Health Department to maintain health infrastructures installed in different districts of the state. We should not forget that the government properties belong to us and it should be maintained properly, he added.

Minister also expressed that the government is ready to construct a Trauma Centre and a Burn Care Centre for the District Hospital Senapati in the interest of the people of the district. Apart a separate water supply scheme for the hospital, construction of an auditorium hall and the procurement of deficit medical equipments are also on the pipe line, he added.

Kaiyisii said that it is our loss if we do not fulfil the utility of the District Hospital. Minister also appealed the doctors and staffs to perform their duty with sincerity and dedication. Lokendro Singh and other officials from the health department were also present at the programme.

Radheshyam said time management is the key to success. The biggest ability is to use one's time effectively or productively. Time, he said, can neither be spent in advance not later, but once gone will never return.

To be positively relevant and a successful person, he said, one has to have the ability to set goal, to sacrifices for others, hard working and be ready with an open mind to grab every opportunity that comes on the way. Further he said, the best school is life and the best teachers are the experiences.

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In every corner of life there will be challenges and thus to be able to face all these challenges of life, he explained, one should equipped oneself with positive thoughts, attitude, perceive things optimistically, developed ability to take decisions and find solutions to be successful.

In life, there are no failures but only lessons to be learned, he added. Every child has a specific strength and weaknesses, and to identify their strength paving their life towards success is the task of the teachers and parents, he said. He urged the students to be caregivers, a source of joy imbibe with the positive thoughts and views to lead the society towards the betterment. You can see all of it here.

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Some of the python code used to calculate historical seat shares of parties. To get the assembly seat maps, I downloaded the assembly constituency shapefile from the datameet repository and used the software QGIS to create five separate shapefiles for each of the states. Shapefiles are what geographers and cartographers use to make maps.

The next task is to make sure the assembly constituency names in the shapefiles match the constituency names in the election results. These spellings need to be made consistent for the map to work properly. I did this with the OpenRefine software which has a lot of inbuilt tools to detect and correct these kinds of inconsistencies.

Using graphical tools such as OpenRefine and QGIS make it harder for others to reproduce your exact results and is less transparent, which is why purists look down on a workflow that is not entirely in code.

I then chose the biggest three or four political parties in the assembly and LS election results for each state, and created icons for them using the tool Inkscape.

Possible reasons for creation and evolution of new districts in India By Aaron Keishing

This can be done by tracing the party symbols available in various election commission documents. The interactive map showing the NPF in Manipur in You then get a map with the seats belonging to that party coloured in yellow. And each time you click on a different party icon, a new map is generated.