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designing women meet golden girls

How The Golden Girls creator Susan Harris changed TV comedy forever — and why I didn't take him to every story meeting, but sometimes I simply had to. .. Sex and the City and Designing Women were something else. Bette Davis, Mae West | See more ideas about The golden girls, Movies and Designing Women, Golden Girls There comes a time in every woman's life. Women” Thursday: When Gerald McRaney guested as Dash Goff and met wife. I prefer Designing Women with the original cast but Golden Girls has held up much . Today, they'd be cougars dating younger men and trying to stay relevant .

Born into a wealthy family, Blanche grew up as the apple of her father's eye on a plantation outside of Atlanta, Georgia, prior to her relocation to Miami, where she lived with her husband, George, until his death.

Their marriage produced six children; two daughters: Janet and Rebecca; and four sons: Doug, Biff, Skippy, and Matthew. A widow, Blanche was portrayed as man-hungry and clearly had the most male admirers and stories detailing various sexual encounters over the course of the series.

Estelle Getty as Sophia PetrilloDorothy's mother. She married Salvatore "Sal" Petrillo, with whom she had three children: Dorothy, Gloria, and Phil, a cross-dresser who later dies of a heart attack episode " Ebbtide's Revenge ". Initially a resident of the Shady Pines retirement home after having a stroke prior to the start of the series, she moved in with Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy following a fire at the institution.

During the series' run, Sophia married Max Weinstock, but they soon separated. Throughout the series, she held a few part-time jobs, mostly involving food, including as a fast-food worker and an entrepreneur of spaghetti sauce and homemade sandwiches. Recurring[ edit ] Herb Edelman 26 episodes as Stanley Zbornak, Dorothy's cheating, freeloading ex-husband who left her for a young flight attendant.

Stanley worked as an unsuccessful novelty salesman until he became a successful entrepreneur by inventing a baked potato opener that made him wealthy. Miles is later placed in the witness protection programme. Gould also guest-starred once in the first season as Arnie Peterson, Rose's first serious boyfriend after her husband Charlie's death.

Sid Melton 8 episodes as Salvatore Petrillo, Sophia's late husband, who is usually seen in dreams or flashback sequences. He also appears as Don the Fool, a waiter at a medieval restaurant in season six. Initially an overweight former model in an emotionally abusive relationship, she later slimmed down and had a baby girl named Aurora by artificial insemination. Dana appears in seven episodes seasonswhile he also played Sophia's father in a season-four episode. Walker starred in two episodes in season 2.

Doris Belack 1 episode and Dena Dietrich 2 episodes as Gloria Petrillo, Dorothy's younger sister who is married to a wealthy man in California. She later loses all of her money and becomes romantically involved with Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan.

Scott Jacoby 3 episodes as Dorothy's aimless musician son Michael Zbornak. Lynnie Greene credited as Lynn Greene, 4 episodes as a younger Dorothy in flashbacks. Creation[ edit ] "I was running all over the house grabbing anybody who would listen. I kept reading scenes to them and saying, 'God, this is brilliant [ There are no tricks.

Studios in Burbank, Californiain August Though Littlefield nixed their idea, he asked if they would be interested in delivering a pilot script for Miami Nice instead. Their regular writer declined, so Witt asked his wife, Susan Harris[12] who had been planning to retire after the conclusion of their ABC series Soap. After the pilot, the character of Coco was eliminated from the series. Estelle Getty auditioned and won the role of the feisty mother of character Dorothy Zbornak.

This was due, in part, to the rave reviews she garnered in her Off-Broadway role reprisal for the Los Angeles run of Torch Song Trilogy. Afterwards, Getty had returned to New York but gained permission from her manager to return to California in early Getty figured it would be her last chance to find television or film work.

She would return home to New York if she was unsuccessful. She was also impressed by Getty's audition for the role of the mother of Stephen Keaton played by actor Michael Gross for a guest episode of Family Ties. Although Getty was impressive, the show's producers went with another actress. Getty came to Weiner's mind soon after when it became time to begin casting of The Golden Girls.

Disney's Michael Eisner explains, "Estelle Getty made our three women into girls. And that was, to me, what made it seem like it could be a contemporary, young show.

During an interview inGetty commented on her phobia and expressed how working with major stars, such as Arthur and White, made her even more nervous. At times, she even froze on camera while filming.

designing women meet golden girls

Eager not to be typecastthey took the suggestion of Sandrich and switched roles last-minute. She thought an accentuated Southern accent She wanted to be a southern heroine, like Vivien Leigh. In fact, that's who I think she thought she was. Arthur flipped upon reading the script, but felt hesitant about McClanahan's approach, as she did not "want to play their Maude characters Maude and Vivian meet Sue Ann Nivens.

Bea Arthur and Betty White worked well together in shared mutual respect but they did not pursue a personal friendship with one another outside of The Golden Girls set. However, both were close to Rue McClanahan off camera. Arthur and White were consummate professionals and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences on the show despite having only a work relationship with one another.

Betty White has always expressed nothing but love and admiration for Bea Arthur. There was a lot to play around with. And that was my favorite show. It was a very funny bible; it was about half an inch thick, and they loved it.

designing women meet golden girls

We had to cast Mary, I think, three or four times before it worked out. Jessica we had from the get-go, once we met Katherine and she read. And Richard Mulligan was just gold. Paul had been given two tarantulas by the casting women. On Soap, I wrote the first year and a half by myself.

Designing Women

We tried a few people. So I would rewrite them. My son and I lived in a little rental in Sherman Oaks, no pool. After a year and a half, we found Stu Silver, and that was a really good fit, so Stu started writing, which eased the burden. But it was exhausting. The protests may not have derailed the show it ranked No. We got memos [from the network] all the time.

designing women meet golden girls

What we did on a weekly basis was, I would put things in the script that were completely unacceptable. And they were very lenient.

Al Schneider was at [ABC] standards and practices — we made his job much harder, but he gave us a lot of room, as did Freddy. We were pretty much allowed to do anything, and we were really ahead of the time. I think our only advertiser was Vlasic pickles and a car company, Alfa Romeo. To this day I only get Vlasic pickles. Benson would run seven seasons, three more than the show that spawned it. Benson was such a beloved character, we knew we could do a spin-off.

What [Robert] brought to the role was, he was the smartest person in the room. He was the voice of sanity and reality, and he let everybody know that. He really did everything — he served every aspect of a character that you could. And he was a pleasure to work with. The show did very, very well. I was not very [involved] because of Soap. They were with [another] writer. I was thinking old. So we negotiated — we never pinned [their] ages down.

We just found the women, and we had the most remarkable women. And when somebody like Betty White wanted to do it and was available, it was just gold. On Mary Tyler Moore, she was the slut. Let her read for the part of Rose. The pilot — and I say this as humbly as I possibly can — it was a perfect episode. You know how much you have to do in a pilot, besides tell a story in 23 minutes.

The Golden Girls vs Designing Women

Fans loved the depiction of four mature women supporting one another while looking for love yep, these grannies had sex, and plenty of it! The friendship between Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia — and their regular heart-to-heart talks over cheesecake — became the standard to which all future TV quartets aspired.

It was just stunning.

designing women meet golden girls

I think people felt like you could have a family no matter who you were, at any stage in life. These were four women who became a family. Some [of the characters] were easier to write for than others.

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A few came more naturally, like Dorothy and Sophia. They were New York girls [like me], and they had that edge. It was a little bit more difficult to write for Rose and for Blanche, but it was an all-star cast. I never liked setups and jokes.