Denver swap meet shooting

1 killed, 7 hurt at CO Motorcycle Expo shooting

denver swap meet shooting

All of Sunday's events at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo have been canceled after one person was killed and seven others were injured in a. Scene from the shooting at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver.. country's largest indoor motorcycle swap meet with over booths. Several. Brawl between heavily armed motorcycle clubs at Denver expo started over stairwell of the Mongols Motorcycle Club say the shooting began Saturday. January's Denver swap meet started over territory at a place neither.

Various media sources have reported that a confrontation between two motorcycle clubs, the Mongols and the Iron Order, resulted in at least one confirmed dead and at least 7 injured during the Colorado Motorcycle Expo Saturday, January 30th.

One dead in shooting outside Denver motorcycle expo; event canceled

The National Council of Clubs is deeply disturbed by such unnecessary acts of violence at any event, particularly one as well supported by the community over the years as the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, the largest indoor motorcycle swap-meet in the country. Council of Clubs attorney Wade Eldridge was present at the expo and in fact witnessed much of the confrontation. Eldridge says that he was present when he saw a crowd of Mongols and Iron Order, approximately a total of individuals, gather inside the expo.

According to Eldridge there was yelling and a verbal argument ensuing.

Swap Meet To Return To Stock Show Complex After Motorcycle Club Shooting « CBS Denver

Eldridge then heard a gunshot. He saw an Iron Order member holding a handgun in his right hand with his right arm extended. The Iron Order member then dropped his arm and pointed his weapon at the ground, says Eldridge. Eldridge says he reported what he saw to authorities on the scene. Eldridge then called and reported what he saw.

denver swap meet shooting

This photo was taken following the first shot fired, the source says. The photo shows a member of the Iron Order moving away from the crowd holding a gun in his right hand. The gun is pointed forward. Some had permits allowing them to carry concealed weapons. Some drew their guns but did not fire, while others never took their guns from holsters.

Swap Meet To Return To Stock Show Complex After Motorcycle Club Shooting

One Iron Order member told detectives, "the situation was made a lot worse because of the guns. Police also found bloody clothes, hats, boots and sunglasses scattered in the stairwell where the fight began and in the National Western Complex parking lot, the report said.

After the shooting, the event continued as people walked through and around puddles of blood and spent shell casings. After Duran exchanged fire with Mongols, more shots were fired as police rushed to the scene.

The shots can be heard in video footage filmed by an undercover Arvada police investigator. No one was injured from the second round of shots, and police never identified a shooter. Undercover officers from Jefferson County and Wheat Ridge also had volunteered to help Denver police monitor the expo. The police had gathered early Jan. Two undercover Arvada officers were near the stairwell when the fight began.

One wrote that he saw a black Iron Order member being dragged through some doors by one of his fellow club members. But two Mongols members rushed through and kicked the man, later identified as Winston, Winston later told detectives that a Mongol had made a racial slur, then knocked his beer out of his hand, saying, "What are you going to do?

denver swap meet shooting

Winston then said he was punched on the left side of the face, thrown to the ground and stomped, kicked and punched. He was put in a chokehold before another Iron Order member pulled him up and helped him escape out a back door. Other Iron Order victims in the brawl were: All three told similar stories as to how the fight started. McCallister has a bullet lodged in his liver that doctors were not able to remove, the report said.

McCallister said he wanted to see justice for the person who shot him, but he also told investigators that Duran and others who fired guns had "made a poor choice," according to a synopsis of his police interviews. A second Mongol who was shot, year-old Jared Chadwick, refused to talk to police and declined to press charges as he sat in a hospital bed, the report said. The Mongols did not cooperate with the investigation because doing so would run counter to their outlaw ethos.

denver swap meet shooting

But the Mongols' Las Vegas-based attorney, Stephen Stubbs, has said the Iron Order taunted his club's members and threw the first punch. After the Iron Order started losing the fight, members drew guns and shot first, Stubbs has said.