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The front and rear passengers all benefit from a seating position raised by 59 millimetres, which provides an outstanding view out and makes entry and exit significantly more comfortable. The increase in space will be particularly noticeable in the rear compartment, where a full 70 millimetres of additional legroom over the Sedan and Touring — giving luxury-car levels of spaciousness — is there to be enjoyed. The cocooning nature of the interior, complemented by its design forms, colour scheme and materials, creates a lounge-style ambience which allows passengers to enjoy short trips and long journeys alike in relaxed comfort.

Intelligent load area management. The large load aperture and high-opening tailgate make access easier. Practical standard features — such as the The large load area can be utilised in many different ways, allowing intelligent space management. Practical features such as lashing points, multifunction hooks and an underfloor storage compartment make it even more convenient to use, while the LED strips that illuminate the cargo area emphasise the premium quality of the 3 Series Gran Turismo.

Quintessential BMW 3 Series: High-end material combinations and fit and finish of the highest quality underline the premium ambience on board the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. The latest addition to the 3 Series family can be ordered in an entry-level version, with the Sport Line, Luxury Line or Modern Line equipment packages, or with the optional M Sport package, which will already be available from July Three petrol and two diesel engines power the GT off the start line.

Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, although BMW also offers an innovative eight-speed automatic as an option for all engine variants. Both gearboxes link up with the fuel-saving Auto Start-Stop function. Advanced suspension technology, featuring a large number of light-alloy components, the torque steer-free Electric Power Steering, finely-balanced axle load distribution In addition to its enviable practicality and sporting dynamics, the outstanding fuel economy of the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo also serves the cause of driving pleasure.

The key here is the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, whose influence can be seen in virtually every area of the new model.

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Building on the good work of the ultra-frugal petrol and diesel engines, the intelligent lightweight construction concept of the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismoand its optimised aerodynamics including Air Curtains, Air Breathers and the active rear spoiler do their bit to maximise efficiency and dynamics.

And other measures, such as the Auto Start-Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, Optimum Shift Indicator and on- demand operation of ancillary components join the campaign to ensure the powerful BMW 3 Series Gran Turismoboasts impressively low fuel consumption and emissions.

An extensive selection of driver assistance systems and mobility solutions, offered as standard or as options under the BMW ConnectedDrive programme, allows the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo to set the benchmark in its segment in terms of safety, convenience and infotainment.

One highlight of the range is the latest-generation full-colour Head-Up Display, which projects key information onto the windscreen in sharp resolution.

Included alongside an array of other convenience and safety- enhancing assistance systems is highly effective interface technology that allows extensive use of external mobile phones and numerous Bluetooth office functions for internet-based services. The Apps option and free BMW Connected application provide access to services such as social networks, web radio and iPhone calendar functions.

Last but not least, information and office services, and travel and leisure planners using the Google Maps and Panoramio services, further increase levels of passenger comfort in the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. Aesthetic appeal, space and functionality. This new concept performs a genuinely unique role within the successful BMW 3 Series range and provides a fresh and distinctive take on aesthetic appeal, space and functionality.

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo fuses the dynamic sporting attributes of the 3 Series Sedan with the practicality and versatility of the 3 Series Touring, and backs these qualities up with a palpable increase in space and long- distance comfort. The new addition to the range exudes aesthetic and emotional appeal, boasts a distinctive presence on the road and offers similarly pronounced driving pleasure. Among the eye-catching features of the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo are a powerfully formed front end, an elegantly stretched silhouette with coupe- style roofline, frameless side windows and a flowing rear end with large load aperture.

Here, an extended rear spoiler — the first of its type on a BMW — provides visual lightness as well as reducing lift at touring speeds.

Ease of access, a raised seating position offering an outstanding view out to all sides and luxurious expanses of space around every passenger provide an instant feel-good factor. The Gran Turismo offers more room in the rear compartment in particular. Indeed, passengers in the three full-size rear seats will encounter legroom normally only found in luxury-class cars.

This broad range of qualities — both functional and aesthetic — allows the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo to tick all the right boxes for active and demanding drivers who use their car in a variety of ways but would also value the aesthetic appeal of a coupe.

All of which allows the new Gran Turismo to make a compelling case for itself as both an elegant business carriage and a dynamic, comfortable tourer for family trips away and leisure activities.

Innovative, emotional and practical. The first impression delivered by the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo invariably centres on the striking combination of dynamic and aesthetic appeal. Attractive proportions, four doors with frameless windows, the coupe- style, gently falling roofline and large tailgate define the distinctive character it has chiselled for itself within the BMW 3 Series ranks. Powerful lines and taut surfaces sketch out an athletic body which lends the car an actively forward- surging purpose, as well as suggesting a high degree of functionality.

A convincing sense of roominess, a high seating position, generous levels of space and intelligent load area management seal its status as a one-off in the premium mid-size segment. At 4, millimetres long, 1, millimetres tall, 1, millimetres wide and with a 2,millimetre wheelbase, the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is notably larger all round than the Sedan and Touring variants of the 3 Series range.

The silhouette of the headlights is larger than on the Sedan. Large air intakes below the headlights emphasise the sporting character of the car, as do the aerodynamically motivated apertures for the Air Curtains. The bonnet, meanwhile, has smoother contours than the Sedan and Touring.

The most prominent design cue remains the kidney grille, which draws the visual focus of the front end further towards the road and gives the car a lower-slung and sportier feel. At lower speeds it retracts virtually out of sight, leaving barely a ripple in the coupe-style roofline. One feature that is most definitely visible from the side are the forward-surging kidney slats, which dart up into the bonnet, underlining the agile character of the Gran Turismo.

The high-set side window graphic, which rises slightly at the Hofmeister kink, lends pleasingly aesthetic emphasis to the clear forward orientation of the exterior design. Located just rearwards of the front wheels, they are designed to reduce drag around the wheel arches. The rear of the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is highlighted by horizontal surfaces and lines emphasising muscular width and unshakable roadholding. The wraparound section below the spoiler has an extremely flat appearance and visually lowers the stance of the rear.

The interplay between light and shadowed surfaces generates a dynamism even when the car is stationary. It allows optimum access to the load area and, thanks to its wide, generously sized aperture, makes it easier to load and unload even bulky items.

The new model variant also stands 81 millimetres taller. These generous dimensions create a luxurious feeling of space for the passengers and ensure unbeatable freedom of movement in every seat. The front and rear passengers all benefit from a seating position raised by 59 millimetres, which allows an outstanding view out and makes entry and exit significantly easier. The Gran Turismo also raises headroom another notch.

Space-loving elegance with lounge-style character. Rear passengers enjoy a particularly impressive increase in space. Indeed, the Gran Turismo offers a full 70 millimetres of extra legroom in the rear, providing a freedom of movement normally only found in luxury-class cars. This supreme feeling of space is complemented by the design forms, colour scheme and materials employed in the interior.

The flowing lines of the door panels link the front and rear compartments into a single stylistic unit, while the interplay of the flat roofline and frameless windows with the cocooning character of the interior creates a spacious lounge-style ambience in the rear compartment, and thus the ideal environment for relaxed touring. An array of storage compartments and other practical details helps lay on a suitably sumptuous level of long-distance comfort.

A pair of cupholders are integrated into the centre console, but can be swapped for an oddments tray if desired. And large door pockets front and rear can accommodate up to one- litre drinks bottles 0. To this end, the rear seat backrests are fitted with folding head restraints and can be split Folding down only the central segment creates a large through- loading aperture that enables four people to bring several pairs of skis or snowboards on board with them.

Folding down all the backrests, meanwhile, creates a slightly rising, almost level and flush-fitting load compartment floor. The perceived value and functionality of the generously sized load area in the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo impress in equal measure.

The gaping 1, x millimetre width x height load aperture and high-opening electric tailgate make it easier to load up bulky items. Another extremely practical feature is the cargo function for the rear seat backrests. The tilt angle of the backrests can be adjusted through 15 stages and 19 degrees and even brought into a vertical position if required.

The larger segment opens with the tailgate, facilitating access to the load area. The second segment remains on its railing, allowing smaller items to be left in place even when the tailgate is opened. When not in use the sections can be easily removed and stored away neatly under the load compartment floor. The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is fitted as standard with button-controlled electric tailgate activation, but the options list also includes the Smart Opener part of the Comfort Access optionwhich allows the boot lid to be opened hands-free with a movement of the foot under the rear bumper.

Four lashing points in the load compartment floor and a multifunction hook in the left-hand side panel are on hand for securing loads, while a multifunction storage tray under the load compartment floor and a deep compartment in the left-hand side panel swallow up all kinds of small items. Also located here is a volt power socket to plug in a cool box or charge electrically-powered devices.

The optional storage package, meanwhile, ups the comfort rating another notch when it comes to transporting both people and loads. In addition to an array of interior features, it also comprises handy extras for the load compartment.

These include a remote release function for the rear seat backrests, a gas pressure spring for the load compartment floor, a sliding retaining net on the right-hand side panel, an additional strap for holding loads in place and a variable attachment system using two rails integrated into the load compartment floor.

Typical BMW 3 Series: It includes an M aerodynamic package including numerous body components front apron with large air intakes, rear bumper with diffuser, side skirts and high-gloss Shadow Line trim.

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M Sport is further distinguished by inch or optional inch light-alloy wheels i only in M design. Technical features of this package include M Sport suspension rear-wheel drive models only and M Sport Brakes also a stand-alone option on all i Convertibles and an optional upgrade on i Convertible when M Sport is chosen which includes calipers painted in blue finish.

Hallmark BMW set-up makes the difference. It also has a Taking into account its low center of gravity, unique chassis set-up and lightweight construction, the 4 Series Convertible is an exceptionally dynamic overall package which will satisfy every type of driver.

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A rigorous focus on sports performance. However, the springs and damping, axle kinematics and elastokinematics have all been tailored precisely to the character of the new convertible.

F34 BMW 3 Series GT Officially Release (Gallery) - BMW Markham

Indeed, the chassis engineers have managed to make further improvements to the agility and accuracy offered by the chassis, thanks to modification and fine-tuning of variables such as the camber angle, the track and the roll center. Last but not least, special body strengthening elements in the front section and the undercarriage of the car help to further enhance steering precision and feedback.

Double-pivot strut-type front suspension with anti-roll bar. The front suspension of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible combines maximum stiffness with minimum weight. Aluminum torque struts, wishbones and swivel bearings bring a reduction in unsprung weight.

At the same time, the engineers optimized the kinematics of the double-pivot suspension for agility and precision. Adjusting the position of the control arms in the swivel bearings from their arrangement on the latest BMW 3 Series Sedan gives the car a.

And that means it carves through corners with ease and precision. The rear axle of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible is a key component in its driving characteristics, but that does not mean comfort has been overlooked. This construction is based on the five-link concept, and its elastokinematics have been tuned specially for this sporting convertible. In addition, extra-wide mounts and supports on the wheel carriers for track and camber, slightly repositioned pivot points, stiff control arms and suspension subframes, and the use of thrust arms to connect the suspension with the body all provide an excellent basis for a sporty and dynamic overall set-up.

The result is precise and assured wheel location, directional stability in any driving situation. Aerodynamic features around the rear suspension also contribute to driving precision.

Servotronic steering standard, Variable Sport steering optional. A standard feature of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible is the Servotronic system which provides speed-sensitive power assistance. Powerful standard braking systems with lightweight construction.

The new BMW 4 Series Convertible comes equipped with powerful swing-caliper or fixed- caliper brakes and large, inner-vented brake discs. The calipers on the front brakes are made of aluminum. As well as low unsprung weight, the brakes also stand out with their high heat tolerance, excellent wet braking performance, ease of use and excellent feel.

A brake pad wear indicator and the Brake Drying function are standard on all models. Intelligent lightweight construction concept and aerodynamic fine-tuning. Dynamic performance and handling is significantly influenced by vehicle weight. The torsional rigidity has been increased by 40 percent compared with its predecessor. The top also plays a decisive role in a convertible, because the car does not have a roof serving as a permanent support element.

When the hardtop is up, the new BMW 4 Series Convertible highlights its aerodynamic qualities with a Cd drag coefficient of 0. The convertible achieves a Cd of 0. This is possible due to the optimization of the front apron and the rear of the car.

The BMW Air Curtains in the front apron generate a veil of air which reduces turbulence — and therefore drag — around the front wheels. The new Air Breathers positioned rearwards of the front wheel arches divert some of the air flowing through the wheel arches, thereby reducing air resistance. These innovations serve to optimize fuel efficiency and — at the same time — enhance the lift coefficient. Adaptive M Sport suspension, adaptive suspension and M Sport brakes. The M Sport suspension also includes inch or optional i only inch light-alloy wheels.

Alternatively, customers can select a lowered non-xDrive models Adaptive suspension, included in the Dynamic Handling Package, which adjusts the electronic damper mapping to each road surface and driving situation. The driver can also use the Driving Experience Control switch to vary the basic suspension settings between comfort and sport, according to personal preference.

The aluminum fixed calipers four-piston at the front, two- piston at the rear and large discs combine low weight with short stopping distances. The new BMW 4 Series Convertible also offers drivers the ability to change between sporty, eco or comfort settings, depending on mood or preference. Each of these selections will activate different settings for the powertrain and suspension components. If the automatic transmission is fitted, the gearshift points are also altered for sportier driving.

The electronic limited-slip function for the rear differential can then provide better acceleration out of corners or sharp bends. Powerful engines maximize dynamic performance.

The state-of-the-art powertrain technology under the skin of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible ensures it delivers an engaging driving experience that satisfies even the most demanding expectations.

downshift meet december 2012 kennedy

These award-winning engines not only supply the BMW 4 Series Convertible with outstanding acceleration and elasticity, they also keep the cars weight down to improve driving dynamics and lower fuel consumption.

The new BMW i Convertible gives full value to performance-minded drivers thanks to a refined high-revving inline-six engine with instant power delivery and great fuel efficiency. Peak torque of lb-ft is generated at 1, rpm and remains on tap up to 5, rpm. Low weight, high performance: Smooth power delivery, available torque, high revs and low weight define the 2.

The cutting-edge four-cylinder engine of the new BMW i Convertible generates maximum output of hp at 5, — 6, rpm and peak torque of lb-ft, which the driver can access between 1, and 4, rpm. This allows the i to sprint from 0 to 60 in about 6.

The engine gives a smooth power delivery from the moment it spins above idle to the upper regions of its engine speed range along an almost linear curve. The standard high-performance 8-speed Sport automatic transmission — with its extra gears, quick gear changes and delightful shift comfort — is perfectly matched to the character of the new BMW 4 Series Convertible.

With only small changes in rpm between gear ratios, the ideal gear is on hand in virtually any situation out on the road. Many technical features and internal efficiencies ensure powerful acceleration and short bursts of speed are possible with no additional fuel consumption.

Drivers may also shift gears using paddles on the steering wheel. Drivers can choose between Normal and Sport transmission modes using the gear shift lever or the Driving Experience Control switch. As an alternative to rear-wheel drive, the i Convertible can also be specified with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive. As well as sharing all the traditional virtues of all-wheel- drive systems — such as increased traction, safety and the optimum transfer of engine power to the road — BMW xDrive can also reduce oversteer or understeer that may occur in cornering situations.

In the process, it enhances agility and precision, e. The system gives the driver tips and ideas — relevant to the driving situation at hand — on how to reduce fuel consumption even further through adjustments in personal driving style.

On-demand operation of ancillary units saves energy. Examples include the on-demand coolant pump, the map- controlled oil pump and the Electric Power Steering system, which only consumes electricity when steering assistance is actually required. The special air conditioning compressor works on the same principle.

Specially tuned axle kinematics and newly developed forged aluminum suspension components boasting high strength and low weight meet the requirements of everyday driving and the specialized demands of track use. DDC uses electro-hydraulic damping force adjustment to provide a set-up suited to the driving situation and the wishes of the driver.

downshift meet december 2012 kennedy

The shock absorber settings can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Sport mode activates a noticeably stiffer damper set-up, while Sport Plus allows further stiffening of the suspension to achieve maximum longitudinal and lateral acceleration in ultra-dynamic driving situations.

At the touch of a button, the driver can also select from three settings for the M-specific Servotronic speed-sensitive hydraulic power steering. Sport ensures the driver enjoys more intense feedback across all speed ranges. Sports Plus is the lowest level of steering boost that can be selected. The DSC system has three levels of operation. This mode allows for very spirited driving — as on a race track — while still providing a safety net, by raising the intervention thresholds of DSC.

The standard high-performance braking system of the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe guarantees outstanding stopping power matching the overall performance of the car. As a result, the rotors are free to expand and contract without warping. The diameter of the brake rotors is The six-piston fixed calipers are radially bolted to the pivot bearing and are painted blue metallic complete with the M logo.

Together, the M brake system has been tested to provide exceptional performance and modulation, fade resistance, and pedal feel. The brake rotors measure Made from a carbon-fiber ceramic composite, the rotors boast even greater resistance to heat combined with significantly reduced rotating masses.

The M Carbon-Ceramic brakes are The optional M Carbon-Ceramic system also sees six-piston fixed radial calipers at the front teamed with single-piston floating calipers at the rear. The M Carbon- Ceramic system can be easily identified through the wheels by the special gold-colored calipers.

downshift meet december 2012 kennedy

The M6 Gran Coupe features a unique wheel and tire combination with inch M6 Gran Coupe-specific double-spoke forged light alloy wheels fitted with giant ultra-high performance summer tires, front and rear. Hallmark M design features are always influenced directly by technical considerations — such as cooling air requirements, chassis geometry, weight-and-balance, and aerodynamics.

This form-follows-function philosophy opens a design window through which to see the performance capability of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. The front of the car is dominated by its large air intakes, optional Adaptive LED Headlights and an M kidney grille designed especially for this model.

The low roofline flowing smoothly into the rear, the shoulder line — which takes in the door openers — and side windows extending well into the C-pillars accentuate the dynamically stretched silhouette. Here, the visible carbon structure provides an eye-catching feature, as does a dynamic recess in the center of the roof. This recess is referenced stylistically inside the car, the anthracite-colored Alcantara headliner gaining a central section in leather.

Emulating the harmonious blend of athletic prowess and elegance embodied by the exterior design, the distinctive M cockpit fuses sports car style with generous levels of space and a luxurious ambience. The driver and front passenger will enjoy M sport seats with integral seatbelts.

The interior of the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe brings together the incomparable combination of the driver-oriented cockpit design of a sports car with the spaciousness and luxurious feel of a premium automobile. This screen is centrally positioned and like the controls in the central section of the instrument panel, slightly oriented towards the driver.

M Multifunction sport seats offer the driver and front passenger optimum lateral support while cornering, but also a high level of comfort over long distances. The lightweight seats with integrated belt system have an M-specific design headlined by extremely prominent cushion and backrest bolsters, head restraints integrated into the backrests, eye-catching stitching emphasizing the segments of the seats, and an M logo embossed into the shoulder area.

The M Multifunction sport seats are fitted with active head restraints to reduce the risk of whiplash injury in a rear-end impact. The M instrument cluster with black-panel technology includes classic circular instruments in traditional BMW M car style, with red needles and white illumination, as well as model- specific displays and the M logo on the rev counter. The shift program currently selected and gear engaged are shown in the center of the instrument cluster.