Five people you meet in heaven thesis

The Five People You Meet in Heaven Essay Example for Free

five people you meet in heaven thesis

The novel “The five people you meet in heaven” by Mitch Albom proves that. Eddie lived a peaceful life after the war. We will write a custom essay sample on. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is a very good, insightful, and thought provoking book, and it's main character, Eddie. Free Essay: Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom This isn't technically a book that I read when I was in the properly defined age group, but looking.

But no matter how Eddie felt trapped in his job, he was very adept at it that he can distinguish a secure ride from an unsafe one just by listening at the sound it made while running. Regular patrons of the park knew him by name. They even greeted him when they cross paths with him.

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He is also in good terms with his co-workers. They drew in like cold hands to a fire. They hugged his leg. They played with his keys. The story started at Eddie's death when he was already eighty-three years old.

five people you meet in heaven thesis

He was already alone in life during this time because his wife, brother and parents predeceased him. Then, through flashback, each phase of his life unraveled on his journey to afterlife. During this journey, he met five people who explained things and helped him realize and understand events and situations that during his life on earth puzzled, confused and hurt him. The author explained through Eddie's story that no event in one's life happens accidentally or for its purpose alone.

People's lives and events intertwine and will either begin or end their own or someone else's life. Understanding these events and accepting it as something needed for life's next phase is important.

five people you meet in heaven thesis

People cannot move to this phase if they have not yet realized the purpose of a preceding one. Through the five people, the author enabled Eddie's understanding of his life's events.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

All five were waiting for Eddie so they can enlighten him on things; accomplish their own lives' purpose then move on to their afterlives. Symbol is technically defined as having a "complex meaning; it has not only literal meaning, but also additional meaning s beyond the literal.

In addition, as discussed by Wellek in his analysis of symbolism in literature, he defined symbols as "where the particular represents the more general, not as a dream or a shadow, but as a living momentary revelation of the Inscrutable. Below is a discussion of the symbolisms he used to show how he conveyed his ideas and the story's lessons that he would want his reader to learn. The first man Eddie encountered was the Blue Man. The Blue Man's life became connected with him when as a young child; he had accidentally caused his demise when he suddenly crossed the street where the man was passing in his car.

The man, in his attempt to avoid hitting Eddie, had a heart attack and he was not attended to which caused his premature death. The symbolism that Albom used on this phase of Eddie's story was on the Blue Man's life.

The Blue Man, aptly called one, was actually a victim of silver nitrate poisoning. As a child, he did not have the blue-tinged skin but when his father brought him to work in a sweatshop where he accidentally caused him humiliation by spilling a sack of buttons, his father never talked to him again.

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The Blue Man never got past his father's disapproval and he had started becoming nervous and wetting his pants at night. To cure these concerns, he seeks consult from a doctor who prescribed him silver nitrate.

However, on his ignorance about his health problem and the medicine he was taking, he continuously took the liquid, sometimes even taking more than what was required and in the end having his blue skin, which was actually a sign of silver nitrate poisoning.

Albom applied symbolism on the Blue Man's life as a victim of silver nitrate poisoning. The man kept on taking the medicine despite his lack of knowledge on its effect to his himself.

His behavior can be attributed to men's impulse to resort to desperate means in times of need. He mentions that life is all about sacrifices and not something to regret but aspire Albom Eddie comes to realize that his Captain is right and forgives him for shooting him in the leg.

Ruby is the third person Eddie meets in heaven. It is through her character that the topic of forgiveness and letting go of anger comes up.

five people you meet in heaven thesis

For the most part of his life Eddie was angry and the root of his anger came from the feeling of neglect and abuse from his father. He never really showed his son much attention or love. It cannot be helped Albom Thus, he should let go of the anger he has for his father and forgive him so that he can be at peace. The fourth person Eddie meets in heaven is his wife Marguerite.

five people you meet in heaven thesis

Marguerite discusses the topic of love and its power. After Eddie lost his wife he really felt empty and alone. In fact, he was even a little angry that his wife had died and left him. Memory becomes your partner. You hold it Albom Tala is the last person Eddie meets in heaven. She is the child Eddie seen in the burning building that night when he was in war. Tala addresses the topic of people purposes and reasoning in life.

For years, Eddie felt as though he did nothing with his life and accomplished nothing by working at Ruby Pier.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

But, Tala tells him that he was supposed to be there because he kept the children safe. Hence, he was there for a reason despite of the fact that he felt like a failure because he was replacing his father duties instead of pursuing his dream to become an engineer.

After reading this book I came to the conclusion that the whole purpose of this book was to help assist somebody on how to deal with real life problems; whether it be death, learning to forgive others, or letting go of anger. Thus, if you or someone you know is approaching death, I feel that the author wants you to try and think of it as if you or that person is merely starting a new beginning in heaven; ready to learn the unknown questions that you may have about your life as well as to better understand it.

Lastly, I learned that no matter what kind of sacrifices we make in life, we should appreciate them because what use is there of making them if were being selfish or in other words feeling upset about it after we made the sacrifice.