Equilibrium gun scene meet

equilibrium gun scene meet

Equilibrium. Posted By James We meet Preston on the job. After rooting an oil Only his stroboscopic gun blasts light his dance of death. Find amazing Equilibrium Movie GIFs from on Gfycat. Share your favorite GIF now. Meet the PRO Contract Killers [SFM] sfm, filmmaker, animation schools, animator equilibrium, christian bale, gun fight, action movie, fight, fight scene. A page for describing Headscratchers: Equilibrium. Earlier, there's a scene where their guns are on the hood of a car - Prestion hands a gun back to Brandt. Exactly . That said, we're probably just supposed to handwave it, or just ignore the.

Psychic powers, drug-induced bullet-time, magic, or just some other form of really advanced training. But positing that mathematical models can help you win gunfights by predicting the locations of opponents and where they're going to be shooting is simply ridiculous. Consider more or less any team-based multiplayer FPS. After playing a given map a couple of dozen times, you will find yourself doing much better, partly because you know the terrain better, but mostly because you've learned to predict where enemies will be and when, purely from experience.

You can sometimes find yourself uncannily predicting where and when another player will pop up, and shooting them before they get the chance to retaliate. Some FPS developers, most notably Bungie, have used statistical analysis of their maps to determine which places are deadliest, to whom, and for what reasons. The fact is, despite an apparently very large volume of space to work with, the vast majority of people can consistently be found in a relatively small percentage of that space, narrowing down the possibilities dramatically.

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Grammaton Clerics function the same way, except instead of having to learn each new location they visit from experience, they have been taught to infer the disposition of enemy forces from a relatively small input by breaking down the complexities of battle into a series of known movements, kind of like chess or kung fu.

They know that for any given space and number of opponents, there is only a limited number of sensible locations for those opponents. The reason that opponents in non-sensible locations don't fudge up the math is that those locations are suicidal. The explanation is an example of Rule of Cool.

Use maths to dodge bullets! Maybe the Prozium doesn't allow them to think of varied tactics such as going for cover. Nearly all the people Preston kills are soldiers, perhaps they were trained to fight that way.

The only times he does fight people with the imagination enough to use cover, he is in cramped buildings, and he essentially guns them down on sight without them having the chance to return fire anyways. Also, any sensible person would tell you that Gun Kata and similar Gun Fu strategies don't really have much use because When surrounded by four targets, why is it better to shoot the back right target with your right gun and the back left target with your left gun, then cross your arms and shoot the front right target with your left gun, and the front left target with your right gun?

Surely it would be quicker to move a gun 90 degrees than ? Okay, to that situation, try pointing your right arm at something directly behind it. It's much harder than crossing your left arm over to point at the same thing. This is not a headscratcher, it's the perfect working of a trope.

No, gunfights don't work that way in real life, but if you wanted real life you wouldn't be watching a movie. The issues doesn't seem to be "Gunfights don't work like this in Real Life," but "The pseudo-logic of the explanation they give doesn't work in Real Life Physics, which are presumably the ones in the movie.

There is a giant rock ten feet to my right. Statistically, people will want to hide behind a giant rock, so I will prepare to shoot someone running for that giant rock. It's memorization of buttloads of formulas that allow Gun Kata to kill with math, not actual prediction of every fight without even seeing the battleground.

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Another problem I had with the Gun Kata was that while it's being stated that it allows one to being able to dodge attacks, however when we see Preston use Gun Kata he barely moves around, mostly just staying in one place That's not too unbelievable. According to the Vice-Counsel, Gun Kata also teaches you to stay clear of the "statistically likely trajectories of return fire. Same deal with Clerics. They've been trained to dodge you before you fire because they know where you're going to shoot at.

equilibrium gun scene meet

Also they're not just trained in GK. Cleric training obviously involves a lot of physical training. So you take somebody who already has extensive physical training and add Gun Kata on top of that. Towards the ending, when Preston is getting interrogated or whatever, the man watching him has enough time to say "Oh Shit," but the people with guns don't have time to pull the trigger? I know they were pretty bad shots but not shooting him when they had the chance Or maybe it's Prozium at its best?

Presumably, the interrogator is the only one in the room who's trained to use a lie detector machine, and so he's the only one who knows what the flatline means for Preston's state of mind, and thus the only one who can guess what's about to happen. More importantly, no one used a metal detector to find and confiscate his guns.

When leading a man who is known to be highly skilled with guns into a trap, and you confiscate his weapons ahead of time, you should make sure you confiscate his guns too.

equilibrium gun scene meet

The director goes over this very mistake in the commentary; if you look closely during some camera angles, you can see that the metal detectors are on the door that Preston walks through after the lie detector.

And earlier scene would ahve shown DuPont walking through these doors with the metal detector making some noise and lighting up, clearing him to go through. This scene was removed to pace the movie better. In the plot, the guard who takes Preston sword is now making an oversight in not checking Preston for guns; this is unclear simply because it wasn't the original intent of the shot. Okay, so instead of not using a metal detector to find his weapons, the guards are just complete incompetents who can't find a pair of oversized handguns hidden up a man's sleeves when they pat him down.

Why didn't the guards arrest him after that outburst? Because the guards are his subordinates. The presentation is deliberately crafted to play into our expectations of a dictatorship; most people who don't live under tyranny assume that the most blatant flaw of dictatorship is that the dictator is, without fail, a hypocrite who practices what he outlaws.

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Rather than try to fool us when we would never believe this isn't what's happening, the movie plays into our expectations instead of trying to make this a Revealbecause it would end up as a Shocking Swerve. It also serves a plot purpose, further reducing the uncertainty Preston feels at the idea of rebellion; it's pretty obvious he sees what's wrong in this scene, if the look on his face and his forced tone of voice mean anything.

To this troper it made sense even without the knowledge or suspicion that Dupont would turn out to be the Big Bad. Many real life dictatorships combined two seemingly incompatible features: Hence people in the positions of power could get away with a lot more than the commoners, and Dupont is still officially a Vice-Counsel, which sounds high-ranking enough. The guards' inaction could also be explained by a healthy dose of Doublethink on their part.

I think the big twist puts a new layer in the above theory. Dupont and Brandt are acting obviously like they aren't on meds to intentionally reduce Preston's uncertainty about the rebellion and to make him seek to join it which would speed up their masterplan! Perhaps it's an acceptable practice for officials to imitate emotion in an attempt to provoke it in a potential sense-offender; raise the voice, act threateningly, and if no emotional response is revealed, return to normal.

Petty yes, but also very annoying. Silly is not an emotional response; thinking something is silly isn't an emotional response, either.

Libria seems to run on practicality, so it'd be a matter of which method is more efficient, over-all, for unlocking your car.

equilibrium gun scene meet

Everyone in Libria who is on their meds seems so calm and relaxed all the time. But surely emotion is not the only thing that ever gets people moving beyond minimum speed. There would be naturally energetic people with or without prozium.

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Think of people with ADHD. And being calm and relaxed is not obviously the most rational and efficient choice that people automatically choose if they have no emotions, either; if you need to get to point B anyway, running will take less time and will have long term health benefits to boot. If you have enough energy for it, there's no real reason to be a conformist zombie about your walking speed. Do more energetic people get ritalin in their prozium or something? Why would the Tetragrammaton decide to do that?

Why don't you put it back before someone thinks you're It's shown that you have to go to a medical facility to get Prozium, I always thought it would be a small wait while they actually made the drug for you. You don't just buy this shit at the Like any meds, it's not just the meds, it's a butt load of other stuff to go with.

Likely, the meds help but it's more the constant reinforcement of the norms of society that pressure people to act a certain way. Do you question why you have to wear a tie to work? Not really, most of the time. It's just something you do. Did Taye Diggs have to smile so damn much? Yes; it was a large part of why he got the role.

Incidentally, it's also not random; much like Dupont's angry outburst detailed above, its an indication that he's not on his meds. He even says he needs to have his meds "adjusted" early on, suggesting he's at least under-medicated.

This troper is a vegetarian who believes strongly in animal rights, but if presented with a choice between a cute little puppy's life and that of a human's, it would be the human s.

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How in the hell is Preston in any way considered a hero or even an anti-villain after that? THIS troper understands that humans can, by their very nature, look out for themselves, particularly fully trained adult humans carrying automatic weapons and wearing battle armor.

A domesticated animal, on the other hand, requires human protection to survive. Me, I wipe out the humans just like Preston, only I probably wouldn't look anywhere near as cool doing it.

He was struggling with his new found emotions. Puppies look cute and helpless and brought forth a lifetime of suppressed nurturing and protection while the officer investigating was just another drone. A person incomplete, lacking that which made him human and instead he was simply a machine.

Killing him was a relief from his pointless life; not that any rational decision was made you understand, it was just an overwhelming need to save the defenceless.

I think it was a little deeper than Puppy vs. Remember how hard Preston tried to bluff to avoid revealing the puppy? Just the fact that Preston had a dog would have been interpreted as him keeping a pet, and thus had emotions, so he was a traitor to Libria. So killing the squad was regrettable, but simply self defense. Note that on seeing the puppy the Sweepers all point their guns at Preston's head. It's pretty clearly him or them. That same cop has probably taken innumerable human lives prior to the puppy.

There's a certain threshold in a person's existence where their life does, in fact, become less valuable than that of an animal. Apart from the fact that Preston's life would be forfeit once the puppy was discovered, the movie obviously treats the helmeted mooks as morally valueless. Even though they are all presumably on Prozium and just doing their jobthey are shown, almost without exception, to basically be unthinking killing machines for a Dystopian government. You could make the argument that it's not really their fault, but you could make it for Preston, too.

When Preston is about to kill him, Du Pont pointedly says that he is alive and "feeling", as if he expects that to change Preston's mind. Suggests that he sees those who are on Prozium as lesser, and is hoping that Preston will feel the same. We, it seems, are expected to agree with this as far as the mooks are concerned.

equilibrium gun scene meet

Why, in a society free of emotions, do people still live in family groups? And for that matter, how do they wind up with those kids? Are sexual impulses curbed with the Prozium, or not—I'd think it would be kind of hard to get it up without any kind of desire, since Prozium seems to control all brain chemicals. While it's not exactly necessary in-story, it would still be nice to know, from a Willing Suspension of Disbelief standpoint.

It's not uncommon for countries today to say things like "It's your patriotic duty to have only 1 child China " or "It's your patriotic duty to have a dozen kids! Wimmer said that Libria was supposed to be in a transitional period, where not all characteristics of the old times have yet been squashed.

Family is one of them. He also notes that this is why important people wear suits and ties, and that, had the Tetragrammaton continued for a few more decades, these things would've been phased out. The offenders face death straightaway by firing squad or, after interrogation, in incineration chambers. Well, not just a clerick, but a superclerick. Preston can almost supernaturally sense the sense-criminals and their illicit possessions. We meet Preston on the job.

After rooting an oil painting from under a floor for prompt burning by flamethrower, he delivers a flying kick on a door and lands like a superhero in a dark chamber illuminated only by the tracer bullets of resistance fighters.

That is, until his retractable automatic pistols slide into his hands and he executes the unseen enemy with the Gun Kata, a system of kung fu-based movements mathematically formulated for maximum kill and minimum exposure to fire. Only his stroboscopic gun blasts light his dance of death. His overheated muzzles glow like hot pokers betraying a trace of victorious satisfaction on his face. Otherwise his emotionless, Prozium-maintained mask is intact. Preston steps onto the road to Prozium-less perdition.

equilibrium gun scene meet

He virtually highlights them. But Wimmer seamlessly stitches these to his borrowings from Fahrenheitblurring the plot lines between the two films.