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Dad fed up with hit Frozen song shares his own parody version A father fed up with hearing Let It Go from Disney's Frozen has shared his. The soundtrack from Walt Disney Animation Studios' minute 5. "That Time of Year" (Reprise) - Performed by Josh Gad 6. "When holiday customs, the sisters realize they have no family traditions of their own. Photos: Sara Bareilles And Gavin Creel Meet The Press Before Their Shift In WAITRESS. All 25 songs in The Five-Year Engagement, with scene descriptions. Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile) [BBC In Concert.

Before the King arrives to save Anna, the other trolls are so excited that Kristoff brought a girl there to meet them that they sing a musical number trying to convince Anna of Kristoff's worth.

This musical number almost ends in another marriage for Anna. She should probably steer clear of music and marriage commitments for a while. Question 18 Finish the lyric: It don't mean a thing I don't see no ring He don't mean a thing Love beats his ring While the trolls are singing about Kristoff, trying to convince Anna that he is a good man, Kristoff knows that their efforts are falling on deaf ears.

Kristoff announces to the trolls that Anna is engaged to someone else. This causes the trolls to re-evaluate Anna as a suitable woman for Kristoff. They even sing that Anna's engagement is a "flex arrangement" since there is no real evidence of the couples love or engagement.

But can you finish the lyrics? Question 19 Why is Anna's life at stake? Which is true, Elsa did not mean to intentionally hurt her sister, or anyone for that matter. But Elsa has a hard time keeping her powers under control. Elsa accidentally hits her sister with an icy blast once again. This time, the ice blast leaves Anna at a risk of dying at the hands of her sister.

Physically, what is causing Anna's life to be at stake? Question 20 Who puts Elsa in jail? Hans Kristoff Duke of Weaselton Elsa ends up in jail with shackles on her hands to keep her from attacking anyone with her ice powers.

She is taken forcefully from her ice castle and locked away in the castle she was forced to flee from earlier on in the film. After hurting Anna once again, even Elsa believes she is a danger to society. But who possibly has the power to lock up the Queen?

The Duke of Weaselton? Question 21 What does Hans charge Elsa with when he sentences her to death? He knew he had too many brothers to ever be in line for the thrown within his own family, but because there was only Elsa and Anna, he thought he might be able to woo Elsa and get a throne of his own.

Obviously, plans change and romantically pursuing Anna was the easier choice. Now, he had to get rid of Elsa by sentencing her to death.

Quite a plot twist for a Disney movie. Elsa Anna Kristoff Breaking a spell with an act of true love? Now that sounds more like a Disney movie. When the troll King mentions the act of true love, the first thing to come to mind is a kiss from a true love. But, Hans reveals himself and his plan to Anna by refusing to kiss her.

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Luckily, there are other ways to prove true love. Despite Anna turning to ice moments before she is struck by Hans with a sword, she does not die. She manages to remain as ice until she is struck by the sword, turning human only after, thereby avoiding the physical damage of her actions.

Once she is restored to life, she is lucky enough to have an opportunity to get revenge on Hans. Question 24 How do they keep Olaf alive in the summer? Elsa freezes him every day the power of love protects him his own personal flurry He skates around on his own personal ice rink Olaf will finally get to experience summer!

Elsa and Anna work together with love and focus to end the eternal winter set forth by Elsa.

Once summer is returned to the land, Olaf begins to melt. Of course, the film would not have a happy ending if Olaf had to melt away. Luckily, Elsa is able to come up with a way to keep Olaf alive but still let him experience the joys of summer. How does she do it? Question 25 Do the gates stay open or closed at the end of the film? On the day of the coronation, the gates are opened once again. Which, as it turns out, lead to many issues for Elsa, Anna, and all of Arendelle.

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At the end of the film, once order is restored, summer has returned, and Elsa is no longer being threatened with death, do the gates close once again to preserve peace? Or do they remain open? Not all questions have been answered.

Hans openly relates to this, only furthering Anna's connection with him. Hans then promises to never shut Anna out unlike Elsa, much to the princess' absolute joy. By the end of their tour throughout the kingdom, Hans proposes right on the spot to which Anna immediately accepts.

The two head back the ballroom, where Anna asks for Elsa's blessing on the marriage. Elsa's baffled by the shocking news, but Anna and Hans couldn't appear more excited going on to ramble about the wedding arrangements. Elsa ceases the sudden rambling by denying them a marriage license, much to Anna's dismay.

Elsa asks to speak to Anna alone in private, likely to finally confess her abilities and why it's not wise to marry someone she just met without causing a scene that would expose her powers, but Anna refuses any private conversation, stating whatever Elsa has to say can be said to both her and Hans.

Elsa, becoming impatient and frustrated, outright refuses to let Anna marry someone she just met, indirectly telling Anna she knows nothing about true love. This causes Anna to hiss back, telling Elsa all she knows is how to shut people out. Although Elsa is visibly hurt by this, she continues to refuse, with the argument only worsening when she orders the guards to end the party early and close the gates. Unable to contain her emotions, Elsa makes a violent sweep with her left arm, causing a barrier of sharp icicles to suddenly appear around her.

Shocked at the room's reaction to her powers, Elsa rushes from the room. Panicking, Elsa flees with Anna in hot pursuit. As she bolts out the door, she finds a huge crowd waiting for her in the courtyard.

She hastily rushes through as men applaud her. A concerned woman asks Elsa if she's all right. She is frightened enough that she backs into an ornamental fountain and freezes it solid when she grabs it with her left hand.

The Duke of Weselton comes out the same door moments later. Elsa pleads for people to step back, moments before another bolt of ice shoots from her hands, nearly hitting the Duke and his guards. She keeps running away, sprinting across the waters of the fjord, her feet forming an ice bridge, and vanishes into the forest on the other side of the fjord. Anna calls after her sister, but as she, Hans, and the other guests watch, the waters of the fjord completely ice over and the air takes on an icy chill.

Moments later, snow begins to fall. The Duke of Weselton begins to panic, declaring they must take action and put an end to Elsa's curse. Anna, however, refuses and volunteers to seek out Elsa herself and make things right, feeling that it's her fault for pushing her.

With Hans being left in charge of the kingdom, Anna sets out on horse to begin her search for Elsa. Meanwhile, Elsa has found her way to a high precipice on the North Mountain, many miles from civilization. It is here she realizes that far away from what she was taught, being on her own, she can begin to control her powers "Let it Go". She constructs an elaborate ice palace, changes her confining wardrobe into a shimmering dress, and vows to stay in seclusion, where she feels she can be herself, and harm no one else.

The next morning, Anna is seen travelling slowly through knee-deep snow on horseback. Her journey is hindered when her horse is spooked by falling snow and runs off.

She is forced to spend the rest of the day trudging through knee deep snow, all the while griping that she wishes Elsa had the ability to cover the fjords in a tropical paradise.

She sighs with relief upon seeing a building with smoke coming from a chimney. Just then, Anna slips and falls into an ice-cold creek, which freezes her dress stiff. She staggers the rest of the way to the cabin with the chimney, a place known as Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna, run by its burly owner, Oaken Chris Williams. Anna quickly staggers into Oaken's store. He doesn't have much winter gear in stock it's supposed to be the off seasonaside from one pair of boots and a single women's mink coat.

Anna inquires if Elsa has visited recently, but Oaken tells her that she's the only person crazy enough to be out in a storm like this. As if on cue, Kristoff staggers in out of the storm, seeking to buy some rope, an axe, and carrots for Sven. Oaken can't help but notice that Kristoff is bundled up tightly.

Kristoff replies that there's a real howler going on up on the North Mountain. As Anna waits for Oaken to return his attention to her, Kristoff argues with Oaken over the outrageous price gouging on the items he needs due to Oaken claiming that there's a supply and demand problem since Kristoff is buying from the almost-bare shelves of the winter departmentwhich ends with Oaken roughly throwing Kristoff out into the snow after Kristoff makes the mistake of calling him a crook.

Kristoff and Sven take refuge in a barn on Oaken's property, but are soon met by Anna, who has bought Kristoff's supplies for him, on condition he take her up the North Mountain immediately. Anna and Kristoff set off into the night with Sven driving. As the discussion turns to Elsa, Anna explains about her whirlwind engagement to Hans. Kristoff is incredulous at Anna's foolhardiness in getting engaged to someone she just met that day, to the point that he quizzes her about Hans to see how little she really knows about him.

Their conversation is interrupted when the sled is ambushed by a pack of wolves. Kristoff is initially reluctant to let Anna assist him, but Anna proves to be useful and manages to take out a few of the wolves by herself.

There is a moment of panic when the two see a gaping ravine up ahead. Kristoff hurriedly throws Anna onto Sven's back, then, just as they reach the cliff, he uses his knife to cut Sven's harness.

Anna and Sven successfully clear the chasm, and Kristoff does, just barely, but his sled falls to the bottom of the ravine and explodes. Kristoff is at first upset that his sled is gone as he'd just paid it offbut after "arguing" with Sven which consists of Kristoff speaking his own opinion in his own voice and then delivering Sven's "counterargument" in a goofy voicedecides to help Anna keep going, worried for her safety.

Anna promises she will replace the sled. Early the next morning, Anna and Kristoff enter a frosted-over glen. They suddenly hear a new voice and meet a talking snowman named Olaf Josh Gad.

The introductions don't go smoothly, as Anna screams and kicks Olaf's head off upon first seeing him. Anna doesn't recognize Olaf until he gives his name and adds, "and I like warm hugs. Anna and Kristoff mention that they're looking for Elsa so they can restore summertime, and Olaf suddenly grows excited; it's his dream to see what summer is like, and he fantasizes about what he wants to do in the summertime in a Busby-Berkeley dance number "In Summer".

Anna and Kristoff choose not to reveal that he will melt in the summer heat, but follow him as he leads them to Elsa's ice palace. In the late afternoon, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf arrive at Elsa's ice palace. Sven waits at the bottom of the stairway leading up to the front doors, as his feet can't get a grip on the icy steps. Meanwhile, when they get to the front door, Anna tells Kristoff and Olaf to wait outside, warning them that the last time she introduced Elsa to a guy, she froze everything making Elsa look like an overprotective sister.

The dejected Olaf and Kristoff wait outside and start counting to 60 while Anna heads inside. Inside, Anna is stunned at the glorious interior of the palace and, even more amazed, to see the new ice dress Elsa has conjured for herself. Though Elsa is happy to see Anna and quickly forgives her for the argument that happened at the coronation party, she becomes nervous and suggests Anna leave so she can't do any harm to her.

The conversation is momentarily interrupted when Olaf crashes the meeting having taken Anna's request of "give us a minute" quite literally.

Elsa is astonished to find that her powers include the ability to conjure up living snowmen. As it turns out, Elsa is surprised to learn that her entire kingdom is frozen, and Anna is surprised in turn to learn that Elsa doesn't know how to stop it. But Anna insists her sister's powers are no reason why they should be so distant.

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However, having seen Olaf, Elsa flashes back to accidentally hitting Anna in the head with her snow abilities and grows scared, demanding Anna leave. Elsa retreats to the upper portion of the palace, and Anna follows her, pleading with her sister that they can solve this problem together "For the First Time In Forever Reprise ". But Elsa grows so upset that she unleashes an icy chill, of which a portion strikes Anna in her heart.

But Anna's promising to stand by her sister's side and help her, Elsa only grows more agitated and nervous resulting in her magic flaring. This time, a blast of magic bursts out and strikes Anna in the heart.

Elsa, in desperation to get her sister to safety, creates a giant snow creature that Olaf calls "Marshmallow" to throw them out. Marshmallow deposits Anna, Kristoff and Olaf on the front steps outside the ice palace. Though he initially leaves them alone, Anna is pissed off and quickly throws a snowball at him.

Marshmallow is provoked, and chases Anna and Kristoff into the woods. Marshmallow manages to corner them at the edge of a cliff, though Kristoff immediately begins digging a snow anchor by using a rope to safely guide himself and Anna down the mountain to safety. Marshmallow, however, catches up to them, though Olaf tries to stop him to comically little success.

Marshmallow, annoyed, kicks Olaf over the cliff, and continues his chase for Anna and Kristoff. Anna then grabs Kristoff's knife and cuts the rope. This sends the duo into freefall, onto a twenty foot deep pile of fresh snow.

With his mission to drive them away complete, Marshmallow returns to the ice palace. As they recover from the landing, Kristoff notices that Anna's hair has started to turn white. In order for the ending of Frozen to work, the audience has to believe that Hans never truly loved Anna, and to be fair, he says as much in his villainous reveal.

But until his admission, the romance between Hans and Anna is never once presented as anything but utterly sincere and is consolidated in the most earnest way known to man or beast: Anna and Hans' duet opens up a whole new wor- sorry, a door to the future. Theirs is an instant, wonderful connection we have no reason to doubt: Walt Disney For crying out loud, those white gloves are spotless! Well, here's the thing: Nobody lies in Disney musical numbers.

If you're a secret villain, you drop conspiratorial winks faster than trousers on prom night -- in both cases thanks to stirring ballads.

For example, when The Little Mermaid's Ursula sways Ariel into a Faustian bargain, she can't resist giving sneering asides to her minions, and Tangled's Gothel can't even song-convince her daughter of her beneficence without a full verse dedicated to calling Rapunzel fat. A villain can't help but reveal their true douchiness through song. Hans can no more hide his heart in harmony than he could from an omniscient narrator. According to his song's lyrics, the closest thing Anna has to a flaw is that he didn't meet her years ago.

And that's important, because While the instantaneous romance between Hans and Anna might seem strange to us bitter, jaded grownups, we have to remember that in the Disney universe true love at first sight is as real and tangible as a sexually harassing candlestick. Walt Disney If a Frenchman asks you to play "just the wick," tell him no. Magical destiny and true love are so powerful that in Pocahontas they even evaporate the language barrier so that two people can be together, like a much less sinister version of RussianBrides.

Hans' affections are even outlined in the script ; when they lock eyes it's pure chemistry. Then, as Anna flees their unplanned meet-cute, Hans stares after her with a goofy lovesick grin on his face -- even though he's under a boat and no one can see him. If he's faking it, then he's operating on a level of commitment that even Daniel Day-Lewis would find exhausting. Although, you can never prove someone isn't Daniel Day-Lewis.

Not just because they're both super adorable, but they bond over their older siblings' aloofness. That's a great start even for us real-world people who don't have to find a spouse in a minute window. And relative to other Disney films, this is huge groundwork; in previous years, Hans would have just sung a song and then molested Anna in her sleep. Instead they commiserate as the world's only two neglected royals.

The relationship goes well, right up until Hans reveals his wicked intentions -- that he's using Anna to marry into power. Well, if we're to believe that Hans has an evil plot all along, then it becomes pretty obvious that this guy is terrible at being evil, because Hans never does this, and it's just as well, because the rest of the movie would have been a long, awkward silence.

He seems to be as effective at evil plotting as Olaf is at not being a freakish monstrosity. Walt Disney But with all the best lines -- we give him that. Hans says he wants to marry his way onto the throne. But he openly admits nobody stands a chance with Elsa and in the next breath admits that Anna's eagerness is a lucky break.

To turn up and hope that somebody desperate would marry him? We're not saying it's not a move we all consider once middle age sets in, but it seems to lack foresight. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Hans also reveals he was going to arrange "a little accident" for Elsa. Now, everybody knows that "a little accident" is villain for "stab her repeatedly with an ice pick," so doesn't it seem strange that Hans tries to save Elsa's life on multiple occasions?

Walt Disney And right after she cockblocks him, no less. Continue Reading Below Advertisement First, when Elsa goes missing he offers to mount a rescue mission, only to stay behind and take care of the kingdom at the request of his new fiancee, Anna. Well, sure, any asshole can crisis-manage a kingdom while respecting the wishes of the woman he loves, but what about when Anna's horse returns without her? Does Hans shrug and say, "Well, seeing as I'm already running the place He sets out to find Elsa himself, expressly forbidding that any harm come to the queen.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement Remember, he's officially in charge until one of them comes back. Elsa has abdicated the throne and Dr.

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Manhattaned herself a heavily defended mountain fortress. Hans climbs a damn mountain and slays a frost giant to see if Elsa is all right, then saves her from assassination by the Duke's men. He says he has to kill her to bring back summer, but he passes up at least three chances to do so. And it's not like eternal winter would threaten his rule; half the Arendelle economy is based on exporting ice.