Expectant dad is waiting to meet his baby girl

Dads Seeing Their Babies for the First Time

expectant dad is waiting to meet his baby girl

Practical advice for becoming a dad including providing practical support to After this, many pregnant women find that much of their energy returns, and Fill it in together so that you know what she wants and how you can help her achieve . really like? One dad-to-be reveals his thoughts on things like push presents and how unexpectedly gaga he is over onesies. Going into us trying to get pregnant, I expected having a baby to be a lot of work. I'm excited to meet my baby boy! I can't wait to start our family. Watch Dad Sing to Baby Girl in Sign Language. Just thinking about the day my daughter was born sends a chill down my spine even that there is nothing like it and there was a lot of "just wait and see, you have no idea! It was totally worth it; I recommend this for every expectant father.

BRB, going to grab some tissues. He supported her through every second of her painful labor — and two epidurals. There was so much anticipation and lead-up to this moment that when the time came, his emotions utterly overwhelmed him in the most precious and authentic way. I can't imagine how much his daughter will love seeing this moment when she's older, knowing just how much her father loves her. As her head started to emerge, he repeatedly covered his face in wonderment and awe.

Her first breath certainly took his breath away! I had no idea my wife was hiring a birth photographer, but after seeing this shot, I'm so glad she did. At less than two hours old, she was raising her head to look straight into his eyes.

She was entering into transition, so each contraction was getting even more intense. Mic, the father, leaned in to pull her in close as she came down from the last contraction, wiping her tears from her cheeks.

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It was truly one of the sweetest moments I've ever captured between a mom and dad. Their first daughter is 2 years old and they adopted her the day she was born. So it came as a huge surprise when they moved to Hawaii and, at the same time, found out they were pregnant!

This father was his partner's rock throughout the whole labor, both physically and mentally. When she pulled her baby to her chest, their reactions were so different — but so awesome! If any couple has really labored together, it was them. Watching them bring their son into the world and meet him for the first time was so moving. Even though he was so patient, you could also see he was excited to finally get to hold his baby.

They traveled to Canada from Barcelona, Spain, where surrogacy is illegal to be there and support the surrogate mama in labor and delivery. This family knows how to have a good time any place, any time — this wasn't staged at all! They did use scissors to cut the umbilical cord. And sometimes in those moments, you just can't keep it together!

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You may face the loss of an income for a while, extra expenses for the baby and, if the mother returns to work, the cost of childcare. Some men feel left out. It varies from woman to woman. Her breasts may be very tender in the early weeks. Make sure she is comfortable — you may need to try out a few different positions as the pregnancy progresses.

expectant dad is waiting to meet his baby girl

Find out more about sex in pregnancy. Some men find it difficult to make love during pregnancy. If this is happening to you, talk about it but be sensitive to how your partner might feel. Be prepared for the birth This checklist for dads-to-be may be useful for the final weeks: Make sure you can be contacted at all times. Remember to pack a bag for yourself, including snacks, a camera, and your phone or change for phone calls.

Seeing your baby for the first time Watching your baby coming into the world can be the most incredible experience. The midwives may hand you the baby.

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Hold the baby close to your body. Many fathers experience very strong emotions. It can feel difficult to go home and rest after such an intense experience, so think through what your needs might be at this time.

You may want to tell someone about the birth before you can rest, but then sleep if you can. When the baby comes home, you can expect sleepless nights for some time to come. Bringing them home You may find that relatives and friends are able to help in the early days so that your partner can rest and feed the baby.

expectant dad is waiting to meet his baby girl

This is especially necessary after a difficult birth. Think about the following: Too many visitors may exhaust your partner and interfere with this special time when you are learning about being parents and becoming a family.

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Look after the baby so that your partner can get a good rest each day. Try to use this time to get to know your baby — learn to change nappies and bathe your baby as well as cuddling and playing with him or her. Be considerate about sex — it may take weeks or months before your partner stops feeling sore, so think about discussing other ways of showing your love for each other until sex is comfortable. Your partner feeling low Some mothers become depressed and need a lot of extra support, both practical and emotional.

Make sure you know how to spot the symptoms of postnatal depression or anxiety and where to get help. You may also get depressed or anxious.