Club penguin ph meet up times 2014

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club penguin ph meet up times 2014

For his Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Gary the Gadget Guy (CPI) Gary the Gadget he appears as more of a team member like Jet Pack Guy and Rookie. Gary's friendship with Aunt Arctic, largely noted in previous times, has not been Some examples are Garugg the Ugg Ugg at the Prehistoric Party and. The Fair was a party in Club Penguin which began on February 20 and ended on online meetup and was later confirmed in issue #26 of the Club Penguin Magazine. Rookie was the mascot and in charge of this party, just as he was with Fair in A hint by the Club Penguin Times that The Fair would return. Plaza: Hotel Spa: Play Zone: That concludes the Meet-Up Events for March A total of 12 Club Penguin Music Jam Cheats By: Ramone Club Penguin Cheats, secrets, Club Penguin Meeting PH On Server Crystal. Lots of us were Club Penguin Mascot Meet-Up Times: Puffle Party →.

The mysterious employees of the Everyday Phoning Facility also received coins for their efforts. March 11, - The first shipment of special new goodies for puffles is available at the Pet Shop. Surprise your fury friends with toys and food right now! March 18, - Giant Squid Attacking! Squidzoid has returned to wreak havoc. Throw food in a place where snacks are found to earn your Food Fight Stamp. And try solving a puzzle for the Party Puzzle.

Make sure you earn these Stamps before the party ends! February 9, - The Migrator has been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon! February 16, - Shiver ye timbers! Rockhopper has set up the Treasure Hunt game at the Beach!

Set a course and try your luck digging for buried treasure! February 24, - Avast! Be ye looking to join Rockhopper on his Quest? Then set a course for the Beach, and board the Migrator! March 1, - Puffle-fan fashions have arrived at the Gift Shop!

Check out the latest outfits in the Penguin Style catalog. March 8, - The Puffle Catalog has new hats and snacks for your puffles. Check them out in the Pet Shop March 15, - Giant Puffles Spotted!

Keep your eyes open for ridiculously massive puffles running around the island! Several sightings have been reported near the Puffle Play Zone. March 22, - Puffle pandemonium? Giant puffles, lots of colorful costumes, and even PH herself have been spotted at the Ski Lodge.

Bounce over and check it out! The following things may or may not be true: Rockhopper is a pirate! Goldfish are neither gold nor fish! Pizza tastes like pizza! Check out the new outstanding outfits while supplies last! April 12, - The latest Igloo Catalog is here! Go wild with new Earth Day-inspired igloo items Check them out in your igloo.

club penguin ph meet up times 2014

April 19, - Set out on your safari! Grab yours before the party ends! April 26, - Postcard Update! Whether you're saying hello, or inviting others to join you in a crime scene investigation, postcards are the way to go!

Click [mail icon] at the top left corner of your screen to view the latest catalog. May 3, - Dost thou fancy thyself a dragon?

Perhaps a fairy wizard? How about a warrior princess? Then saveth thy coins, for many medieval fashions await thee May 17! May 10, - Looking to get started on your medieval merriment? Then look no further! New medieval items are out now in the Furniture Catalog. May 17, - The Royal Kingdom has been cursed! After standing up to the Dragon King, the Royal Village was destroyed, and its villagers turned to stone.

Be careful and stay sharp, all who travel there! May 24, - Armor-up! All knights can claim a battle helmet at Dragon Peak. Or a full suit of armor in Knight's Quest I!

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May 31, - The ancient curse of Scorn, the Dragon King, was broken last week. Thanks to all the legendary knights, princesses and wizards who saved the day. The island is back to normal, in case you didn't notice. June 7, - Super powered penguins spotted around the island! Super Villains threaten island take over! Is this the end of Club Penguin as we know it? June 14, - Hero HQ is online! Super Heroes reported trapped in the Super Villain Lair!

Are you brave enough to save them? Then what are you waiting for?! June 21, - Villains - Attention villains! You know what to do Please be advised—epic battles and traffic jams are expected! June 28, - Villains - Warning: That is a trick.

July 5, - Destructobot is defeated! The huge machine has been taken into EPF custody. July 12, - Say what!? Reports of an unidentified flying object are flooding in! July 19, - Heads up dancers! The Daily Music Challenge is on-so grab your gear, dance up a storm, and earn your right to call yourself a Super Star!

July 26, - Have you rocked the Daily Music Challenge yet?! If not, what are you waiting for? There's prizes, dance moves, and glory to be had! August 2, - It's on!

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Teams are gathering at the Stage for the ultimate dodgeball championship. Will Team Blue triumph? Will Team Red dominate? Find out this and more! August 9, - Attention igloo decorators! The new igloo furniture catalog is out, with a 'fresh' selection of new items.

Check items and take your 'pick' of the 'bunch'! August 16, - Avast! The Tropical Igloo Contest now be closed! I be eager to see what ye've done with yer quarters.

We be announcin' winners soon. Best of luck to ye! August 23, - An enormous volcano has appeared at the Snow Forts! Scientists and pizza chefs are baffled.

Gary the Gadget Guy could not be reached for comment. August 30, - Hey everyone! I've got a big surprise for you in September.

And I promise I won't mess it up like last time! September 6, - EPF agents have been spotted running around the island recently. What are they up to? September 13, - Rookie sighted around Club Penguin!

The noted island-tipper and April Fool was spotted helping prepare for the Fair. No disasters have been reported yet. September 20, - Animals aplenty! Check out the farm decoration at the Beach if you're looking for the perfect pasture for a picnic. We asked a horse if he is going to miss it, and he said, "Neigh! September 27, - It's pure pandemonium at the Bumper Car Derby!

The crowd is on its feet, and October 4, - It's time to get ghoulish with new costumes at the Gift Shop. Lurk in the shadows as a sinister bat or get dirty digging graves.

October 11, - Prepare yourself for scary low prices!

club penguin ph meet up times 2014

The latest Igloo Furniture catalog is here, just in time for Halloween. Decorate with darkness today!

Puffle Handler Meetup Times: November 2013

October 25, - And now, a traditional Halloween poem: Give me something good to eat. Just don't eat candy 'til you're sick! November 1, - Now listen up, see? There's a marvelous mystery at the stage, see? There's a damsel, a detective, and a dazzling ruby. Can you solve the perplexing puzzle? We'll have to see November 8, - EPF Agents have been seen all over the island. Please answer any questions they have.

This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill. November 15, - Surrender EPF agents! I KNOW who you are! I have discovered your secret identities. November 22, - Emergency announcement: Penguins and puffles are advised not leave there igloos without proper cold-weather gear.

November 29, - Herbert was spotted running around the island last week, looking generally flustered and cranky. Should you see him, all citizens are encouraged to throw snowballs at him. December 6, - Start your seasonal celebrations early this year, with the Humbug Holiday Party play now showing at the stage.

No polar bears allowed! December 13, - Tidal experts, pirates, and brown puffles all agree - Rockhopper will be landing at the Beach on December December 20, - Avast! All bakers on deck! We be needin' cookie crafters by the baker's dozen at the Bakery! If we be not gettin' help soon, our goose is baked December 27, - Coins for Change is nearly finished! Gary has anywhere between pairs of socks it is different to everyone as revealed on Mission 1.

At the beginning of the Medieval Partythere was a bug that had the player card he had from the Halloween Party and had the Thunder Blade instead of the Ghoul Detector. Club Penguin later changed his player card to his classic player card. At the Medieval Partythere was a special seat at the lighthouse for him, probably to escape crowds.

Gary made a cameo appearance in The Party Starts Now. According to the Yearbook, he is the most likely to save the island with a Milkshakerocketcopter Gary could not add some penguins at the beginning of Halloween Party because of a glitch.

Gary was kidnapped by Herbert P. Bear on November 8th, and freed on November His way of saying "Great Scott" is similar to Dr. Brown from Back to the Futurea popular movie franchise. Two of his favorite dinosaurs are Micropachycephalosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus.

When he was a kid he had a stuffed Tyrannosaurus named Lord Chompington, who apparently, was quite polite. He has many family members, including cousins, uncles and an aunt not Aunt Arctic.

Most of them are possibly shy. He's shown to have an extremely high degree of myopia shortsightednessas his left eyeglass has Gary appeared two months in a row in earlymaking appearances in both the Prehistoric Party and Hollywood Party. He is one of the smartest penguins in Club Penguin. Gary stated at the My Penguin Release Partythat he is not very shy anymore.

Gary has a Goldfish that lived in his room until the Popcorn Explosion. It took him times to get his first potion right during the Medieval Party We learn a lot about him in WaddleOn Episode The reason he is bald is because he used a Hair Chair He builds a new room called the Future Dome, where the mad scientist convention is going on.

He almost had the Blacksmith Force lose their jobs.