Cedar key small boat meet 2011

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cedar key small boat meet 2011

Post subject: Cedar Key small boat meet 5//8. Post Posted: Tue Apr 19, Adventure Blue converted to an Island Tandem Island. Boating is quite popular in Cedar Key, whether you're fishing, sightseeing, The Cedar Key Small Boat Meet is always held on the 1st full weekend in May. Join us at the 34th Annual Cedar Key Small Boat Meet on Florida's Gulf Coast, held the first full weekend in May. We welcome all shallow draft boats: poled.

The builder, the contractor and the architect all wanted to offer their services for free as Fleming and many other sailors along with the Pinellas County Historical Society gathered donations. On Saturday, the public is invited to a housewarming of sorts. The boat shop's name comes from McKay Creek, which runs between Heritage Village and its next-door neighbor, the Florida Botanical Gardens, according to Jones, who worked in the early s inside Clearwater Bay Marine Ways, a boat business started by Mills.

Ed Hoffman studied that. We are starting with Clark Mills who is so highly respected in this area, but there is much more. For example, the s in Tarpon Springs with the Greek boats that influenced the area's builders as well. His wife, Naomi, 89, will attend the ceremony with Fleming. They are filled with every clipping of every regatta, a phenomenal record, and she is amazed at what has been done. Contact Piper Castillo at pcastillo tampabay.

Cedar Key Small Boat Meet | Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce

Children under 12 are free. Parking and a free shuttle will be available. For information, visit pinellascounty. Ft Desoto Park Sep 12 The event was rained out, did talk with several sailors at the ramp before going to lunch with some of the group. A few hardy souls were already out there sailing when I Ron Hoddinott arrived to see what was going on. Dale Niemann and I drove down together to take photos and meet people.

cedar key small boat meet 2011

Bill Fite was sailing in, to haul out, having spent the night out there. Chris Throop and Floyd Marsden had already headed back under sail from their launching point, having sailed to Ft.

Sandy and Bill were bringing Ariel, their 26 foot MacGregor, back to haul out, and Don Montplaisir with a white Potter 19 hauled out and then put his boat back in after lunch to get in some extra sailing.

Everyone pitched in to help get that fixed before Bill shoved off for home.

Cedar Key Small Boat Meet

But for the most part it was kind of a bust. Rainy showers are not the best weather in which to go out sailing!

I called ahead and the had a table for 14 which was just about right. Paula Martel, from Watertribe came down to join us. Congratulations to Bob Pitt for earning a Florida Folk Heritage Award for his traditional boat-building skills and for sharing that knowledge with the people of Cortez and all of Manatee County. Pitt is a master craftsman in the art of building boats by hand, having spent a lifetime honing his skills and preserving techniques that otherwise might have been lost in the dusty ages of history.

And he continues his activism in the historic fishing village, building boats with volunteers at the former fire station and serving as president of the Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Association. It once brought Cuban refugees to Florida. Pitt has been awarded a Florida Folk Heritage Award for his traditional boatbuilding skills, and plans to travel to Tallahassee in May to receive the honor from the Florida Secretary of State. He remains active in the historic fishing village, building boats with volunteers at the former fire station and serving as president of the Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Association.

His mother's family was immersed in the culture of the islands of Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas, where his great-grandmother was born.

This is what I saw when I got to the beach. Thursday the winds were 15 kn gusting to 20 kn. Only a handful of boats were out. I had the second reef in and Goat was scooting around at kn. Glen was out as well in his Beetle Cat. I was sailing the boat off the wind while videoing when a gust hit.

I was too slow steering the boat back under the sail and over we went. No big deal, was back upright in seconds.

cedar key small boat meet 2011

Did not even get wet. I have video of the whole thing and will post when edited. A screen shot for now. Stopped for a rest on Atsena.

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No really, they were mating in the channel. The water was murky and I had no idea they were there. As the boat stopped with a bang the water exploded around me and one of the Manatees side swiped the rudder.

It hit hard enough to blow out the rudder box. I did not realize it at the time as I still had good steering control and it was only a short distance to the beach.

That night with Hugh Horton's help, a scrap piece of wood, one pump of West System and a couple of deck screws we had the rudder cassette back to functional.

The permanent repair will require a complete rebuild. Structurally good as new.

34th Annual Cedar Key Small Boat Meet

Friday the wind was a couple knots lighter at kn, which is a shame as I had great crew. Wes White and I spent the afternoon flogging the Goat. There was enough wind to just start the Goat planing at around 7 kn with a few bursts into mid 8 kn range. With a couple more knots of wind we would have been solidly on plane all day long! But I'm not complaining.

Photo by Michael Jones. This is what a fun afternoon looks like. JF Bedard was out there handling the chop very well in his own design Ozona pram. Check out his web site: Wes and I not hiking hard but fully powered up. GPS track log says we are doing 7. Video by Michael Jones. Island Place beach Friday night. Saturday the beach at Atsena Otie is filling up.