Circle city classic swim meet indianapolis

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circle city classic swim meet indianapolis

Description. Circle City Classic. This meet is held at the IUPUI Natatorium, Indianapolis, Indiana. FOX Swimmers: This meet is for FOX Age Group Swimmers and. World's fastest pool | Nation's premier swimming and diving facility | Home of Indiana's first zero waste athletic event Indianapolis, Indiana. Competing in the Circle City Classic hosted by Brownsburg Swim Club, Jagdfeld went her best time by two seconds, and was about six seconds ahead of .

The city planning is largely logical and follows a grid pattern with some exceptions. Washington Street is the main east—west through street, which bends to the south on the westside and Meridian runs north—south far past the boundaries of the city.

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  • 2018 Circle City Classic® – Howard University Vs. Bethune-Cookman University

Due to the flat terrain of central Indiana, you can see downtown from most spots in the city. If you are desperately lost, you can at least get your bearings by looking for the handful of skyscrapers. Starting in the s, Indianapolis and the surrounding areas—especially Avon in the west and Carmel in the north—have added several roundabouts.

American motorists may not be familiar with them but they are safe and have reduced collisions in the areas where they have been installed.

Local drivers are accustomed to them. Ina Michigan left was installed at 96th and Allisonville, the extreme north of the city.

IN CSC Circle City Classic

Parking meters are found downtown. The city sold control of these to a private company in — and parking tickets are handed out aggressively. Meters accept cards, coins, and small bills and parking is free in late hours and on weekends. It travels through much of the city and into some suburbs. All buses are equipped with two bike racks in front. Although the city has slowly increased funding for transport, outside of rush hour routes, you may still find yourself with a half-hour wait or longer.

Most routes travel from a locality in the outskirts of the city to the centrally-located bus stops downtown and back out; there are also a handful of smaller circulators and loops. Consequently, if you want to go across town, you will likely have to catch two buses.

circle city classic swim meet indianapolis

One of the handiest routes for visitors is 17 Collegewhich runs hits most of city's most popular dining and nightlife spots, including the Mass Ave strip Downtown up Broad Ripple Ave. Runs roughly M—F 5AM—9: The 8 route also heads east from downtown and can be used to access the quaint neighborhood of Irvington.

Bethune-Cookman HALF TIME SHOW - Circle City Classic 2018

By bike[ edit ] Biking is easy due to the smooth topography. There are a variety of bike paths throughout the city, including the Monon Trail and the Central Canal. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail was built through several years in the early 21st century and takes riders through downtown providing signs with Indianapolis history; public art dots many stops and you will be guided past several restaurants and local businesses.

This world-class bike and pedestrian path marks an interconnectivity that no other city of Indianapolis' size can achieve, connecting the city's seven Cultural Districts, neighborhoods, and entertainment amenities, and serving as the downtown hub for the entire central Indiana greenway system.

Starting inMayor Greg Ballard announced a plan to make Indianapolis a bike-friendly city for those venturing out on open, and often busy, roads.

circle city classic swim meet indianapolis

Motorists in Indianapolis are not known for being aggressive but it is still novel for many of them to share major roads with cyclists. Bike lanes are clearly marked but some drivers may encroach upon them.

Also, while the Monon is a beautiful and well-traveled path, it is frequently unsafe at night—particularly north of Downtown. Black college football was special because of it.

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It is still special because of it. Bathroom breaks, food and beer runs are timed meticulously during games in order for you to be back in your seat for the halftime experience.

circle city classic swim meet indianapolis

So when Bethune-Cookman band director Donovan Wells extended the invitation to take the hour ride with the band and experience what it takes to make the member Marching Wildcats so special, I was ecstatic. But I also had no clue what I was in for. Traveling from Connecticut, where the weather was much cooler, I arrived in Daytona Beach a little after 1: As soon as I stepped out of my cab, music greeted me. I knew exactly where to go.

1, miles with the Marching Wildcats of Bethune-Cookman, and what a ride! — The Undefeated

Four days spent with the Marching Wildcats for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at band life. I headed to the field, where an hourlong practice was in its final stages.

Band members practiced as if it was the day of the performance — their final practice before boarding the buses later in the day. I spotted Wells and approached him as he extended his arms for a warm, Southern greeting and welcomed me onto campus.

circle city classic swim meet indianapolis

Following the band into the music room, I was given another special Marching Wildcats welcome before announcements were made and members were dismissed. Many of the band members were eager to hit the road. To be sure band members are fully equipped with everything, Wells has a system in place. So when you spend that much time with people, you become close friends. You become almost like family members. We want to make sure the students have their full uniforms and their hats. Then you pack your luggage and then you get on the bus with your uniform.

French horns and auxiliary board Bus 1, trumpets on Bus 2, clarinets on Bus 3, saxophones on Bus 4, baritones and trombones on Bus 5, baritones and tubas on Bus 6, and percussion instruments on Bus 7.

Although modern technology would provide the route, Wells was still sure to visit MapQuest for a physical copy of the directions just in case. The route was straight up through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky before reaching our final destination: High energy and chatter from my bus, Bus 1, filled the air as movies played in the background.

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Our first stop would be Jacksonville, Florida, where the more than members would swarm the food court of a local mall.

Most shoppers looked on while others walked up to members, inquiring about the massive group. After eating and leaving the food court as tidy as we found it, we all boarded the buses again to prepare ourselves for the longest stint of the trip.