Disney planes meet el chupacabra creature

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disney planes meet el chupacabra creature

El Chupacabra is a character in Planes. Disney's Planes - Meet El Chupacabra El Chupacabra is Spanish for "the goat sucker", the rumored creature. Planes is a spin-off of Cars, and the first film in the Planes trilogy. Dusty heads off to the meeting of the race at John F. Kennedy Airport where he finds a friend In Shanghai, Dusty manages to help El Chupacabra win Rochelle over with a .. El Chupacabra is Spanish for "the goat sucker", the rumored creature believed. Disney's Planes - Meet El Chupacabra El Chupacabra is Spanish for "the goat sucker", the rumored creature believed to kill goats/sheep by biting their necks.

Because of this, Ripslinger's arrogance and cruel behavior ultimately led to his downfall, and was called "Ripstinker" by Roper. He differs in having two bladed props instead of "Precious Metal's" three bladed props. His wingspan is It is a contra-rotating propeller with two blades on each prop. Ripslinger is one of the Disney villains to be rude, and have a lot of pride. Ripslinger is very similar to the character of Chick Hicksthe main antagonist from Cars. Fittingly, he causes bad things for his enemies.

His flying style is to take the lead early, and maintains pace from out in front. He has a personal DJ to keep him relaxed, and he loves hip hop music. He is nicknamed the "Green Tornado" throughout the racing world. Coincidentally, both of these characters are known to be fast. The intensely charming El Chupacabra is a legend in Mexico just ask him. Powered by his passion for racing not to mention the elusive Rochellethis caped Casanova is anything but low-key—his booming voice and charismatic presence are as big as his oversized engine.

But he is helped to win her successfully with Dusty's version. He uses this stage name to "strike fear into his opponents". He is a Gee Bee Model R, an aircraft that dates back to the early days of air racing. He is the only character to have two separate eyes, but it may only be because of his mask. He is based on a masked wrestler, complete with his mask and cape. Rochelle is a tough racer and the pride of the Great White North. Always confident and capable, she got her start running mail to small towns in Quebec, picking up home remedies for mechanical maladies along the way.

She also developed a knack for fast travel that ultimately inspired her to give air racing a try. She is relentlessly pursued by charmer El Chupacabra, but steadfast Rochelle is much too focused on winning the race to return his affections. A sponsor on Rochelle's body is Powder Propellers. For 11 international releases, Rochelle's nationality and paint job are changed.

This could also imply why Rochelle doesn't appear in Planes: The Video Gamewhich it is possibly because it would have been difficult to put Rochelle's changes in the international versions of the game along with her voice actresses. Bulldog John Cleese Bulldog is a British racing plane. Bulldog has been racing longer than every other racer on the circuit. As the oldest and arguably wisest, he remembers a time before GPS, when real racers trusted their gyros and navigated by the stars.

When it comes to racing, it boils down to two qualities, says Bulldog: While the competition secretly wonders if the aging plane is past his prime, he flies his way onto the leader board again and again, proving that this Bulldog has lost none of his bite and being Dusty's friend.

Though at first he wasn't very close to Dusty, he believed Dusty could win after saving his life.

disney planes meet el chupacabra creature

Bulldog, along with the rest of Dusty's friends, gives parts to Dusty after he got damaged during a storm, demonstrating that he is grateful of Dusty saving his life. He is a de Havilland DH. He has master tactician due to his racing experiences. Ishani Priyanka Chopra Ishani is a racing competitor that hails from India.

She is Dusty's love interest. The reigning Pan-Asian champion from India, Ishani is easy on the eyes, but ruthless in the skies.

disney planes meet el chupacabra creature

Thanks to her high-speed competitiveness and notable talent, she has amassed more than a billion loyal fans—including one rookie racer who turns to her for guidance. Exotic and mysterious, Ishani is full of surprises, but always has her eye on the prize.

She is very focused on winning, but this does not mean that she can't care about other racers. Ishani is nice to Dusty Crophopper, and took a liking of him.

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Ishani was seen talking with Dusty, and he tells her about her propeller. Ishani was seen having a discussion about the next race with Ripslinger in Oil Hall. Ishani took Dusty around Taj Mahal, and gave him advice about using the railroad tracks serving as an iron compass. After Dusty got to Nepal in first place in the wake of nearly getting killed by an oncoming train, Dusty figured out that Ishani conspired against him with Ripslinger when he saw her with a Sky Slycer Mark Five propeller that was only used for Team RPX and given by Ripslinger as compensation for doing his dirty work.

Dusty blames Ishani for setting him up that he shuns her for it. Though later on in Mexico, she felt guilty of doing so and redeemed herself, and apologized to Dusty for doing Ripslinger's dirty work. At the end, she gave the propeller to Dusty Crophopper. It is currently unknown if they are in a relationship. She is based on the AeroCanard FG kit aircraft, but with different front wings, a thinner nose, and without the additional side windows.

Her flying style is a graceful at very high speeds. During the mission, Ishani always says 'Diwali', and another name for Diwali: Ned and Zed Performer: They are the secondary antagonists of Planes.

Meet El Chupacabra - Disney's Planes

He also has brown eyes, and wears a green mask, which according to the short Meet El Chupacabra, covers another mask underneath. Like other planes with his shape, El Chu has wires connected to his wings, landing gear and fuselage. He carries the number "5", painted red with black and yellow borders, on his tailfin, which additionally holds a cape that is green on one side, and yellow on the other.

Appearances Meet El Chupacabra In the promotional video, El Chu is filming an intro for his fans, only to soon get hit on the head by the boom operator, who is curious about why he would use a name like that, since it is also the name of the mythical monster.

The racing plane assures that he uses the name to give his opponents fear, although the boom operator believes that he himself is grazed rather than struck. As they resume the filming, however, someone holding a sign accidentally falls over, causing the sign to hit El Chu and move him off-screen. Having been a star on television, a singer, and a novelist of romance, El Chupacabra gets interested in the world of racing, and hearing about the Wings Around the Globe, he goes to qualify, successfully being selected.

He is also containing much excitement, believing that even his fans will be watching him, but when he introduces himself in the pit row in New York Cityhe finds that no one is applauding him, and considers that his fellow racers are not familiar with him.

However, one plane does respond, knowing that the name "El Chupacabra" is used for a legendary monster in North America that siphons fuel. Awkwardly, El Chu declines, ensuring that it is only a stage name he has used in his career, and that he has been doing indoor racing around his home country.

However, one of the other racers, Bulldogmakes fun of his name, causing El Chu to threaten him by showing his cape, before he heads off feeling proud of himself. Immediately, the newest racer in the Wings Around the Globe, Dusty Crophoppermeets up with him, expressing that he saw him on television the previous year.

Flattered, El Chu promises Dusty that both of them will have their own adventures in their first race involving them traveling around the world. At the start line the following day, El Chu is trying to concentrate, along with advising Dusty to do the same thing, but he straight away sees a female French-Canadian plane called Rochelle, whom he starts to fall in love with. Convinced, along with Dusty, that aerocar Franz has "serious identity issues".

In the first leg, which only stops in IcelandEl Chu makes his way through to finish somewhere in the top eight. While in the country, El Chu attempts to get a chat with Rochelle, but it does not have a good end, as Rochelle is insulted by his words and orders him to buzz off, though he still feels charmed. Meanwhile, his friend Dusty finished in last place, after flying so close to the sea that he got icicles on his bodywork. The second leg occurs the next day, where the racers have to race to Germany.

El Chu does his best to move through the field, finishing second behind three-time champion Ripslingerjust as they hear the report of a mayday, where Bulldog is out of control with oil blocking his view. Fortunately, Dusty deliberately guides Bulldog to safety, although he finishes last once again.

While El Chu is glad that Bulldog is safe, he feels sorry for Dusty. In the bar, they both meet an aerocar, who introduces himself as Franzknown as Von Fliegenhozen in plane mode, having become Dusty's first fan, and makes advice about having Dusty remove his crop sprayer, since he is a crop duster. Admittedly, El Chu agrees, knowing that it will improve Dusty's performance, and they are all right, as it puts Dusty into the top eight in the third leg that ends in Indiawhile El Chu finishes fourth.

El Chu admitting to Dusty about not being able to be loved by someone. Determined, El Chu tries to get Rochelle's attention once again, but again, it does not work, as Rochelle does not appreciate his comment of being in his mind. Furthermore, as he explains to Dusty about the problem, he feels he is in the Greek story of Icarus. Next, he soon notices that Dusty is in love with another Wings Around the Globe racer, named Ishanias he watches from a distance.

For the next race, El Chu and the others have to fly over the Himalayas in Nepalin which there is a runway for them to finish the race.

Yet, Dusty has already won the race, having flown through a railroad tunnel to avoid facing his fears of heights. Everyone, including El Chu, is surprised, but Ripslinger is cross. For El Chu, he himself finished around fifth place. Subsequent, El Chu flies in fifth place as Dusty leads the racers through Chinaand he keeps this position when they rest in Shanghai. With support from Dusty, El Chu successfully wins Rochelle's heart.

However, El Chu refuses to give up on winning Rochelle's heart, and is determined to do it that night by singing The Miracles' " Love Machine ", but that plan too is disastrous, until Dusty comes in to help El Chu, by having a group of musicians playing a ballad version of the song, while El Chu sings calmly. Soon, it turns out the plan had worked a little too well, as Rochelle cannot stop kissing El Chu as they prepare for the penultimate leg that ends in Mexico.

Disney Planes El Chupacabra Toy meets spongebob unboxing and play 4kids

By the time they all get time, they hear that Dusty has disappeared, but Ripslinger, Ned and Zed are not bothered, since they do not approve of Dusty. El Chu, however, accuses Ripslinger, thinking he had something to do with Dusty's disappearance, and even Ishani is cross with Ripslinger, seeing he has no respect. Unfortunately, they eventually find Dusty damaged after falling in the sea in a thunderstorm, with the damage being critical enough to make Dusty unable to take part for the rest of the competition.

El Chu and his friends donating parts to a damaged Dusty.

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Loyally, El Chu gives a pair of T33 wings to Dusty, in return for helping him begin a relationship with Rochelle, and all of the nice racers, including Rochelle, Bulldog and Ishani, give other parts to Dusty, hoping that it will put Dusty back in the race. Luckily, it is enough, and El Chu and the others spend the night hoping that Dusty will be ready, with El Chu's pitty helping Dusty's pals from his hometown to get him fixed. Opportunely, Dusty is fixed in time for the final leg back to New York.

It also leaves many people amazed, while all of the racers prepare for the last race. At the same time, El Chu and Rochelle make multiple romantic comments about each other as they wait for the race starter to wave his flag. Presently, Dusty moves ahead after starting from the back, while everyone else encourages him to win the race and beat Ripslinger.

Soon, as El Chu crosses the line in third place, he is delighted to see Dusty has won the Wings Around the Globe, and is joined by the others as they celebrate Dusty's victory. El Chupacabra is playable in all versions of the game, and has four levels centered on him.

In "Super El Taxicabra! In "Ticket to Ride", a firm El Chu challenges a freight train to a race.