Felicity merrimans original meet dress

American Girl Doll Felicity Merriman PURPLE Travelling gown Meet DRESS retired | eBay

felicity merrimans original meet dress

American Girl Felicity Merriman or Elizabeth Meet Shift Gown Dress Only for Doll . Retired American Girl Doll Kirsten Pleasant Company Original Box Historical. American Girl Meet Felicity Merriman RARE Early Doll Pleasant Company with Artist's Mark, Pre-Mattel Pleasant Company in Original Meet Outfit. Felicity Merriman is a spunky, spritely girl growing up in Virginia in , just before the Revolutionary War. Meet Felicity (with Meet Outfit II) Felicity's nighttime necessities set was first offered in and the original set did not come with a.

Velcros up the back. Shift First edition shift.

felicity merrimans original meet dress

White shift--an all-purpose undergarment worn in colonial times. Knee length plain hem; short sleeves. Elastic neckline; no shaping or gathering and hangs loose to the knees. Is able to be pulled over a doll's head to be put on. Stockings Off-white woolen stockings.

Come up over the knees. Shoes Black colonial style shoes with brass buckles over the front. These shoes were "single-lasted" and had no distinct left or right shoe, allowing the shoes to be placed on either foot. Hair Ribbon 22" ivory colored satin ribbon with V-cut ends. Felicity's meet outfit was changed in with her revamped collection and the release of the Elizabeth Cole doll and remained her meet set until when she was archived.

felicity merrimans original meet dress

Traveling Gown Felicity's Traveling Gown became the new meet outfit. Shift The white shift was modified to have a fixed-band neckline and velcro up the back for better fit under dresses. Stockings The off-white stockings were now made with knit fabric.

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Shoes Black colonial style shoes with brass buckles over the front and black soles. The shoes are mostly similar to the first edition, except that they are now shaped to fit each foot individually.

Notably, this is the only set that does not automatically come with a shift, as it is sold separately in Felicity's Undergarmentsor any hair ribbon. Dress Blue and yellow brocade gown. Main part of dress is blue "silk" brocade with designs of flowers, vines, and buds woven in various red and yellows; this makes up the bodice and most of the skirt.

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Low neckline; elbow length set-in sleeves that are slightly longer in back at hem by shaping. The Doll As explained above, Felicity is the first doll to be released with a tan cloth body. All Felicity dolls will come with a tan cloth body, light vinyl and the classic face mold.

Otherwise, Felicity dolls are widely varied in regards to hair and eye color.

Felicity Merriman (doll)

Original Pleasant Company Felicity dolls have coppery red hair and decal green eyes with soft red eyelashes. Her wig is considerably redder and less thick than previously produced dolls, and her eyes are a unique decal dark green, considerably less neon than previous iterations. The neckline and sleeves are trimmed with white ruffles.

She also came with a cream satin hair ribbon with V cut ends, a white shift, cream colored knee length wool socks and black shoes with black buckles. Originally, the shift had an elastic neckline, and the shoes were made to fit on either foot, as this is how shoes were produced in the colonial period. It is a lavender and white taffeta striped gown with elbow length sleeves, blue and red flowers embroidered into the stripes and tucked detailing on the bodice and hem.

Her shift changed to a more tighter fitting design that velcroed up the back, and her original hair ribbon was replaced by a white satin ribbon with V cut ends.

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