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cross country meet timing equipment

RunnerCard Timing and Scoring System using our Mobile App Experience the difference beginning August of , just in time for the cross country season! The system controls will be accessible from your RunnerCard meet director. Fulton Accurate Timing uses FinishLynx Technology in conjunction with Hy-Tek and/or Meet Pro to give you Fully Automatic Times for your track and field meets. We have been offering Ipico Chip Timing with FinishLynx software for your XC and We are working towards powering all of our equipment with onsite solar. The Jaguar RFID chip timing system provides fast, accurate, real-time results. and timing hundreds of road races as well as track and cross country meets.

Every years I try to research the basic Finishlynx timing costs across the country for the main timers in each region. The south Florida in particular is very low in cost to provide the equipment I consider to be the basic HS package. Now for where I think this is going and how it may cause issue for HS track: The current this year FHSAA plan to have a 64 district two week free for all window means that quality timing is going to be real thin as each district thinks that they should be priority 1 for each company and get the premier Thursday for their meet.

I plan to sit at FACA I'm sure Mike will be with me there as well and try to avoid the issues, but quality timing will not be available in this format for many districts unwilling to move dates.

cross country meet timing equipment

Why does this sport get to set the post season dates themselves? Other sports are told when they will compete in post season 3. The big meets will continue to be able to hire out and get the toys, etc.

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Either the middle range events will need to figure out how to afford the toys or meets in Florida will start to disappear as things like wind readings, etc. Completing the meet seems to be enough now instead of providing a quality product that makes the meets better.

There is a growing small group of timers that seem to be improving so that if this was a priority, they could make the jump to full time guys. My final observations are that I am going to continue to add and advance the services we are able to provide which will continue to keep me making about the same as or less than I did teaching with way more risk and travel wear and tear on the body and vehicle. Those that just write the check and believe that we are making a killing, I wish that were true!

If you don't use RunSignUp as your registration platform, results will be printed on-site and posted online later in the day. Races in must use RunSignUp as the registration platform to use 3W's timing services. This is available for any number of participants, whether you have 50 finishers or 50, Some locations with multiple timing points or high-demand race dates may incur an additional fee.

Indicate your equipment requests while completing the timing agreement online. Box of Safety Pins approx. Click the link below!

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Although we only use the app based timing for events with fewer than registrants, we will extend special pricing to youth cross country meets in the case that the meet is started in WAVES of no more than students per wave and each wave is started in such a manner so that the first finisher of the subsequent wave does NOT finish before the final finisher of the wave preceding it. Safety pins are not included.

Results are posted live during the event on Webscorer. Teams can be scored by points or times. Only one mobile device may be needed to time the race. This could work very well for a tempo run at practice! Results are automatically posted to the internet, making results available automatically and without hassle. Read More Standard Races - Typical Setup This is a race where the runners are finishing in a higher density, closer together and in groups.

Select Primary Timer on the App, then select Timer at the bottom of your screen. When each runner reaches the finish line, the worker will touch the Tap pad. Even runners that are finishing quickly and close together can be accurately timed. Select Scan on the App, then select Scan at the bottom of your screen. The worker will hold the camera of the mobile device so that the code is visible within the screen. The App will read the code and use the athlete number in the code to identify the finisher.

As a runner approaches the finish line, the number on the runner is visually identified and keyed into the App, ready to be timed. As the runner crosses the finish line, the Enter pad is touched to record both the athlete number and the time. Select Secondary Timer on the App, then select Timer at the bottom of your screen. A worker is positioned perhaps yards before the finish line. The worker enters the bib number and touches the Enter pad of each runner as they reach that location.

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The announcer is given a device that is loaded with the Announcer View. When each runner is entered into Announcer Feed, the information for that runner is displayed on the Announcer View. That information includes as applicable: The Announcer can announce the name and info of the runners as they approach the finish line, adding to the energy and excitement of the event!

With the scoring system running on our server, you run a small program on your computer to allow you to print. The Remote Print Server will enable a printer that is installed on your computer to be the source of printouts. This will allow you to print RunnerCards for each of the finishers in your meet, a high quality service that will set you apart from the rest! Whie viewing this page on your phone, click the icon "Download from the App Store" and install the App.

Once the app is installed and you open it for the first time you will be asked to enter your contact information, which allows the meet director to know who worked each location and to contact them if additional information is needed. You will be asked for an invite code to access meets. This is entered by the meet director when the meet is setup for timing. For now, just enter DEMO to access a sample meet.

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Each of the modes is available for you to practice and get a feel for the system. Of course, the data that you collect is sent off to a practice meet that is just archived and never used. Coming soon on Android Definitions Primary Time - The time that the system considers first when scoring. Secondary Time - A time that is a backup if there is disagreement with the primary time.

cross country meet timing equipment

Select Time - An athlete number and time that is used to maintain the accuracy of the results. Announcer Feed - a list of athlete numbers that supply the data for the announcer feed, informing the announcer of the identify of the runners that are approaching the finish.

This view is automatically updated when a number is entered into the Announcer Feed.