Fontana high school drill meet 2016

fontana high school

9/11 Ceremony. September 9, | @ Vista Murrieta High School Kaiser Drill Meet. February 25, | @ Kaiser High School. Fontana Drill Meet. March 1 FONTANA HIGH SCHOOL MARINE CORPS JROTC DRILL MEET 12 MARCH STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES 2 FONTANA HIGH SCHOOL. What: Fontana H.S. Competition; When: 3/12/; Where: Fontana High Southeast Academy Cadets will compete in Drill and Color Guard at the Fontana .

The sequences give the movements only; the proper command should be taken from the service manual of the team concerned.

fontana high school drill meet 2016

The team commander may not use notes or receive coaching while on the drill pad. Armed Commanders must use swords or rifles. The command Forward March after column movement is specific to the Air Force only. All other teams may omit this command.

A ten-point penalty will be assessed each time any member of a team crosses any boundary. Only the command before and including the first forward march will be given off the field.

One judge will critique this event. Boundary officials may be stationed at the corners of the field and will note any violations to the Head Judge. Fixed bayonets will not be allowed as a special effect during the exhibition drill.

fontana high school drill meet 2016

Any special effects used without proper approval will result in disqualification for all awards. Armed Teams Unarmed Teams Minutes Minutes A ten-point penalty will be assessed for every ten seconds over or under the time limit. The team commander must report in prior to the execution of their sequence; no other cadet will be on the field at this time. Timing will start when the first cadet, other than the commander, crosses the boundary line into the field.

It is mandatory that the team commander report out to the judge. Timing ends when the last cadet crosses the boundary line out of the field.

fontana high school

A ten-point penalty will be assessed each time any part of a team crosses the boundary except for entering and departing.

Two judges will critique the drill. Timekeepers and boundary judges will report violations to the Head Judge. When directed, the Color Guard commander will then move the Color Guard to the starting point. The Head Judge will place himself 6 paces from the Color Guard, at that time the commander will request permission to enter the drill pad.

fontana high school drill meet 2016

After receiving permission, the Color Guard will then march the Color Guard four paces into the pad to uncase the colors, then commence with the drill sequence. Permission to exit drill pad is not necessary. Questions asked by the judges will be the chain of command for that service, from the President down to the Service Chief, current events and flag etiquette.

Color Guards will follow basic military inspection procedures for their service. Color Guards will be disqualified if any flag touches the deck. One judge will critique the drill. Inspection will only be 5 minutes per team. Field of regulation will be 56ft x 64ft. Commander will report in and out! Competitors in Armed Exhibition of the competition must drill with a weapon. A representative of the four man team must check in at least 10 minutes prior to their selected competition time at the head judge table.

At the selected time, the selected four man commander will march to the head judge and request permission to enter the drill pad. Each Armed four-man team will be given a weapon score.

The score will be a maximum of 30 points. One weapon from each team will be weighed at the check in table. The team will be given points equal to three times the weight of the weapon in pounds. The drill pad for Four Man Armed and the Unarmed will be 78ft x 42ft. One judge will critique the event. All time and boundary violations will be reported by the time and boundary officials to the Head Judge. At the selected time, the selected commander will march to the Head Judge and request permission to enter the drill pad.

Fontana High School MCJROTC

Note there is no time scheduling for this phase but the pads will not check any team in 10 minutes prior to !! The drill sequence will be 3 to 4 minutes, with one point deducted for each 3 seconds above or below the time limits.

Each Armed team will be given a weapon score. One weapon from each team will be weighed at the check-in table. All teams will be judged on military bearing and posture, precision, movement difficulty, and originality. There will be no restrictions on the phase of competition, although we require a two week notice on any special effects or equipment to be used.

The head of the City Council's Education Committee wants to shoot down the school system's Junior ROTC programs — charging they're training high-school students for a war machine.

Councilman Daniel Dromm, a Queens Democrat, said he has a philosophical problem with the Reserve Officers' Training Corps programs conducted in 14 schools. I have concerns about the way they go about recruitment. It contributes to a war machine, and I have some problems with that.

Schools officials were taken aback. I would appreciate the opportunity to take you out to see one or two of these schools, Department of Education Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm said. But Dromm said he had already visited the programs and opposed their very existence. I really have a problem with. It sends a message to kids about armed forces and their policies, what happens when they move forward with college, he said. Dromm, who represents Jackson Heights, also called on the city to end its support of the federally subsidized program.

Fontana Drill Meet (Drill Team) — North High Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

The city pays the instructors who teach the courses, Supporters of the program were quick to return fire. That's probably the most ridiculous comment I've heard in a couple of years, said Richard Gogarty, a former Army sergeant who now teaches at Francis Lewis HS in Queens.

No military subjects, like tactical maneuvers, are taught. Gogarty estimates 99 percent of his students go on to college and only 3 percent join the armed forces afterward. We want them to be successful in life, he said. I do take exception to anybody who pretends to know about the curriculum. Because THEY too have an absurd, ludicrous, philosophical problem!!! And remove any others like him!!!