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email from flirt com has been around for some time. focus on casual fun; you can read incoming 'email' messages but to reply you have to upgrade to a full membership, . Submit your complaint or review on attempts, I have not received any confirmation or response to the email I sent to support ([email protected]) or. reviews for, stars: "I thought I was unsubscribing from my 3 day trail. to delete my account for three days but support won't answer my emails.

In this review we analyze Flirt. For our investigation, we signed up and created a dating profile on Flirt.

Scam Analysis of (REVIEW)

Here is what we found. Posting photographs or uploading any information to the site gives them all exclusive rights over that content, which means Flirt. They can also make an agreement and share your personal info on other networks they have a contract with. By posting information or content including but not limited to copyrighted content, name and likeness and photographs to your profile pages or any public area of the Services, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant to us, our Partner Sites and Group Companies, a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use, copy, publish, display, reformat, translate and distribute, and broadcast, such information or content and to grant and authorize sub-licenses of the same.

We seriously doubt that and believe the truth lies in the fact that Flirt.

email from flirt com

This is a scam commonly seen on many other dating sites, when they use fabricated profiles to fill up the site and deceive real members like you. This is only logical given the fact that Flirt.

email from flirt com

You are not in control of your profiles that exist on other dating sites, so what guarantee do you have that the people you see here are real and not only fabricated by Flirt. The purpose of these Staff Profiles is to enable us to ensure our Services are operating properly by testing the Services, features and functionalities, and to research our products and Services.

They were all from different women, with gorgeous photographs and they were all suddenly interested in our profile. I called up my bank and had them removed. But there was more to their scam. For the first month I was able to chat with women and even hooked up with one. However, after the first month I noticed very distinctive patterns in answers to questions I was asking.

Many of the women were either not answering my questions and would respond with some other irrelevant answer or they would give very simmilar responses to each other. Then I started experimenting and deliberately started asking questions a human should be able to answer favorite color, where they grew up, favorite animal, etc.

email from flirt com

Again the responses had nothing to do with the questions I was asking. I started chatting on the public board and many other guys were experiencing the same things. We we're all talking to bots. I also noticed when I had previously sent messages during the first month I got read receipt notices. That stopped and could not confirm if any women at all were receiving my chats. I experimented again and texted almost every woman in my area almost Now I knew something was up.

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I had a female friend sign up and tried sending her messages. She didn't get any of them. When I called their customer service they initially said it was an issue they had with my account and were trying to fix it.