Dps mathura road alumni meet feedback

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dps mathura road alumni meet feedback

13th August , Saturday: Students from DPS Mathura Road participated in DPS . They were told to give their feedback and share their experiences after the. Address: Mathura Road, New Delhi , India. Phone: + Fax: + E-mail: [email protected] [1] School from PT ground Notable alumni Arts and entertainment Vinod Khanna, actor Kabir Bedi Member feedback about Delhi Public School, Mathura Road.

Fitness Center Our fitness center is well equipped with latest fitness equipments. Yoga We have yoga period for every class to teach mental relaxation, good health and to develop good personality. It is our aim to develop the qualities of healthy competition sportsmanship, character building and physical fitness. Inter class competition are conducted for boys and girls where we spot out talented children who could be taken in to hands for intensive coaching to prepare them for inter school state level and national level competition.

Every year scores of students get the opportunity to play at state and national level tournaments. We give due recognition to our players who achieved at state, national and international level. Swimming Pool We have three swimming pool i.

Delhi Public School, Mathura Road

The awards are Sports Blazer: We award sports blazer and monetary award for international participation and position at national level. Our school provides special coaching after school hours in various disciplines under the guidance of expert coaches free of cost.

dps mathura road alumni meet feedback

The school provides facilities for all games. To encourage healthy competition, character building and physical stamina, Inter-Class competitions are held in all available games for senior and junior boys and girls each year.

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Games form an integral and vital part of the school curriculum. Swimming starts at the age of four for all. One major team game is a compulsory part of curriculum from classes VI to X. Special scholarship and tuition facilities are provided to sportsmen.

dps mathura road alumni meet feedback

Scores of students have played at State and National levels. The school provides facilities for specialized coaching in various games. The popular games played in the school are hockey, football, cricket, badminton, basket-ball, throw ball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, judo, wrestling, softball, squash and tennis.

Three swimming pools are open to all children by turn. The Environment Council Environment-protection, promotion and conservation has been included as a mandatory subject in the school curriculum. The concerns of the Council are multifarious like tree plantation, anti-cracker campaign, air and water monitoring, vermi composting, solid waste management, cleaning of water bodies especially river Yamuna, protection of built and natural heritage and other related activities.

It not only works at enhancing the school environment but extends its work towards awakening and solving community concerns. The Senior Citizen Welfare Programme has a number of objectives. It aims at providing a lifeline to our senior citizens, from protecting their basic physical safety to nourishing their emotional needs. Our students forge strong paternal ties with them through regular visits and share with them their enthusiasm and zest for living.

He is, sort of, flowering in the cordial, warm and beautiful atmosphere of DPS. I fell that this is the right school for a child who wants to excel in life future. The institute which stands on the pillar of truth and honestyactually walks the talk of its principles.

And truly speaking for my ward they provided family treatment in a alien environment as we recently had settled in Rajkot. Above all, the cooperative staff is motivated enough to give best services possible to students as well as parents.

Moreover it takes part in various other activities such as conducting rallies in effort to raise voice against inhumane practices in society and planting plants in campus and many more.

This brings me to another very important point that they ensure that every child is filled with humanitarian values and they provide moral education at its best. The academic mettle is proved to one and all by its annual results.

And in sports also, the students of this school have performed exceptionally well. I find myself blessed and lucky to be a part of DPS family. Jhavery and I am serving in Western Railway at Rajkot. My son has completed 10 years at DPS Rajkot. He joined the school when he was in 2nd Standard. I still remember the day when my wife and I had gone to enquire about the admission procedure for DPS Rajkot in at Neptune Tower Office where the school was initially started.

We were very much impressed by the management and at that time Ms. Sunila Malhotra was the Principal. She was a lady of virtue and respect towards her was always coming from our heart naturally. The staff at the school was very co-operative and attentive. Grand gala function was held at Hemu Gadhvi hall for opening of the school at Rajkot which was attended by Sh. Salman Khurshid and Narendrakumar, New Delhi. Khurshid shared his experience of DPS Mathura Road when he was admitted by his father in his childhood.

I had an opportunity to visit New Delhi during and my son who was 7 years old was studying in 2nd Standard asked me to bring photographs DPS Mathura Road. I brought photos for him and he was overjoyed to see them.

DPS Mathura Road

Then Came the big day when DPS shifted to its current location. We parents were invited by Shri Rajendra Kamdar to see the venue and shape of the school which was going to take place in future. My heart really felt pride because the venue and plan of the school was so beautiful and I was happy that my son was one of the students in the school. Manoj Dubey whom I respect from my heart and is one of the best teachers I have ever seen in my whole life.

Dubey just changed the picture of the whole school. He has keen interest in horticulture and one can see various types of flora in the school premises. He also boosted up moral of the students. Because of him I always recommend the school to my friends and colleagues because this is the only school in Rajkot which does not throw burden on the student whether in studies or in speaking language. The school selected me as a parent representative when my son was in Std.

Now I am a school committee member. The Principal also welcomed many Railway officers as Chief Guests during the events which are a regular part of the school. Cultural, Sports and other curricular activities like Science Fair, Cultural Evenings are such things which I will remember till my life as this is the last year I will be officially associated with the School. Rahul Kundu because of the school. At last I express my sincere thanks and gratitude towards the school and wish the school very best in future.