Et trick or treat scene from meet

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et trick or treat scene from meet

Find out what happens in Scene 11 of E.T.. Get a detailed They're meeting at the lookout. E.T. tries to heal him, and almost gives himself away to Mom. The Halloween Trick-or-Treating scene. The picture on the bottom is an overlook shot of the entire intersection located on Granada Circle. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a American science fiction film produced and directed by In , Spielberg met Mathison and developed a new story from the stalled treating Elliott and E.T. Their connection disappears and E.T. then appears to die His abandonment on Earth in the script's final scene inspired the E.T.

He was only three years old, so I was really, really careful. My daughter, his mom, thought it would be okay if I told him what the [upcoming] scene was going to be. There are some heavy scenes in that movie, not just scary ones. So we began at the beginning and ended at the end. So at the beginning of the movie, E.

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By the end of the picture on the last day of shooting, they were actually saying goodbye to E. How smart is that?

et trick or treat scene from meet

By shooting continuity, we just got to hang out. I think adults need that, too. You had worked with child actors before, but E. I directed a very, very young boy even before E. I remember that, because Cary was three, I had to do a lot of tricks to get him to react — like opening up presents in front of him so his eyes would sparkle and flash.

And of course I gave him the presents after. I gave them to him. But maybe there was something I might need from him tomorrow!

et trick or treat scene from meet

Working with the kids in that. Good thing you guys were well-behaved. What I decided to do was just talk to them like people and not to treat them like children.

et trick or treat scene from meet

So my approach — which for me was the most natural way to talk to anybody. Was it different with Henry, since he was a little older? With Henry, we would just have conversations about the scene: But we would just talk. I think it was just called guiding people to discover for themselves what needs to be discovered. Make sure you use your flashlight like a weapon because whatever it is could scare you.

You want to put that thing out in front of you.

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It was here that the majority of outdoor locations for E. The Extra-Terrestrial were shot. This is part of a hiking trail that winds around the hillside above the community. A young Erika Eleniak of Baywatch fame at the bus stop. Spielberg also used this location to shoot the background plates for the kids flying their bikes over the neighborhood.

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Remnants of the old chain link fence supports still exist amid the newer, metal bar barriers. The Halloween Trick-or-Treating scene. The picture on the bottom is an overlook shot of the entire intersection located on Granada Circle. Some newly painted trim on the houses, repaved asphalt and bigger trees in the yards today. A look at the opposite end of the intersection. Steven Spielberg invited George Lucas to an early screening of the film and said that he put a surprise in it for him.

Michael Robert McNaughton heads out by bike from the home location in Tujunga.

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An alleyway located off Rinaldi St. Some new walls have been put up between the properties, but the garages remain mostly unchanged.

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The sewer drain cover still exists and sports the original wood planks as seen in A couple of lemon trees at the end of the hill are about the only changes to this part of the alley.

Back at the house in Tujunga. This street was also used for an extended Halloween scene that was put back in the20th Anniversary Release of the film. Porter Ridge Park now known as E.

et trick or treat scene from meet

Park by the locals located at the end of Reseda Blvd. Added playground features including concrete stairs, sand pits, basketball courts on the hill, and fully grown trees make the park almost unrecognizable from its appearance in the film. The caterpillar remains the same, with a fresh coat of paint and a larger sand pit to play in.

This view of the park remains virtually unchanged except for the larger trees. The monkey bars dome is gone and those young tree saplings are now fully grown.