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derketa in death we meet blogspot directory

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Well, better late than never, I'm completely stoked these days with this 4 songs affair which last about 25 minutes and even if it's been released more than 6 months ago, I'm gonna make it justice now! It didn't happen often this year but I felt like an urgent need to send several questions to this unexpected new discovery which I'm convinced will be one of my fave bands within the next years.

derketa in death we meet blogspot directory

Did you concentrate on "local" affairs in between? We always appreciate it when someone takes the time to listen to our music.

Full text of "Maximum Rocknroll 93 (Feb )"

This is our first EP so being a fairly young band means we're still trying to make sure people hear what we're doing. It's awesome if they hear it right when it comes out, but if they hear about it a little later down the road, that's great too. Either way, we just want to share what we're doing with others. We look up to those guys as well as many other bands in the Pacific Northwest, I really feel grateful to be around such positive, genuine and heartfelt people.

Does your way of writing your lyrics and their content evolved with newer songs since the EP? I think that particular song is referencing that if these are our last days, then we should find a way to make the most of them.

As far as newer songs, the lyrical content is definitely evolving and expanding, as is the music itself. How did you approach this? That was fine with me. I enjoyed putting up shows and editing the previews and interviews people sent me.

It felt important, like I was helping somehow. But after a few months of excitement, the writing pool dried up as people moved on. I couldn't pay my writers because I didn't have advertisers on the site, and I couldn't get advertisers on the site because I didn't have enough content.

And so they stopped writing. I pushed on a bit longer, asking friends, bothering them into writing something here and there. But that dried up too, and rather than let this become just my personal music blog, I have decided to let it go. I always aimed for something higher, something that could become an institution.

Sure, it's not the prettiest site in the world, but it is functional, easy to update and easy to read.

derketa in death we meet blogspot directory

And people do use it. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I'm sorry that it won't be here anymore.

derketa in death we meet blogspot directory

Pittsburgh has never really been able to maintain a music blog like this, and now I know why. No venues would ever send me their listings the way they did to the newspapers.