Easy swap meet booth

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easy swap meet booth

The crates are great display and easy to tale apart and put together Excellent advice: Setting Up A Booth for 1 day Shows Flea Market Displays, Flea. Preparing your flea market booth can be easy, follow these 6 tips for a display that's sure to draw crowds!. The much easier solution is to take it all to a swap meet and sell it there. But that's where To make the most of your swap meet booth, here are my top ten tips.

Calculate what you need to get for an item based on your purchase cost for it, the price of your gas and your stall rental. Remember you are trying to get a feel for the markets and your products. If you raise prices, remember to do it gradually — never spike a price.

easy swap meet booth

Make sure you price all of your items visibly. When customers see no prices they assume the price is high. Many will walk past you, afraid to ask for fear of having to then tell you, no thanks. Favor volume over profit margins. Offer volume discounts when possible. Offer combination deals like? Lower your prices as the days go by. If you have multiple flea market days, charge your premium pricing on the first day. Focus on moving everything as quickly as you can. People who ask you to hold something for them rarely come back, and you have lost out on a potential sale by taking the item off of your table.

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Make it a family affair. Involving your children in the flea market business is a wonderful way to spend quality time together while teaching them about customer service, accounting, sales, marketing, and responsibility. You can even encourage them to sell some their old toys, clothing, and electronics so they can make their own money. Write down your experiences. Write down what you brought, what you should bring next time, what you could have done without.

Write down what was effective and what was not, and anything else you learned. Reinvest a portion of your profits into more merchandise. Find a combination that works for you, but always reinvest a portion of what you make to help you grow your business. Merchandising Back to Top Use clothing racks to merchandise clothing by size.

Avoid wasting time answering questions about whether you have this item in a particular size. Mark your racks by size and tell customers that everything you have in that size is on that particular rack.

Use inexpensive mannequins or mannequin torsos to display attractive pieces of clothing prominently. Merchandise shoes by size, outside of their retail boxes.

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Allow customers to see what styles are available in their size at a glance without opening and closing dozens of boxes. Sort through mixed lots of merchandise and organize them by type of item. Digging through mixed bins can be time-consuming and is visually less attractive than an organized layout. If you sell hats, consider using mannequin heads to display the most popular styles. If you sell cosmetics, try to avoid laying them out on a table.

This can invite a high amount of theft and devalues the merchandise. If you sell small items like jewelry, gemstones, cosmetics or small electronics like cables and adapters, consider using locking display cases. Use a retail display to display jewelry attractively.

easy swap meet booth

If that is not an option, use simple hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets from the top of your booth. Quick, easy, and much easier for buyers to see the items!

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One flea market vendor we visited had a series of handmade rings displayed inside open egg cartons. Each ring had its spot, and people stopped to admire the creativity of the display, at which point she could engage them to purchase. Instead of having items on racks, in boxes or stacked out of reach, create a sample table at the forefront of your booth to show samples of what you have for sale deeper inside your booth.

It is known that there are differences in the way men and women shop. If your booth caters primarily to men, make sure your presentation is more direct — everything in a logical, obvious place. Women prefer to browse and dig for treasures, while men typically prefer to find what they need easily, pay and leave. Cover the front and sides of your tables to hide all the empty boxes and stuff you have stored underneath. Consider using plastic table skirting that already has adhesive on it. Place this all around the outside of your tables to make your display look cleaner.

When setting up your tables, always leave enough room for three people to walk side by side between your rows of tables. This will encourage browsing as people do not typically like to be crowded. Set up one or two folding chairs near the front of your booth as an invitation for tired or elderly buyers to have a seat and rest. Place special items those you know will be good sellers where they will be seen easily. This will give your booth and tables a?

Add height to your table. Upside down crates, bins or staggered shelving gives you a place to display more special items on your table. As long as people have a clear path to get to the table to pick up items, use your imagination! Look at your booth from outside. Are your signs clearly visible from the different directions where people will approach?

Is your booth inviting? Do you have any distracting loose ends showing? Marketing Back to Top Promote! There are things you can do to drive additional customers to your booth like advertising through community boards, churches, classifieds, flyers, craigslist and couponing websites. Make inexpensive business cards to hand out as coupons to customers to encourage repeat visits. VistaPrint is a great printing company that offers very low prices on business cards and flyers. Marketing is easier when someone asks you about your business, so find a way to bring people to your booth with a question on their mind.

It will provide a perfect opening for you to talk about what you have to offer. For example, have a contest to guess how many dog biscuits or jelly beans are in a container. Anything that makes people stop and take a closer look increases your odds of making a sale. Make sure your signs are neat and easy to read. Balloons tied to your tables, canopy, etc.

Look at the age, sex, income levels and other identifying characteristics of the people at the market. Low-income women might appreciate used, high-end clothing you buy at garage sales in upscale neighborhoods. Used baby clothing, toys and other items for newborns might do well if young females attend the flea market. Perform an Internet search for flea market products offered by wholesalers who sell inexpensive, professionally packaged electronics, games, toys, sporting goods, footwear and apparel.

Experiment with a few items each week.

How to Have a Successful Flea Market Booth

Take care in displaying your wares. Get to your booth early to fold clothing, set out boxed items and hang things on racks. Tag your goods in advance with price stickers or bring a pricing sheet listing each item and a baseline price.

Bring a stack of business cards or brochures if applicable. Prepare to haggle on pricing, an expectation at a swap meet. Arrive early to set up in time for customers. Many patrons arrive early to swap meets to find the best items for sale. Also, bring a locked cash box to hold your money and checks. Arrange your tables for optimal display of your items.

Leave space to make it easy for customers to peruse your tables. Place your sale items neatly and group together by item type.