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Claire in Obando, after which, they encouraged the natives of Obando to become Catholics. Little by little, dancing performed by the natives before their gods during rituals was converted into a dance in honor of St. Paschal Baylon San Pascual Baylon was introduced to the people of Obando in the 18th century by a parish priest assigned to build th Obando church. There were numerous anecdotes appertaining to the miracle done by St.

Paschal, one of which is a story which relates that there was once a couple from hagonoy, Bulacan who chanced upon a peddler selling crabs, that later invited the former to attend the festivities in Obando, the couple succumb to the invitation. When the couple paid a visit to Obando church to hear mass, they were astonished when they saw the semblance between the statue of St. Paschal in the altar and the peddler whom they met.

Paschal, is also believed to be the patron saint of childless couples. The Virgin of Salambao was brought to Obando in the 19th century. Two fishermen by the names of Juan and Julian dela Cruz were busy fishing in Binoangan, Tambobong Malabon when they unexpectedly caught in their fish nets Salambao the image of the Virgin. According to old folktales, when the two fishermen were about to bring the image of Virgin to Navotas, their boat suddenly became heavy that they cannot move towards Navotas, and when they decided to bring the image instead to Obando, their boat lighten enabling them to sail again smoothly.

From then on, the image was named as Our Lady of Salamao and was since then enshrined in the altar of Obando church. The Virgin of Salambao is well known in Obando for being the patron saint of fishermen. She also considered as a patron saint of childless couple. Highlight of the event is the Halloween parade participated in by SBMA officials and employees, locators and school students garbed in the scariest costumes on board Halloween-themed floats. People then start celebrating together for the bountiful harvest.

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Today, unlike in older days, wherein people celebrate separately in their barangays, San Jose City now celebrates as one big family. The after-harvest celebration has become a multi-sectoral effort, collectively prepared, funded out of contributions from the public and private sectorand participated in by all sections of the city. A huge pagoda bearing the image of the Krus accompanied by some devotees symbolizes a dramatic tradition inspired by centuries-old tales.

It is believed that the mounting of such a festival assures the agricultural town of Bocaue a bountiful harvest. Pagoda sa Wawa, in the truest sense, is an exploration of the medium of the water or the river to dramatize the meaning of Christianity in the lives of the local folks. Legend says that a wooden cross was seen drifting along the Bocaue River one day of July, in the year Found at the intersection of two tributaries, the cross was left to float by a local fisherman named Crispin Mendoza and tested on which direction it would go.

And when the tide led it naturally to the direction of Bocaue, it was brought immediately to the church to become the parish's principal object of veneration, eclipsing on most occasions the original patron saint of the town, Saint Martin of Tours. Boat races, nine-day prayers, games, revelry and races are all done in the river before the Miraculous Cross is transferred to the church where it will be enshrined for the entire year.

The word "Pandaw" means assurance of an abundant fresh-water catch each time the festival is celebrated. Festival features street dancing, trade fair and local competition. The town was formerly known as San Miguel de Mayumo, so called because it was renowned for the sweets made there. Among the events in the festival are demonstrations on pastillas cooking and the craft of making pabalat, the lacey pastillas wrappers made of rice paper.

The art of Pastillas candy making: Five pails of milk can yield only about two pails worth of pastillas. Carabao's milk and white sugar are stirred continuously over low heat until the mixture thicken. This is usually flavored with dayap native lime. This is now cooled, cut into bite-sized cylindrical pieces and rolled in white sugar.

The result is the softest, creamiest, melt-n-the-mouth candy.

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This is then wrapped in rice paper, whether it be fancy or plain. Nagbalayong, Morong was organized to intensify the information campaign and generate public awareness on the importance of endangered baby Olive Ridley turtles Lepidochelys Olivacea are the smallest in the world in our eco-system.

The weeklong celebration is highlighted by a ceremonial releasing of Pawikan hatchlings in the blue waters off South China Seastreet dancing competition where participants are dressed gaudily in turtle-like clothing, walk for a cause, trade fair, beach volleyball, graffiti painting contest, sand castling contest, coastal clean-up project, seminars and other activities.

The event is a joint project of the provincial tourism office, Bataan Tourism Council Foundation, Inc. The participation of international hot-air balloons from all over the world draws thousands of people to the site to witness the early morning balloon fly-out and late afternoon fly-in. The festival was initiated by the Department of Tourism in by then Secretary Mina Gabor to rescucitate the fledgling spirit of the Kapampangans - only three years following the eruption of Mt.

The tourism regional office led by Regional Director Ronaldo Tiotuico handled the initial stages of the project in cooperation with Clark Development Corp. Joy Roa of Air Ads, Inc. For information on the current festival, visit www. The popular beasts of burden are cleaned and waxed to an ebony shine, their horns festooned with garlands of flowers, and and made to take a bow before the town church by performing the traditional genuflection - an incredible feat that never fails to mesmerize local and foreign visitors.

One week before the the feast day, a number of agri-related events are held in the town to primarily focus on and promote the economic development programs of the local government. Farmers hold contest such as carabao races, best crops competition and other folk children's games.

Prizes are at stake for the best-looking carabao, the most skillful and the cleanest, the best themed-cart float, among other events. The citizens of San Fernando have reserved a special day every year to honor this amphibian because of its important contributions to the environment, the economy and culture. It also resembles the Fernandino in many ways, including its resiliency.

The frog is part of Kapampangan tradition and culinary culture. It is said that in the early days when the farmers were totally dependent on rainwater to irrigate their farms, the children would gamely catch the frogs while their elders were busy cultivating the land or planting rice. This game eventually became an opportunity for families to establish strong bond as the technique used in catching frogs evolved to the point of being ritualistic. It was not unusual to see families lined up on top of pilapil in many rice fields with their paduas on one hand and panyapu on the other.

They would patiently wait for the frogs to bite the bulating tudtud as they move the paduas in slow horizontal direction. They do this very quietly so that the frogs would not be agitated. This practice was handed down to the succeeding generations. Up to this time, though their number has decreased, many families still carry this tradition as they catch frogs for their own consumption or for selling purposes. Known for their virtuosity in their cuisine, the Kapampangan ultimately discovered the gastronomic attributes of the frog.

Thus, recipes were formulated using indigenous ingredients. These include the betute which is a pun for butete. The latter is a Kapampangan word for tadpole. Betute, on the other hand, is dressed frog stuffed with minced frog meat or pork and some finely chopped ingredients.

Program of activities in included the ff: Paduasan Frog Catching Date and time: Open to all student and professional frog catchers.

Papyalung Tugak Frog Games Date and time: To be participated by students from different elementary schools in exciting games for the frogs and for the students. To be participated by different secondary schools in the City. Each participating school will do one frog costume and a frog head dress to be presented in a parade.

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City Hall Atrium Description: Open to all secondary students and professionals. The composition must be original and in Kapampangan. Open to all Fernandinos who have the most unique and exotic frog recipe may it be soup, appetizer, beverage or dessert but not main dish. Open to professional and non-professional Fernandinos who have the unique frog dish.

The festival is now on its 12th year The Holy Week tourist trail in Pampanga has always invariably ended at the crucifixion rites of flagellants in Barangay Cutud in the City of San Fernando. In once somnolent Sto. Tomas town, just seven kilometers south of the capital city, Easter Sunday has always been the centerpoint of the observance of the Holy Week.

As a matter of course, Easter Sunday is celebrated as the fiesta in Poblacion, taking precedence over the official July 3 feast day of the patron St. Or yet again, the resurrection an occasion of celebration for the apostle too with his affirmation of the divinity of the Risen Christ thus: Over the years, Thomasians have gladly acknowledged and observed Easter Sunday as the feast of all feasts.

Those who already reside abroad or other nearby provinces always find time to go home and be with their cabalens townmates in commemorating the Maleldo Holy Days. At this point, the curtain that separates the Mother and her Risen Son is opened for their joyful salubong. The procession ends in church with a High Mass. By noontime, the faithful congregate anew at the churchyard for the burning of the effigy of Judas Iscariot. That used to cap the annual Holy Week celebrations in Sto.

From the old rites will be aborning the Sabuaga Festival. However, in this new tragedy at the Aurora Theater Dark Night shooting, one of the victims was a year-old woman from my church, Petra Anderson pronounced Pay-tra. Petra went to the movies with two young friends who are biking across America.

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