Cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

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cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

Romantic Movie list (hindi English tamil telugu kannada) Naina, an introverted, perpetually depressed girl's life changes when she meets Aman. .. Bored on the way to the kidnapper's den, Gautam is forced to narrate his cute love story .. him about love and life in their own sweet, sexy and sassy way. Home>; Entertainment >; News >; Bollywood News ALSO READ: All eyes on a sultry Katrina Kaif as she goes for a kiss with 'Bauua' SRK Katrina kaif looking smoking hot, and shahrukh looking cute Just seeing Anushka's character for the first time & I really love it. Can't wait to meet @BauuaSingh!. Check out these 23 Bollywood love triangles which were bang on! At first, this one might seem like a typical Bollywood movie. While the traditional, shy girl is in love with the cute college guy, . MensXP iDiva Whats Hot.

In Saathiya, we follow their entire courtship and a connection that apparently transcends elucidation and demands a hasty marriage.

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Once wed, the young lovers are tested by the daily squibs and squabbles of married life. Where so many romantic films end with the beginning of a relationship or marriage, this one lets us sit in it and find out if that initial spark can sustain a healthy fire. You've Got Mail Try: Mujhse Dosti Karoge Back when they were children, a young Raj Hrithik Roshan asked his childhood crush Tina Kareena Kapoor to write him daily on her parents' new fangled email machine.

cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

Oblivious to his feelings, Tina ignores this prompt, and her best friend Pooja Rani Mukherji happily steps in to catfish Raj because she's in love with him.

This goes on for roughly 15 years until Raj returns he's hot now! I love these ridiculous movies!! When Harry Met Sally Hum Tum holds up surprisingly well for being made in There are some stereotypical gender roles in the first acts, but most rom-coms are rife with these, irrespective of language or country of origin.

What's great to see about Hum Tum is that while it doesn't necessarily subvert those ideas, it gives its characters years to mature and think with more complexity about each other through relatable scenarios.

cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

While You Were Sleeping Try: Hum Aapke Hai Koun? Against this sickeningly sweet backdrop, Prem Salman Khan and Pooja Madhuri Dixit fall in love their siblings are married — is it weird?

It's not weird, right?

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Netflix or Amazon If you like: Bonnie and Clyde Try: Bunty Aur Babli The tale of these renegade criminals gets a sunnier take with its Bollywood remake, about small-town dreamers Rakesh Abhishek Bachchan and Vimmi Rani Mukherji and their chosen method of taking the big city by storm.

Like their Hollywood counterparts, they risk flying too close to the sun, but it doesn't turn out exactly the same way.

Love Aaj Kal Love Aaj Kal "Love these days" follows the birth, growth, end eventual end of a relationship with Days of Summer's keen observation, if not its stylistic choices and problematic male entitlement well, some of it. Like Hum Tum, timing is everything, and you wonder if these characters would make it work with or without romance.

La La Land Try: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani La La Land is objectively a much better made and written movie, but both of these are ultimately pretty low stakes in the conflict that separates their lovers. Love Actually What does the word 'Christmas' scream? Based in London, perhaps the most beautiful places to be in the month of Christmas, this one is as Christmassy as they get.

Watch the movie to find out. It doesn't matter if you have already watched the movie or read the book. Watch it again, fall in love again, and cry yourself to sleep!

cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

I Love You The poignant story of a young widow out to give life a second chance, guided by letters from her dead husband, is an absolute tearjerker. And it'll touch your heart every single time. Never Been Kissed What would you do if you got a chance to re-live your highschool days? A young journalist played by Drew Barrymore turns her life around when she gets to go to high school again for a research project as a journalist. A totally fun watch, the movie also reinforces our belief that life gives us a second chance when we really want something.

She's The Man When Voila plans to disguise herself as her brother and head to boarding school to fulfill her dream of being on the school's football team, little does she know that she will end up falling in love with her roommate, the ever-so handsome Channing Tatum. The confusions and complications make for a hilarious movie. Watch it for the beautiful game and Tatum. And of course Amanda Bynes who does a terrific job as her brother Sebastian.

It is a modern and refreshing take on relationships. Watch it for McConaughey! Gerard Butler talking dirty!

These 8 Bollywood Couples Are the Epitome of #RelationshipGoals

He comes to her rescue when her morning show is about to get cancelled. Coming from two totally different schools of thought, both of them click and Butler falls in love with the producer while helping her impress another guy. No Strings Attached A guy who gets you carrots because you told him you don't like flowers and makes you a mixed tape for that time of the month — meet Adam aka Ashton Kutcher! Adam and Emma decide to keep their relationship strictly physical, but life has other plans for them.

Simple and sweet, watch it for the couple's steaming hot chemistry. Valentine's Day In a series of interconnected stories, people of Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day.

cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

From childhood crushes, to old flames, the movie covers different types of relationships beautifully. A Walk To Remember What would you expect if as a troubled teenager, you are punished and have to do community service?

cute meet love hot scene in bollywood

Landon expects the same when the unexpected happens. This love story has charm, chemistry, emotions and the right amount of drama. Sex And The City This is one movie that I never get bored watching, because, come on, living in NYC and totally owning it — isn't that every woman's dream?

The first episode of the TV show was released in and we still haven't got enough if it.